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> Greydragon, 11/7/2007, Uru Obsession's Bevin, evening
post Dec 27 2007, 01:45 PM
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Placeholder for GD's visit to UO hood at the end of the week of "Exodus"

GD is working on a video on the "full ending" of Myst V in his spare time, and on a form to allow players to request changes to their hood. He also hoped that fan communities like TGT would produce video capture of episodes for the rest of the community. He also mentioned that some of the tools to allow explorers to create their own ages already exist, yet must be developed further, that Cyan was still discussing Season Two with GameTap, and that the missing journals from Tokotah Rooftop and the missing Kahlo Pub memorial are probably bugs.

Chatlog thanks to gelf56:
Click here to view/hide a spoiler.

(11/07 19:09:33) Greydragon: get people excited for it..
(11/07 19:09:53) From CausticSarcasm in CausticSarcasm's Relto: k
(11/07 19:10:03) From CausticSarcasm in CausticSarcasm's Relto: i sent him an invite last
(11/07 19:10:04) Erik: Shorah everyone smile.gif
(11/07 19:10:30) dcos waves hello
(11/07 19:10:47) xendi: Hey dcos!!
(11/07 19:11:04) dcos: hey xendi smile.gif
(11/07 19:11:11) Greydragon: So I am just in trying to calm fears.. fears that history will repeat itself.
(11/07 19:11:12) dcos: shorah everyone else
(11/07 19:11:27) gelf56: again
(11/07 19:11:33) dcos: So leg warmers won't make a come back then?
(11/07 19:11:36) dcos: phew!
(11/07 19:11:43) Greydragon: That D'ni clothing is pretty cool. I'd love to see more of it.
(11/07 19:11:59) OldGuy: What will you be able to give us in december and january?
(11/07 19:12:00) tachzusamm: Do you carry something, GD? I mean... your shirt...
(11/07 19:12:14) Ivanova: thank you for that, GD
(11/07 19:12:38) dcos: more D'ni clothing would be excellent
(11/07 19:12:38) Erik: Well, Greydragon, I'd like to thank Cyan for this wonderful season smile.gif
(11/07 19:12:45) dcos seconds that
(11/07 19:12:51) Erik: It has been great
(11/07 19:12:55) OldGuy thirds
(11/07 19:12:55) Mar'ith thirds that
(11/07 19:12:56) lotlorien: yes, me too
(11/07 19:13:03) Greydragon: Old guy.. Cyan still plans on stuff.. i can't say what.. won't be an episode.. but things will turn on.. etc.
(11/07 19:13:04) tachzusamm thirds that
(11/07 19:13:23) OldGuy: woohoo! good news... thanks!
(11/07 19:13:28) CausticSarcasm nods her head
(11/07 19:13:37) xendi: ahnonay is brilliant!!
(11/07 19:13:41) gelf56: Nick to give out xmas hats?
(11/07 19:14:15) gelf56: He could do that hes just an explorer
(11/07 19:14:53) dcos: how is the mood at cyan at the end of the first year GD?
(11/07 19:15:13) Greydragon: So have you all seen the KI images that people have asked Cyan to place into the game? I hope to do more of that.. As I hope to make some sort of form on the website so people could ask for changes in their hood.
(11/07 19:15:17) Dhelayan: greydragon, will there be the Great Tree in the future maybe
(11/07 19:15:29) Erik: I have seen Cycreim's picture
(11/07 19:15:36) CausticSarcasm nods her head
(11/07 19:15:41) CausticSarcasm: i have seen them too
(11/07 19:15:44) dcos: Thats a cool idea!
(11/07 19:15:45) Greydragon: dcos- gives us time to reflect.
(11/07 19:15:53) CausticSarcasm nods her head
(11/07 19:15:55) dcos nods his head
(11/07 19:16:10) Mar'ith: Cool idea Greydragon
(11/07 19:16:11) Erik: A form on the website for getting pictures in the game would be really cool.
(11/07 19:16:14) Greydragon: Erik - I hope so.. I think those history videos will become vital in the future.
(11/07 19:16:15) CausticSarcasm: i like that idea too
(11/07 19:17:35) quadrat: shorah
