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> D'ni Resources - Myst Riven Exile Rev EoA Uru Live, Links for all the Myst related sites
post Nov 11 2003, 08:47 PM
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Here is a listing of Myst related sites and forums. At these forums you can find many others from around the world that are interested in the MREDU Lore. You can also find tons of information of the hystory of Myst, along with some great discussion. Most you will have to register with in order to post ... but the registration is free. ENJOY!

Official Sites

Cyan Worlds Home Page
The official home page for Cyan Worlds. Here you can find information, services, news, patches and downloads for all the games in the series.

Myst Online: UrU Live
The official home page for Myst Online: Uru Live. This is where you can find all the latest news, information, media and support for Myst Online: Uru Live.

To D’ni – DRC Site Home Page
The official site for the D’ni Restoration Council website and forum. Here you will find any and all information regarding the DRC and all IC (In Cavern) game play, news and happenings.

GameTap Official Site
GameTap gives you unlimited access to hundreds of the world’s greatest videogames, all through your broadband PC. Console games, arcade classics, modern PC hits and even brand new exclusive titles—GameTap has them, and all for one low monthly fee.

Ubisoft – Myst Worlds
Myst Worlds is the official site of all the single player games in the series. Here you can find news, updates, patches, galleries, journals, interviews, downloads and more.

Mysterium Offical Website
Mysterium is an annual event where Myst/Riven/Exile/D'ni fans from all over the country and the world have a chance to get together and spend time with one another. It is made by the fans, for the fans.

An old Cyan website with much information about D'ni, Myst and Riven.

D’ni Hystory & Lore

Ages of Atrus - resevtEok Atrus
A list of Ages written by Atrus

D'ni Desk Reference
Welcome to the D'ni Desk Reference. This site is a collection of information gathered together for the convenience of the fans of Cyan Worlds, Inc. and their products. It contains information about Cyan Worlds, the D'ni universe, the games of Myst, realMyst, and Riven, the three Myst novels, Myst III: Exile, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, and related subjects.

D’ni Linguistic Fellowship
Welcome to the virtual home of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, an open community of students, scholars, teachers and explorers brought together by a passion for the intricate and beautiful languages of the D'ni and their many Ages.

Great site created by members of This is a wiki for all things Myst, D'ni and Uru. Read more about this site. Consider reading MYSTlore:Guide as a general overview.

Michael Bower’s Myst Fonts
Great site for all the Myst, realMYST, Riven, Exile and Revelation fonts.

D'ni Language Resources

D'ni Calculator
Though the webpage is quite simple and lacking any detail, this is where you can get your own D’ni calculator to help you with figuring out the D’ni numbering system. An easy to use calculator and comes with instructions on how to use.

D'ni Dictionary
The purpose of this webpage is to provide a list of all of the words of the Language of D’ni that have been published by Cyan, together with citation of the actual source of each item and some indication of the context. This page is very much a work in progress. As a glance at the list of “Sources Cited” so far will show, information about the language has been revealed in diverse ways, ranging (for example) from inscriptions on artifacts depicted in the game of Riven, to reported speech in the Myst novels, to terminology of the D’ni culture described on Cyan’s own website. Translations of words (and contextual phrases) have been included, where these are known, or where they can be inferred. Speculative translations are placed in brackets “[ ]” and queried where they are very uncertain or mere guesswork.

D'ni Pocket Dictionary
For anyone who has ever wanted to learn the language of the D'ni, (especially with the arrival of Uru) you know that there are plenty of online resources. However, at times it may be more advantageous to have a hard-copy reference: a "pocket dictionary" that you can take anywhere! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print out the dictionary.

D'ni Language Poster
This D'ni Language Poster was created by EmperorXLII, and is hosted on the D'ni Desk Reference site with his permission.

D'ni Grammar
The resources available to a study of D’ni grammar are lamentably meager. To my knowledge, we have under a hundred documented, authentic sentences, ranging from the most simple to the very complex. Of these, over half have yet to be fully translated. A large number of these untranslated sources are tantalizingly complex in their apparent structure and grammar. Their translation will likely affect many of the observations made in this study.

