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Guild of Greeters _ Gahreesen _ Game Saving

Posted by: oliveortwist Mar 14 2011, 04:10 PM

Just beginning. Got KI, but every time I log out or quit, I have to start all over again. How do you save game in progress? Thanks.

Posted by: Ken Telinome Mar 14 2011, 04:31 PM

In all of the Uru games (Uru: ABM, To D'ni/PotS, MO:ULa) your progress should be saved automatically--there's no separate "save" feature. MO:ULa has been known to have a few hiccups, however. Since you seem to be right at the beginning, I would try deleting your current avatar and creating a new one to see if that helps. Sounds like you've encountered a bug (and a nasty one at that).

Posted by: dadguy Mar 14 2011, 10:50 PM

Two points:

1. Can you confirm that you are playing the ONLINE game, downloaded from the MOUL website? There is also the PC game that loads from CD/DVDs.

2. Your progress IS saved. You just need to understand how the game works.

a.) You make progress in the Ages by touching the "Journey Cloths" in each Age. Each time you touch one, it is stored.
b.) However, when you quit the game you always start back in Relto, and when you return to Gahreesen, you'll arrive at the starting point, but the game has remembered which cloths you have already touched... no need to touch them again if you already did.
c.) You can ALSO link to the LAST CLOTH YOU TOUCHED directly. When linking back to Gahreesen via the book on the shelf in Relto, move the cursor down near the bottom of the book and look for right and left arrows, then click. It will take you to an image of a cloth. Click on the cloth to link to the last cloth you touched. In this way you go to where you left off.

Hope this helps.



PS: Welcome to the Guild of Greeters forum!

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