(11/07 19:17:35) Greydragon: Erik - ya we like that idea too.. no matter what at this time it still all has to come past me.. and we will have guidelines.. etc.
(11/07 19:17:39) Mar'ith: Greydragon, I think I speak for everyone when I say we really enjoyed the excitment in the city with the flying Bahro- well done!
(11/07 19:18:39) Ivanova: lol, it's ok
(11/07 19:18:43) Greydragon: ya I loved the flying bahro..
(11/07 19:18:43) Ivanova: oops
(11/07 19:18:57) Erik: I've always wanted to ask this... Is it fun to play a Bahro? :-)
(11/07 19:19:05) lotlorien: lol
(11/07 19:19:10) dcos: hehe
(11/07 19:19:29) Greydragon: We always try to do our best with the resources we have.
(11/07 19:19:42) ilf: play a bahro? where do you blow into it?
(11/07 19:19:42) CausticSarcasm thinks about getting bahro suit for her closet
(11/07 19:19:43) Greydragon: Erik - No comment - smile.gif
(11/07 19:19:48) Mar'ith: Lol
(11/07 19:19:49) Erik: smile.gif
(11/07 19:19:50) dcos starts to laugh
(11/07 19:20:22) Greydragon: So what about that yeesha speech.. pretty heavy huh?
(11/07 19:20:23) dcos: I don't suppose you saw Gadren's post at MO forum about dynamic content GD?[/b]
(11/07 19:20:35) salerene: never saw it myself was doing other things
(11/07 19:20:54) ilf: puzzling as usual!
(11/07 19:21:08) dcos nearly fell off his seat when he looked up and saw yeesha
(11/07 19:21:17) tachzusamm: yes, it was indeed heavy
(11/07 19:21:24) Greydragon: Salerene - Oh I was just talking about the transcript.
(11/07 19:21:34) tachzusamm: the whole appearance
(11/07 19:21:38) Ivanova: I saw a video of it and the log
(11/07 19:21:50) Greydragon: dcos- prob saw it.. been reading forums non-stop
(11/07 19:21:59) Ivanova: must have been quite something to be there
(11/07 19:22:07) Erik: I think it was great that Yeesha finally came to us ... and her speech was great. Though I wonder what we - as a community - will do with the task given to us.
(11/07 19:22:28) Erik: I hope we won't disappoint Yeesha
(11/07 19:22:42) ilf: and how much time do we have?
(11/07 19:22:45) salerene: t
(11/07 19:22:47) From Aaron32 in Aaron32's Relto: out of breath. picked tons of trash off of the floor and put it in a trash bag. I couldn't get in and out of the room.
(11/07 19:23:32) Greydragon: Well I really hope we can have the great tree recreate this episode in video form.. Its very important..
(11/07 19:23:57) dcos looks over at Erik
(11/07 19:23:58) salerene: GD I really dont go to the forums all that much. it kinda ruins things, if you know what I mean
(11/07 19:24:03) Erik: I will let Marten know that ... smile.gif
(11/07 19:24:08) Ivanova: ah but how to do that without a Yeesha avatar?
(11/07 19:24:27) Erik: We are just about to release Episode 6 of the Prologue documentary
(11/07 19:24:36) From Aaron32 in Aaron32's Relto: well, time for another day of burnout.
(11/07 19:24:47) Mar'ith: Now that we have the freedom, with the DRC gone, I hope we don't start fighting like the Bahro
(11/07 19:24:59) Greydragon: Another important thing that I really want to make in my spare time.. is the full ending to Myst 5.. there was more planned then you saw.. and I think it needs to be done.. but I have to work with some of the video..
(11/07 19:25:12) Dhelayan: what do you mean, in a Video form...
(11/07 19:25:19) Erik: Wow, can't wait, GD!
(11/07 19:25:28) Ivanova: that sounds great
(11/07 19:25:35) ilf: sure does smile.gif
(11/07 19:25:41) dcos: awesome!
(11/07 19:25:59) Erik: Does it explain more about the current situation?
(11/07 19:26:18) quadrat: afk
(11/07 19:28:31) dcos: so...
(11/07 19:28:40) dcos: how about them patriots?
(11/07 19:28:45) gelf56: is there something wrong with my kior are you all just staring at GD?
(11/07 19:28:57) xendi: lol