Interactive Pocket D'ni Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of many D'ni things including language, grammer, culture, numbers, dates, times, and more ! Also has D'ni fonts available for download .

Omniglot – The D’ni Alphabet
The D'ni alphabet was created for use in the computer games Myst and Riven, which are produced by Cyan Inc. The D'ni alphabet is used to write D'ni, a language created for use in Myst and Riven which is spoken by a number of the characters in these games.
D’ni Related Information & News

Myst News
The ultimate news, updates and downloads site for Myst, Riven, Exile, Uru and Revelation. This site has been recently updated with a new look and format.

Uru Obsession
The largest resource of news and information on Uru

Myst Obsession
For years now URU Obsession has been a part of this community. Now it's time to take a step further. With great pride and pleasure we present to you the Myst Obsession Website!

D'ni League of Activities
As you all know by now, the D'LA site has ceased to exist as you remember it. However, I am pleased to announce that the site is far from dead. I have been asked to help it continue, and I believe the next incarnation of the site will be considerably more useful for the Uru community at large.

Myst Related Forums and Chat


Alcugs Project

Alpha Blue, new Until Uru

Aurora Project - Italian

CAT - Cavern Activities Team

CCN - The Cavern Today

CCN – Storytelling Connection - Machinima, Lakewater Group and other projects

CCN – CCN Central Cavern Players, Lakewater Group and other projects

Clockwork Orange BBS

D'ni Explorers Association - Asian

D'ni Explorers Guild

D'ni Guild Forums - Cyan

D'ni Guild of Artisans

D'ni Jazz Club

D'ni League of Activities Inactive

D'ni Linguistic Fellowship

DPWR - D'ni Pedia Writers Ring

DRC Site - Official Site for the Restoration of D'ni - IC

DutchMYSTCommunity - Dutch

EDEN Gira - French

Euromysterium Forums

Explorers of Mystic Cultures - German

FFA - Fakultät für Forschung und Abenteuer - German

Foros de esD'ni - Spanish

Great Tree Shard

Guild of Greeters

Himesa Shard Until Uru - currently unavailable

Lost City of Atlantis - Until Uru

Lostkin Shard - Until Uru

Myst & URU Obsession Forums

MystFriends - Dutch

MYSTiquenet - French

Myst Online: Uru Live

Myst Portal - German


Myst Reinterpreted Newsgroup – Yahoo Group

Myst Universe - French

Myst 5

Myst vilag - Hungarian

Narayani Collective

Tapestry Shard - temporarily down

Tasera – for ladies only.

The Desert Shard – Until Uru

The Great Tree A forum hosted by Brian Fioca

The Lysts – Yahoo Group

The Meeting Place Mysterium (Korokh Jeh'rahl - Polish

Ubisoft URU: Ages Beyond Myst

Ubisoft - Le Quartier des UruBerlus - French

Ubisoft - Myst Worlds Uru Forum - German

Ubisoft - Myst Worlds Forum - Italian

Until Uru Slacker's Shard Forum

Uruberlus Voir le Forum - French

UruPassion – Until Uru

URU Real Life Forum - German

Библиотека Д'ни - Russian

Guilds of D’ni

Guild of Artisans
Welcome to the home of the Guild of Artisans, a group dedicated to studying the art and architecture of the D'ni and native peoples of the various ages throughout the Myst universe. Of course that doesn't mean we can't do our own art work, show it off, etc. Use the guild as your connection to fellow artists within the Myst Universe.

Guild of Cartographers
The great Guild of Cartographers of Uru was formed as a hobby in the LIVE era, November 2003 to February 2004. The initial impetus for forming was from Pa'trick The Futographer. The D'ni Ages cover an enormous area. Uru LIVE created a new experience for explorers. In LIVE we were walking and talking with other explorers in the caverns and sharing our finds. Explorers attempting to describe locations and travel routes were finding it more and more difficult to accurately describe places. While we could point and actually escort people to places it was troublesome. Many names for locations were simply names of convenience taken from what an individual explorer found unique about a location. Needless to say, there was little if any consistency and confusion was abundant.

