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Forum Guidelines
Forum Guidelines

Multiple Registrations
We do not currently allow users to have multiple log in names on this board. One user - one account. Any user found creating multiple log ins will be contacted and any secondary accounts made after the primary one will be terminated. If it is determined multiple accounts were being created for deceptive purposes, a warning and/or ban could be instituted depending on the circumstances.

We do allow two or more seperate users in a household to each have their own account however. If you feel an account such as this was terminated in error, please contact one of the board administrators explaining the situation.

No Flaming
No aggressive, personal attacks on someone just because of a disagreement with their point of view will be tolerated. Flaming is a cheap shot, the easy way out, and an immature & unintelligent way of "getting back" at another poster by simply being mean-spirited.

No Trolling
No posts obviously designed to attract flames or otherwise incite other posters to react negatively and aggressively will be tolerated. We are all in the Guild forums based on one common trait - our love of the Myst worlds, and we do not need to try and bait or trap each other. Doing so is a waste of time, space, and bandwidth. This is also why duplicate logins are prohibited. It helps prevent a Troll from returning.

No Profanity
No profanity in the Guild forums, please. Not everyone wants to read foul or off-color language, and those who do not should not have to be subjected to it. Also, please do not post links to pornography or other adults-only content. Anyone posting links to pornography will be banned.

No Partisan Public Discussion
Promotion of hatred, racism, (etc...) is of course, strictly forbidden. This forum promotes the sharing of the Myst and UrU experience, and seeks to provide assistance in gentle ways to those who need it; partisan political or religious discussion do not belong on this forum, please take these discussions to the many other venues on the WWW available for such.

Solicitation of Personal Information
Solicitation of personal information, such as Real Life name, address, phone number or email address is a ban-able offence.

No Links to Illegal Software or Activities
Please do not post links to illegally copied software. The Guild does not advocate or condone the illegal copying of software and will not tolerate such links in its forums.
Any discussions about illegal activities are removed from the boards. The first time you do it, we’ll give you a warning. If you decide to do it a second time, don’t be surprised if we ban you.

No advertisements or commercial solicitations
Please do not use the Forums to post or transmit advertisements or commercial solicitations of any kind.

No Cross Posting
Please do not start more than one topic (in the same OR different forums) with the same question or message. Even if your topic's subject spans multiple forums' "themes", please pick the most appropriate single forum, and start your topic there ONLY. Starting multiple topics with the same question or message is confusing, splits up the discussion / answers and makes the moderators' jobs much harder. Please resist all temptation to cross post. Besides, the Moderators will lock duplicate threads as soon as they see them anyway.

Post in the Appropriate Forum
If you are starting a new topic, please give some thought to which forum your topic logically belongs before posting.

Descriptive Topic Subject
When starting a new topic, please give a little thought to coming up with a meaningful and descriptive subject, especially if you are looking for help or an answer to a question. With a descriptive topic subject, you will increase the likelihood that interested parties will open your topic. And, in the case of a question, you will more likely get a timely, knowledgeable answer.

Staying On Topic
We like to have fun in the Guild forums, but not at the expense of getting people's questions answered. So, staying on topic is somewhat relative - as long as the original poster's question is answered in a timely fashion, some straying off topic will be tolerated. But it will always be discouraged if it comes at the expense of helping each other and getting questions answered and problems solved.

Use the forum edit function when possible
Please use the edit function of the forum and do not make a second posting if you realize that you have made a mistake. You can also edit your post if you wish to add more to it. You will have 60 minutes after posting to edit your mistakes. This will help keep the forums looking clean and uncluttered.

Using Threads to carry on a Personal Conversation
This is also somewhat subjective. While a little personal back and forth between two Guild loungers that is probably not of interest to the rest of the community is fine, if it continues, please take it offline to the Private Message feature in the forums, or to e-mail. Please use your own discretion. As an alternative the Guild chat room can be used

Pinned Threads
There are many pinned threads in the different sections of the forum. These are usually important and many times they contain useful information. Pinned threads should be read by everyone

Search the Forums
Before posting a question or problem is to please use the Search feature in the forums to see if your question has been answered or your problem has been solved before. While the Guild Administrators, Moderators, and members are all very happy to answer questions and provide help, it gets very tiring (and time consuming) answering the same questions over and over in the forums. So, please help them all out and use the search - that is what it is there for.

Posts containing information revealing solutions to puzzle etc need to be encapsulated with spoiler tags. We encourage everyone to do their own exploring. Reading the topics in the Hint & Nudges might reveal some information that will spoil further exploring. When you want to do you own exploring, we advise starting your own topic by prefixing your name in the topic description. Like Name: I need some help on…

Discussing Game Modifications (‘Hacking’)
This is permitted but, please, please familiarize yourself with special precautions you should take in such threads and limit discussion to the Modifications thread found HERE.

Use small signature images
We ask that you keep your signature images relatively small. Please do not exceed 400px wide by 100px high and 35k. Do not use animated gifs in your signature. This will ensure that the forums load quickly for all users. Please do NOT use the spoiler tags in your signatures. They work for the first post in a thread but successive posts will break the tag.

Freedom of Speech
We believe very much in the freedom of speech and expression however you DO NOT have an absolute right to say whatever you want on this Forum Board. Posts and comments that are meant to incite conflicts between members or outside parties are strictly prohibited. GoG Administration has the absolute right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message.

The moderator makes the final decision
As a courtesy, a Moderator may PM (Private Message) a poster before editing a post. Keep in mind that this is just a courtesy and if the moderator determines that a post is detrimental to this forum, will edit it according to the General Guidelines.

Soliciting Financial Assistance
Soliciting financial assistance in the forums, chat or via PM is strictly prohibited. As much as we would like to assist in helping those who are in grave need of it, there is no way to easily and effectively determine the accuracy of someone’s financial situation. Any posts of this nature will be either edited or deleted.

Posting Personal Contact Information
Members may not post personal contact information such as home address, work address, home telephone number, work telephone number, etc., in the public forums. This policy is in place for YOUR safety and protection. Any posts of this nature will be either edited or deleted.

Trying to circumvent a Ban / Block
If you log onto the GoG forums and receive a message that you have been banned, please submit an un-ban request and wait for an admin to get in touch with you. You may NOT re-register under a new name. If you try to sign up again and we catch you, then it will become a permanent IP Ban. We rarely send out notices that you have been banned.

This web site does not verify or guarantee the accuracy of the material posted to the Forums or bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, or other liabilities caused by any posted message.

If you have any questions, please PM a member of the GoG Staff. Also if a posting is offending to you, you can use the report function of the forum to report the offending post.
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