(11/07 19:29:08) Ivanova: all just staring wink.gif
(11/07 19:29:11) Tai'lahr: lol, I thought I'd crashed!
(11/07 19:29:15) gelf56: Ok lol
(11/07 19:29:15) xendi: rofl
(11/07 19:29:31) Greydragon: back
(11/07 19:29:37) Tai'lahr: This is the quietest I've ever heard a group this size be.
(11/07 19:29:39) [Relayer] Sumatria: wb
(11/07 19:29:55) From Lontahv in Lontahv's Relto: Where's that dragon?
(11/07 19:29:57) OldGuy: And Rand?
(11/07 19:30:00) Gerard: OK what's next?
(11/07 19:30:01) [Relayer] DeAn: gd, are you aware of the emails from Blake Lewin asking for suggestions?
(11/07 19:30:04) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Our hood
(11/07 19:30:12) Greydragon: Erik its just nice to have,,,
(11/07 19:30:12) From Lontahv in Lontahv's Relto: OMG!
(11/07 19:30:21) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Not really much news,
(11/07 19:30:26) Ivanova: so Myst V, this is a personal project, something you want to do?
(11/07 19:30:36) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: nothing concrete on next season
(11/07 19:30:48) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: though there will be new content intermittently tuned on
(11/07 19:30:56) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: turned on
(11/07 19:31:16) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Never seen our hood so full
(11/07 19:31:19) salerene: ummm I know I'm not apart of the neighborhood, but could people move away from the link in spot. its kinda wierd to link into someone.
(11/07 19:31:25) Altydwarber: shorah all
(11/07 19:31:37) Mar'ith: Hey, stop kicking the cone at Greydragon smile.gif
(11/07 19:31:55) Ewilan: shorah
(11/07 19:32:09) Erik: shorah, Alty
(11/07 19:32:19) Ivanova: shorah everyone arriving
(11/07 19:32:37) Greydragon: lets move
(11/07 19:32:42) [Relayer] Zedra: GD, since so many missed Yeesha in the cavern, could a hologram of her visit be placed in the Cleft?
(11/07 19:34:00) From Lontahv in Uru Obsession's Bevin: I've seen the hood more full
(11/07 19:34:11) TomahnaGuy: Shorah!
(11/07 19:34:19) From Lontahv in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Like the 100+ peple there for Sharper
(11/07 19:34:30) Lontahv: Shorah!
(11/07 19:34:31) From Dagda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: when was sharper here?
(11/07 19:34:33) TomahnaGuy waves hello
(11/07 19:34:35) Greydragon: Well Zedra- that is what I was getting at before. Cyan has always wanted a way for explorers to see past stories..
(11/07 19:34:42) Ewilan cheers
(11/07 19:34:47) From TomahnaGuy: wots it about?
(11/07 19:35:00) [Relayer] Zedra thanks you
(11/07 19:35:06) To TomahnaGuy: Nothing much just GD chatting
(11/07 19:35:12) TomahnaGuy waves hello
(11/07 19:35:20) Ewilan: lag really impoved, i'm not laging
(11/07 19:35:28) From TomahnaGuy: kk
(11/07 19:35:38) Astro: lol not lagging ?!?!!
(11/07 19:35:50) Ewilan: nope.
(11/07 19:35:50) TomahnaGuy isnt lagging either
(11/07 19:35:52) Greydragon: I think we have some really good ideas in-house.. holograms.. maybe not.. but I think this down time will allow us some time to really discuss that issue.
(11/07 19:36:06) gelf56: How about setting up and official reseng film crew documenting events in the cavern
(11/07 19:36:17) Ewilan: yep, will allow to fix the small problems
(11/07 19:36:24) Ivanova: so that's why maybe TGT could make a movie of it?
(11/07 19:36:37) Mar'ith: And we all thought you would all be having a long holiday - lol (j/k)
(11/07 19:36:50) Tai'lahr: I didn't.
(11/07 19:37:24) Greydragon: ya Ivanova - our fans are amazing when it comes to helpping out with such things..
(11/07 19:37:41) Greydragon: Its really cool someone got real video of the event too...