Guild of Cartography
Welcome to the Cartography Guild website, which has been designed to help assist guild members and as a front page for users seeking more information. The Guild Forum is kindly hosted by URU Obsession and contains the most current news and information.

Guild of Greeters
The Guild of Greeters was established to assist new explorers to D’ni answering any questions they may have. Our mission is to ensure that a safe and fun time is had by all, and that someone will always be available to lend you a helping hand when you need it.

Guild of Linguists
Welcome to all visitors. The only subject of this website is the D'ni language. As an introduction, I may tell you what my first opinion about the language was. We both played Riven, and, as every player probably did, we recognized the texts that are written all over the game.

Myst Fan Creations

AVEARA - An Empire Beyond Myst
AVEARA - A WORLD BEYOND MYST is a Third Party Work (TPW) in the form of a novel/experience using the universe of MYST as a jump-off point. This TPW is an independent project not sanctioned or licensed by Cyan Worlds, Inc., but all related items and subjects to Myst are used in this project with permission. This is also a non-profit project. The best things in life are free!!! Work began May 7th. The final project will be completely web-based and will be linked to from Cyan's corporate website. We have a goal completion date of August 2003 in time for MYSTERIUM 2003.

Ages of Ilathid
Welcome to the Homepage of The Ages of Ilathid! The Ages of Ilathid is an upcoming MYST fan-game which will feature 9 new Ages, once inhabited by a mysterious people. Here you will find information regarding storyline, new released concept art and screenshots, plus information on our team members. Don't forget to check out our message board as well and register! Everyone is welcome at our forums.

You can get more info about our Project in the Game overview at our boards. You can join our project as well, if you so choose. People who have dreams as well as skills are more than welcome to join and help us in this great effort. Please contact us or post at the Recruitment board located at our forums if you wish to help us.

Daring Explorer | URU Live - The Untold Story
A comic type story developed by our very own Sharngra of the GoG forums ... very amusing and funny story!

D'ni Legacy - The Unofficial Sequel to Myst & Riven
D'ni Legacy is an unofficial game based on Myst/Riven/D'ni lore. With 6 ages to explore and over 30 minutes of original music by Mark Germani. This is the re-release of D'ni Legacy, it also includes a few newly installed graphics since it's inception 3 years ago! Download the game in PC Windows Compatible Format, programmed by Stijn Arnauts, and experience D'ni Legacy with all it's bells and whistles!

My Age
Hello Explorer. On exploring the cavern and removing a pile of fallen rocks you find a linking Book under the debris. It looks old. It is dangerious to use, anyway, you take the risk and link... Created by Norfren

Sehv Tsahno
A fan based story based on the Myst series , set in its own age. Sehv Tsahno is a fan project based on the MYST series of games and novels produced over the years by the amazing talent at Cyan. Much like the massive wealth of information at the D'ni Pedia Writers Ring, or the unfolding story at AVEARA, "Sehv Tsahno" is a fan-project using the existing storyline as a basis for its content.

Escape Worlds
Welcome to the place where dreams come true, where imagination is what makes everything possible! My name is Daniel Sadowski and on this website you will find details about the projects I worked or am currently working on. Currently the website is still under construction and much of its content has not been yet uploaded. Please be patient.

Myst Fan Websites

Age of Myst On-line Magazine

Calyxa's Cartography
Before I got into rendering new worlds, I drew maps. Using parchment papers and a variety of pens and paints, I tried to create antique-looking maps that could be strange artifacts of other worlds in the multiverse.
UPDATE: Apparently, this site is under construction. This site has not been updated in quite sometime, but there is still lots of great stuff here to explore.

GRID - Gordon´s Really Incredible Discoveries
Welcome to the GRID. You are about to enter a game. A new experience based on mysteries that were revealed recently while on a trip to CYAN Inc. in Spokane, Washington. The translations are near completion. The alignments complete. You will learn a great deal of knowledge about information never released to the public. But it will not be easy. In fact, many will fail or get lost.

