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Guild of Greeters _ General Gaming _ Uru Players And Greeters In Second Life

Posted by: Lord Chaos Jul 9 2018, 02:11 PM

After the 2008 closing of the Cavern, many Uru players looked for alternatives. I tried Kaneva and There, and also Guild Wars after some Greeters there sent me a free trial key. Of these, GW and Second Life have been the most enduring interests for me, for different reasons.

Second Life still has has many Uru players. Beyond that, it has many other people who, while not known among the Uru Refugees, still live out the spirit of Uru. They make stuff, do things. There are storytelling groups, and haiku writers. There are photo exhibitions and lots of dance parties.

Not all groups do these like Uru people do. There are many clubs in SL that are, to me, terminally boring. So, finding compatible groups takes some time. They do exist. I'm in some.

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