(11/07 19:37:49) Erik nods his head
(11/07 19:37:50) Ivanova nods her head
(11/07 19:38:27) Lontahv: When are there going to be fire works?
(11/07 19:38:41) Erik: TGT is still documenting Prologue though, it will take a while before we will reach MOUL
(11/07 19:38:44) Altydwarber: lol how about new year
(11/07 19:38:45) gelf56: And will there be cake?
(11/07 19:38:47) Greydragon: Do some filters on it.. make it black and white.. and add some effects.. we (the community) could have alot of fun retelling the story.
(11/07 19:39:01) TomahnaGuy: of the last episode?
(11/07 19:39:54) Greydragon: I imagine interviews with explorers who were there.. like in the old war movies..
(11/07 19:40:07) [Relayer] DeAn: Will we be able to get these videos in cavern?
(11/07 19:40:07) Ivanova: Erik- what about a one-off special of the finale episode?
(11/07 19:40:10) Erik: YYeah that would be cool!
(11/07 19:40:36) Greydragon: "I remember when Yeesha linked in.. I was was so cold... " smile.gif
(11/07 19:40:49) TomahnaGuy: lol
(11/07 19:40:49) Ivanova: by special request of greydragon smile.gif
(11/07 19:41:07) Mar'ith: "I remember the old Bahro wars..." smile.gif
(11/07 19:41:37) Altydwarber: some mix from old and new
(11/07 19:41:41) Greydragon: I think anyone can make these videos.. I think its just getting a group together that really is passionate about it.
(11/07 19:41:51) Lontahv: We can have the old clips in filmgrain!
(11/07 19:42:12) Altydwarber would like to be actress in that:)
(11/07 19:42:15) Tai'lahr: Like the Guild of Archivists?
(11/07 19:42:19) TomahnaGuy could direct that
(11/07 19:42:36) Erik: It's hard though to recreate all events.... we can't really dress up like Yeesha for example to play her part
(11/07 19:42:55) Lontahv: That's where cyan comes in.
(11/07 19:42:55) trianna: Is there a way to get the videos inn cavern?
(11/07 19:43:11) Altydwarber: well give me the clothes and i can try smile.gif
(11/07 19:43:18) Ivanova: not at the moment trianna
(11/07 19:43:37) Tai'lahr: What about the face tattoo, Alty?
(11/07 19:43:48) Mar'ith: I want to play a Bahro :-)
(11/07 19:43:49) TomahnaGuy: that would be hard to recreate
(11/07 19:43:57) Altydwarber: haha you can body paint me
(11/07 19:44:07) Greydragon: Well Erik.. I think things could be done to help you out with videos too..
(11/07 19:44:19) Ivanova: could maybe splice in some of the video taken live?
(11/07 19:44:34) TomahnaGuy: bahro...actors?
(11/07 19:44:37) Greydragon: Ivanova - you could do that..
(11/07 19:45:04) Ivanova: not me.... I have no knowledge of making videos sad.gif