Journals of Myst
Every journal from realMyst, Riven, and Exile. Not just trascriptions, the very journals themselves. Journals of Myst is 7.5 MB and isn't recommended for the feint of bandwidth. min. 800x600 resolution required. A collection of almost all the documents from Uru. Not just transcriptions, the very documents themselves. Uru Archive is intended for broadband (min. 1024x768 resolution required)
A Myst fansite that covers Myst, realMyst, Riven, Myst Masterpiece, Exile, Revelation, End of Ages and UrU. Also available in Deutsch.

Myst Trivia
Think you know MYST? Here's your chance to prove it! WorldVillage and Broderbund Software want to know if you are up to the MYST Trivia Challenge.

Myst and Riven Illustrated
Welcome to Myst & Riven Illustrated. These pages have existed since December 9 1998, and are dedicated to Myst and Riven related graphics of all kinds. With slower connections, some of the pages may take a while to load, but remember, patience is the key. You can still read the text while the graphics are loading. All comments, corrections, requests or contributions are welcome.

MYST Journals
I made MYST Journals in December 2000 mainly for those who were having problems reading the Journals in realMYST. realMYST was (and still may be) the most demanding game for your computer. It requires a fast computer and a very good video card to play smoothly and see everything clearly. Many who bought the game complained that they could play, but not read the journals. Not fair! So I made the site.

Myst Library
Welcome to Myst Library - Why I'm here. Way back in 1993, a 15-year old girl swings up into her dad's chair and turns on his computer. She pops in her first ever computer game. The title is called Myst, and depicts an unusual island on the cover of the CD. Let's just say ... I got hooked. The beautiful ages of Myst were so unique. I immersed myself in the Myst ages, exploring and listening for hours. Even though the computer could barely keep up, I loved the game and played it several times over.

Nitpicking Guide to Riven
Most of you visiting this site have probably finished Riven and are still blown away at what a wonderful masterpiece Cyan has created. But as you may know, when several years and countless man-hours are put into a project as complex and massive as Riven, some things are bound to get overlooked. This collection is for those of you who know what great fun it can be to hunt for and point the finger at oversights and foul-ups in other people's creations. So get out your Riven discs and see for yourself how incredible realism can produce incredible nitpicking!

Riven Easter Eggs Revealed
I will warn you! There will be numerous pictures of the easter eggs and all information on how to find them! So if you do not want to see it all spoiled at (almost) once, you shouldn't visit this site!

Riven Illuminated
In this site I'll try to show you things that you may not have noticed during your visit. The seasoned Riven player may recognise a lot of what I have to show, but hopefully by the end of your tour, your appreciation of Riven will have been enriched, and you will have a deeper understanding of the game

Riven Unoffical Home Page
Welcome to the Riven Unofficial Home Page, your source since 1995 for reliable news coverage of the world of Myst.

Rivener's HomePage
This site is dedicated to Riven the greatest game of all times. This is where you can find and download the Riven Picture Viewer and Riven Manipulator programs.

Tales of the D'ni
Books and Immersive Environments - Away in a remote corner of Mead, Washington, D’ni researchers continue to uncover fascinating texts and relics of an ancient hidden civilization. Many details have been revealed in three books and four popular computer games or as Rand Miller of Cyan prefers, “immersive environments”.

The Meeting Place
Welcome to The Meeting Place. It's now over a year since the day that UrU Live was put to bed. After that time, the Meeting Place Neighbourhood members scattered - and yet also stayed together. United on the WebPanda Forum, and in other Online environments. Now once more, the Cavern is alive with sound of chatting explorers. It is, as has been said, just a breath of what UrU Live was to have been. But a welcome breath it is, and with every new expolorer, a new journey begins. Until UrU. The ending has not been written.

Some interesting tidbits here about Cyan Worlds, Myst, Riven, realMYST and Mudpie

Myst Reinterpreted
In case you are wondering, Myst Reinterpreted is a Play by E-Mail game in which you can play either a D'ni or an inhabitant of an age. It is based on the D'ni civilization created by Cyan for the Myst series of games and novels.


This page will be updated as need be. If you have more information or another site that you feel should be listed here, please PM me with the lynk and I will add it here. biggrin.gif

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Listings have been completely updated and all are now working. Any and all obsolete sites have been removed. thumbsup.gif

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