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> Predicting The Future? (2 Ideas), Two things I came up with that might foreshadow MOUL
post Jan 5 2008, 08:59 PM
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Well, first off, hi, I'm Nek'rahm smile.gif

I'm prolly the only non-explorer member of the Guild of Writers... and erm... I had two things I found that might solve future events in Relto.

First off... how many Ages will we gain in the future of MOUL?

My guess: Next Season (February) we'll get anywhere from five to nine.

My reasoning, think about it.

All in all, last season just released stuff that ALREADY EXISTED. They really only released 3 new Ages (and the Guild Pubs). Looking at this, I watched my Relto Library closely. If you look on the bottom shelf, there are five slots, then an inconsistency... where a wooden board might go. Next to it is two more slots, then break, five more, then break, and finally 3 more, then Myst.

I say 5 minimum because that's how many slots exist... and it would make sense that they not fill the library too quickly. Also, I say maximum of nine for this reason: They don't want to overbear it. If they have 5 core ages (like I said earlier) plus two more after the Ae'gura book, and MAYBE two more after the five they added, they'd get 9. Not expecting that much tho...

Also: A way to solve the clutter of Linking Books: The Relto Network

You know the pedestal for the Nexus Age? Imagine a book pedestal in your Relto, right in the middle of the hut (or outside... whichever...) you look at it and two screens show up:


Library Books will allow you to control WHICH Ages appear on your Relto bookshelf (though Cyan might not do this...), which would make sense to do by allowing people to FURTHER customize their Ages.

Second comes Network Books. This is a little more... odd. I thought of this in a state where I was half asleep too biggrin.gif

You can pick up books. Carry them with you (1 at a time, and appearing alongside your KI icon in replace of Uru CC's Journal) and go through Ages. When you're done in wherever you are, you link back to Relto. You then take the book with you and put it on the Network pedestal. It then shrinks into the ground and the pedestal pops up again. This book is now accessable to be put on your Library Shelf.

Now, WHY have Network Books if you can just put every book on your Library Shelf whenever? The answer: RELTO ITSELF.

Imagine this: Cloning books. You can take your Relto book and put it on the Network Pedestal. It then clones it, giving you back your own. Your Relto is added to the Network under RELTO AGES

This does many things: Suppose you want a friend to visit your Relto but NOT see which books you have or what progress you've made. Even further, so they won't be able to use it. By putting an Age on your Library, it makes it impossible to use. However, when in the Network, two things happen:

1) All your books not on your Shelf can be accessed from your Network Terminal

2) Your friends can use your Network Terminal

Of course there would be a link to Nexus on this Terminal... and I know my idea has flaws... but what do you guys think?

Again, this was just an idea. A friend of mine tried to duplicate the Nexus Terminal into his Relto age in Uru CC (illegal of course) and he got it to work well enough that he could use it just like Nexus.

Again, what do you guys think?


P.S. Long post for my first one here O_o
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post Jan 7 2008, 11:11 AM
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I think having some sort of shareable nexus-like capability from relto would be awesome, if they do choose to implement something similar to what you've suggested...

I hope that you correctly predicted that Season 2 would begin in February, since there has been no announcement yet... I choose to be cautiously optimistic wink3.gif

As for the other bits, it sounds like you have conjectured a way for Cyan to implement fan-created ages, which I know is one of their dreams I am just not sure how close they are to realizing/implementing that dream in "the very near future."

Some interesting thoughts, to be sure! (Chock full of exciting possibilities!)

When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my response is,
"I am thankful that I have a cup!"
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post Jan 7 2008, 03:32 PM
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Glad to hear I've got some good ideas. Usually they're... well... not so much smile.gif
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post Jan 7 2008, 05:26 PM
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i never follow the book shelf only when there is a new book ( book shelf's can be extended to suit more book's)
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