(11/07 19:45:07) Erik: Hmm... now that you say that... I do remember that Laxman did a /cower in the latest episode of the Great Tree... smile.gif
(11/07 19:45:24) Lontahv: GD: Is the episode over yet?
(11/07 19:45:25) Erik: I always wondered how Marten got that smile.gif
(11/07 19:45:30) Ivanova: but I do know we have a lot of clever and artistic people here
(11/07 19:45:37) Craig $$$$: When is episode 10?
(11/07 19:45:53) Altydwarber: hmm well i know that some of the supoorters from the guild of messengers have great filmers around them
(11/07 19:46:19) Lontahv: Whil told me that you where going to take a 3-4 month break. Is this true?
(11/07 19:46:32) Greydragon: Cyan might be able to help on some of this stuff too..
(11/07 19:47:02) Altydwarber: yeah that would be awesome to create it all together
(11/07 19:47:20) Craig $$$$: episode 10
(11/07 19:47:56) Mar'ith: I think these movies would be great as they could help attract more Explorers down here in the Cavern
(11/07 19:47:59) Greydragon: Craig - unknown, Lontahv - the episode is over I don't know much about a break
(11/07 19:48:16) Craig $$$$: Ok thanks
(11/07 19:48:23) Lontahv: GreyDragon: Does the DRC's money problem relate in the real world somehow?
(11/07 19:49:36) Lontahv: Because when the DRC left last time Uru died.

(11/07 19:49:57) Altydwarber: uru never dies
(11/07 19:49:57) Tai'lahr: Well, the ResEngs seem to be hanging in there this time. smile.gif
(11/07 19:50:28) Greydragon: Lontahv- yes, I am broke.. I need more money.. anyone want to help me out?
(11/07 19:50:40) Astro: lol
(11/07 19:50:41) My'key: shorah
(11/07 19:50:52) Tai'lahr: IC, we're starting a food drive to feed the ResEngs. lol
(11/07 19:50:53) Ivanova: lol
(11/07 19:50:53) My'key: me too, any one some change pls
(11/07 19:50:55) khandi: shorah
(11/07 19:50:57) Altydwarber counts her money and comes up with 4 dollar
(11/07 19:51:01) Myst'Aken digs in pockets.....finds only feathers
(11/07 19:51:11) Lontahv feels very bad for GreyDragon
(11/07 19:51:26) Greydragon: Should I start selling my paintings.. lol

(11/07 19:51:42) My'key bows for the fellow hoodies
(11/07 19:51:46) Greydragon: starving artist and all..
(11/07 19:51:53) Tai'lahr: Please tell us something positve.
(11/07 19:51:55) GentleFire: wink.gif
(11/07 19:52:03) My'key feels eyes gt wet
(11/07 19:52:14) Mar'ith tries to remember the cavern pizza delivery number
(11/07 19:52:18) Lontahv: GreyDragon: Will there be enough money to keep the servers up?
(11/07 19:52:25) Greydragon: Lontahv.. i was just joking.. the one reason I came in her today was t be positive..

(11/07 19:52:36) Tai'lahr cheers
(11/07 19:52:36) salerene: As a famous dreamer said; we keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walt Disney "keep moving forward"
(11/07 19:52:44) Lontahv cheers
(11/07 19:52:45) Greydragon: Cyan is doing just fine.
(11/07 19:52:45) Altydwarber thinks GD could make a cd with nice songs
(11/07 19:52:50) Ivanova cheers
(11/07 19:53:01) My'key: riven songs....YAY
(11/07 19:53:16) My'key: GD, can we expect more from K'Veer?
(11/07 19:53:19) Ewilan thinks peaple shoud stop messing IC and OOC, and just relax
(11/07 19:53:28) tachzusamm thought GD is a Rockstar. So what's the problem?
(11/07 19:53:28) My'key: any Gehn leftovers?
(11/07 19:53:28) Greydragon: we are still talking to gametap, those talks haven't stopped.
(11/07 19:53:47) Silverspur: As Yoda said, "There is no try; only do".
(11/07 19:53:56) Tai'lahr: What can we do? Send letters?
(11/07 19:54:10) Greydragon: Just don't worry about it okay..
(11/07 19:54:17) Erik: By the way, is the Great Tree and Kadish' puzzle room lost forever? Or is there still a chance of it coming back one day?
(11/07 19:54:18) Lontahv: I think that from what Ryan Miller has hinted at age creation is right around the corner. Am I not right?
(11/07 19:54:25) Greydragon: Really.. just keep inviting people in.
(11/07 19:54:37) Jamn taunts you
(11/07 19:54:38) agnes taunts you
(11/07 19:54:51) My'key: Khandi...What??
(11/07 19:54:51) GentleFire: Are the guilds seriously active right now or is everything on hold till next season?
(11/07 19:54:58) Mar'ith: Greydragon, did Gametap think this year went well?
(11/07 19:55:07) Mystdee: GD Please relay to everyone at Cyan that the episode was/is AWESOME!!!!
(11/07 19:55:13) Lontahv: GD: Should I use the GameTap client or can I just run the Uru .EXE?
(11/07 19:55:35) Altydwarber: well i can call all my email buddies for an invite
(11/07 19:55:35) Ewilan: Lonthav, whichever you want
(11/07 19:55:53) My'key: anyone, whats 'stifle it'?
(11/07 19:56:05) Greydragon: well I wouldn't say right around the corner.. still a lot that would have to be done before such a thing.. Its important to us though and I know a direction we hope to go toward. I mean we already have in the game a little bit.
(11/07 19:56:08) Lontahv: I want to be sure cyan wouldn't get more money if I played though the client
(11/07 19:56:18) White Rose: be Quiet My key
(11/07 19:56:23) White Rose: is what it means
(11/07 19:56:28) My'key: oooo
(11/07 19:56:32) TomahnaGuy: GD: Do you think we will ever see the DRC again?
(11/07 19:56:35) My'key is quit
(11/07 19:56:39) Greydragon: Lontahv- as long as you have a subscription.. its all good. smile.gif
(11/07 19:56:45) From Zzyzx Boy in Zzyzx Boy's Relto: Ug ug. both ercana and ahnonay.
(11/07 19:57:08) Tai'lahr: Would it help to tell GameTap that Uru is the ONLY reason I have a subscription?
(11/07 19:57:10) Lontahv: Ok, thanks very very much.
(11/07 19:57:27) TomahnaGuy agrees with Tai
(11/07 19:57:34) Greydragon: Tomahna- Hard to say, I'm not a designer so I don't know.
(11/07 19:57:34) My'key ahs a really hard time 'stifflin'
(11/07 19:57:41) TomahnaGuy: okee smile.gif
(11/07 19:57:42) Erik: Something else I've been wondering about since the start of the season.... The removal of the King books on the Tokotah rooftop. Was it a story element? Or a technical element?
(11/07 19:57:43) GentleFire: I'm sure GT is aware of that fact already Tai.
(11/07 19:57:54) Silverspur: Well...I am on automatic re-up. It would require an effort on my part not to re-subscribe. URU requires all my effort. smile.gif
(11/07 19:58:15) Greydragon: Tai'lahr - I don't think it would hurt.. just don't know how you would go about telling them.
(11/07 19:58:24) Tai'lahr: lol, me too, Silverspur!
(11/07 19:58:33) Ivanova: I wish those of us outside N America could get an annual subscription
(11/07 19:58:34) TomahnaGuy: me too SIlver, Im on a monthly planb
(11/07 19:58:38) TomahnaGuy: so no need to renew
(11/07 19:58:39) Tai'lahr: By writing a letter like Marten suggested.
(11/07 19:58:48) Ewilan: Seconded Ivanova
(11/07 19:58:56) From Katelin0 in Katelin0's Relto: Howdy again hoodies!
(11/07 19:58:56) White Rose: let GD answer question s please
(11/07 19:59:05) Greydragon: Erik - are they over by the others?
(11/07 19:59:05) From Dagda in Dagda's Relto: Kate!
(11/07 19:59:06) My'key wishes for more countries entree at ALL
(11/07 19:59:14) Ewilan: something NEED to be done for international prices
(11/07 19:59:22) Ewilan: seconded too My'Key
(11/07 19:59:25) Erik: No, some journals about Ri'neref, Ailesh and Kerath for example have been gone since the stort of the season
(11/07 19:59:33) Erik: *start

(11/07 19:59:38) Greydragon: Hmm I would guess a bug
(11/07 19:59:40) White Rose: you are filling chat let Gd get a word in edgewise
(11/07 19:59:53) Altydwarber: ssst wr
(11/07 19:59:53) Ewilan: the memorial ? bug too ?
(11/07 20:00:02) Lontahv: I think the Guild stuff so far has been a HUGE success. (just to let you know that I think the Guilds are on the right track)
(11/07 20:00:21) Greydragon: but I will look into it.. Ya I am positive thats what happened with the memorial.
(11/07 20:00:35) Tai'lahr: Just a bug, not part of the story?
(11/07 20:00:38) Erik: Thanks, GD
(11/07 20:00:45) Tai'lahr: We thought Cate stole it on her way out. smile.gif
(11/07 20:00:47) From Eccles in GreatZero': Shorah. anyone seen those orbs in the walls at Great Zero?
(11/07 20:00:50) Ewilan: lol
(11/07 20:00:55) Greydragon: So that will return - not as story.. as me cleaning up a mess smile.gif
(11/07 20:00:56) White Rose: Greydragon do you know when the next season will start?
(11/07 20:01:23) Lontahv: GD: How is tweek doing working at Cyan?
(11/07 20:01:30) Finn Dove likes White Rose's positive attitude
(11/07 20:01:43) White Rose: thank you Finn
(11/07 20:02:02) salerene: yea are you guys keeping tweek in line smile.gif
(11/07 20:02:06) Greydragon: White Rose - I don't have any news about season 2 at this time. I am just in letting people know not to give up faith.
(11/07 20:02:21) Tai'lahr has faith in the Uru Community.
(11/07 20:02:24) My'key: we never give up faith
(11/07 20:02:26) GentleFire thanks you very much!
(11/07 20:02:35) TomahnaGuy: GD: Will it ever be possible to get those shoes the ResEngs wear? smile.gif
(11/07 20:02:35) Greydragon: I have also mentioned some community stuff i am working on.
(11/07 20:02:35) Ewilan: and, given how season 1 endeed, we need the end of story
(11/07 20:02:39) My'key: we didnt at the biginnin, not at the shards, wehy start now?
(11/07 20:02:51) Tai'lahr: Oh, didn't you find those yet, TG?
(11/07 20:02:51) Ewilan: where have the barho gone , and all ?
(11/07 20:02:51) White Rose: Well I for one will be here until I am shoved out the door and it closes behind me
(11/07 20:02:53) Altydwarber: Oh i have faith too I already want an option to rent the place above the tent
(11/07 20:02:55) Greydragon: one sec.. need to see about the shoes.. brb
(11/07 20:03:06) TomahnaGuy: lol ok
(11/07 20:03:19) My'key: shoes?
(11/07 20:03:19) Altydwarber: k
(11/07 20:03:19) Greydragon: actually lunch
(11/07 20:03:21) GentleFire: converse
(11/07 20:03:24) Greydragon: be back in awhile..
(11/07 20:03:29) TomahnaGuy: okee
(11/07 20:03:32) Silverspur: Shoes?????????????/eeeh gads
(11/07 20:03:35) Lontahv: Ok
(11/07 20:03:40) salerene: heh they get lunch breaks?
(11/07 20:03:41) TomahnaGuy: the ResEngs wear converse shoes
(11/07 20:03:43) White Rose: good to see you thank you for coming
(11/07 20:03:53) TomahnaGuy: i was wondering if we'll ever get them
(11/07 20:03:59) My'key: wow, some job he has....he gets lunch
(11/07 20:04:00) K'laamas: His shoes are untied, & he needs to find someone to teach him how to tie them wink.gif
(11/07 20:04:03) Junee: Yellow today TG tongue.gif
(11/07 20:04:09) Tai'lahr: TomahnaGuy has been drooling over the ResEngs' Converse shoes for weeks, now!
(11/07 20:04:23) GentleFire: Me2
(11/07 20:04:28) GentleFire: gimme gimme
(11/07 20:04:30) K'laamas: "converse shoes"?
(11/07 20:04:32) salerene: did anyone else notice that some people shoes are being eaten by the floor up here
(11/07 20:04:32) Silverspur: smile.gif))
(11/07 20:04:42) tachzusamm starts to laugh
(11/07 20:04:46) Tai'lahr: Oh, yeah, lol
(11/07 20:05:10) Altydwarber: yeah big dinner I think
(11/07 20:05:12) lotlorien bows
(11/07 20:05:15) My'key: lmao
(11/07 20:05:25) My'key searches for something
(11/07 20:05:26) Kneb: no shoes makes silent running
(11/07 20:05:54) From Awaking Genesis in Awaking Genesis' Nexus: Shorah Neighbors! How goes the afternoon?
(11/07 20:06:06) White Rose: I got here not long ago myself
(11/07 20:06:07) Tai'lahr: Who was here from the beginning when GD first got here?
(11/07 20:06:11) From Dagda in Dagda's Relto: Greydragon is in our hood
(11/07 20:06:14) Altydwarber shakes her head
(11/07 20:06:20) From ommadawn in ommadawn's Relto: shorah AG
(11/07 20:06:23) Tai'lahr: And, can you fill us in on what was said earlier?
(11/07 20:06:26) GentleFire: Well, i'd really like to start getting involved in the guild ive chosen. Guess these next few weeks of quiet will be good for getting aquainted and learning individual roles within the guild.
(11/07 20:06:28) darkstar: shorah
(11/07 20:06:39) GentleFire: shorah ds
(11/07 20:06:49) Altydwarber: shorah darkstar
(11/07 20:06:49) From Zzyzx Boy in Zzyzx Boy's Ercana: I need 50 6-packs of coke.
(11/07 20:06:59) Dot: Shorah DS
(11/07 20:07:12) Greydragon: I am telling you it will be more then an hour.. i wouldn't wait up
(11/07 20:07:12) My'key: well, dont give up hope...we survived early days, and the shards...and we will survive here too
(11/07 20:07:22) darkstar: i dather season two is in the sometime soon maybe category
(11/07 20:07:23) Greydragon: smile.gif


jarel, formerly Schlomo
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Thank you for your post jarelav. It is always nice to read/get news of the 'big wigs' in the cavern, especially when they are there to drop hints or maybe give some information. Hmmm, I wonder what was excluded from Myst 5. unsure.gif

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Graydragon was in the UO hood yesterday (Thursday, December 27, 2007), around 1300 KI time.

I am sorry that I didn't see the whole conversation or get a chatlog, but I can tell you what I remember.

He said he was just coming in because he was bored. He was working on bugs associated with the Nexus. He asked US if we had heard any news about Episode 2. He said he had let off some steam at a shooting range. He thanked me for wishing him happy holidays.

Sorry, that's all I have, I was giving the guest book reading at 1300 KI time so my mind was on that =p
Hopefully someone else grabbed a chatlog for you!

your friend, Wayseeker
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Shorah Wayseeker. Welcome to the GOG forums. Thanks for the information.
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