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> Nick White - May 19 2007, Great Tree bevin, Jazz bevin and City visit logs
post May 19 2007, 06:33 PM
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Should Nick be in the Non-DRC section now? Or do we need to create an Ex-DRC spot? unsure.gif

Here are the logs

Great Tree Bevin
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(05/19 21:45:23) Nick White: If you want to think that way....
(05/19 21:45:40) Sydney Austin: Did you want to get fired?
(05/19 21:45:35) Nick White: No.
(05/19 21:45:42) Sydney Austin: You broke my heart!
(05/19 21:45:46) Nick White: Oh please.
(05/19 21:45:57) Nick White: Whatever.
(05/19 21:46:04) Monkeyboy: he's not falling for it
(05/19 21:46:07) Sydney Austin: Make me jealous of Meadow
(05/19 21:46:12) Sydney Austin: Making*
(05/19 21:46:50) Sydney Austin: I'm glad you got fired!
(05/19 21:46:55) Monkeyboy: So Nick find any Work?
(05/19 21:46:58) Kyven: Shorah
(05/19 21:47:10) Sydney Austin: Messing with so many women heads!!!
(05/19 21:47:26) Ravenclaw: Shorah
(05/19 21:47:34) Aleks: Hey Nick.
(05/19 21:47:37) Aleks: How are you?
(05/19 21:47:41) Nick White: What's going on everyone?
(05/19 21:47:50) Sydney Austin: Did it make you feel good playing with emotions?
(05/19 21:48:05) Inzilbeth: shorah Nick - how are you?
(05/19 21:48:06) Professor Clarke: Hello Nick.
(05/19 21:48:06) Aleks: Not much at the moment, I guess.
(05/19 21:48:13) Nick White: Hmm... after you lied to me and stabbed me in the back? Yeah, pretty good.
(05/19 21:48:32) Sydney Austin: You played me from the beginning so yeah
(05/19 21:48:37) Sydney Austin: I stabbed youin the back
(05/19 21:48:39) Monkeyboy: Wondering what you have been up to, Nick?
(05/19 21:48:46) DocOlanA: Nick! Good to see you!
(05/19 21:48:56) Nick White: Not much. Quite a bit of surface time.
(05/19 21:48:58) Cycreim: Hey folks what's up?
(05/19 21:49:03) sil_oh_wet: Wooo hoooo I have missed you Nick
(05/19 21:49:04) Nick White: Hey Doc.
(05/19 21:49:04) Sydney Austin: Last time you play with my heart!
(05/19 21:49:06) Cycreim: Oh hey Nick!
(05/19 21:49:07) meadow: Shorah nick.......good to see you, dear
(05/19 21:49:08) sil_oh_wet: So great you are here
(05/19 21:49:10) Monkeyboy: Any Plans?
(05/19 21:49:10) Aleks: We hear you and Sharper have quite a big day tomorrow?
(05/19 21:49:12) StarLion: This place is about to get VERY bussy in a BIG hurry
(05/19 21:49:16) Nick White: Big day. Should be fun.
(05/19 21:49:18) Sydney Austin: And here comes meadow, great
(05/19 21:49:24) Nick White: His little set-up is sweet.
(05/19 21:49:30) Monkeyboy: Something new?
(05/19 21:49:37) Professor Clarke: Who's?
(05/19 21:49:38) DocOlanA: Nick, I never got a chance to thank you for the Creation story. It was awesome, everyone loved it, and it really helped us understand the D'ni further.
(05/19 21:49:42) Nick White: He's built a little blind in the Negilahn area.
(05/19 21:49:46) sil_oh_wet nods her head
(05/19 21:49:53) Nick White: Cool doc. I"ve got more if you want it.
(05/19 21:49:57) Cycreim: Is it far from the pod?
(05/19 21:49:58) sil_oh_wet nods her head
(05/19 21:49:58) Monkeyboy: Are you joining in?
(05/19 21:50:04) Aleks: You're not worried?
(05/19 21:50:04) DocOlanA: We do, Nick. We really do.
(05/19 21:50:11) Nick White: Took some stuff with me before I left.
(05/19 21:50:18) sil_oh_wet chants more, more , more
(05/19 21:50:18) DocOlanA: If you could get those to us, we'll make sure they get out to the cavern.
(05/19 21:50:24) Cycreim: Awesome
(05/19 21:50:24) Nick White: Will do.
(05/19 21:50:38) Nick White: Same email as before?
(05/19 21:50:45) DocOlanA: Go ahead and send it to me directly.
(05/19 21:50:59) Sydney Austin: I hope you don't break meadow's heart like you did with Sil's and mine
(05/19 21:51:02) Nick White: Sil?
(05/19 21:51:09) Nick White: Did I break your heart Sil?
(05/19 21:51:16) Kal: uh....stuck a/whoooaaaafroe
(05/19 21:51:19) Sydney Austin: Watch out for him meadow
(05/19 21:51:22) StarLion: They...just keep linking stopping them...must talk like shatner
(05/19 21:51:23) sil_oh_wet: You dumped me for Syd
(05/19 21:51:33) Professor Clarke clears his throat
(05/19 21:51:40) xendi waves hello
(05/19 21:51:42) meadow: I'm a big gurl, sydney...
(05/19 21:51:43) DocOlanA coughs politely.
(05/19 21:51:43) sil_oh_wet: but I will live - I still think you're a sweetie
(05/19 21:51:48) Professor Clarke: If I could interrupt this playground fight?
(05/19 21:52:00) meadow: He's definately a sweetie, sil!
(05/19 21:52:02) DocOlanA: Nick, did you get the e-mail? Need me to KIMail it to you, or what would be best?
(05/19 21:52:06) Monkeyboy: What is on your agenda? More plans with Sharper, Nick?
(05/19 21:52:10) Sydney Austin: I am so glad i got you fired nick!
(05/19 21:52:19) Nick White: Got the email.
(05/19 21:52:26) Apollo: shorah
(05/19 21:52:26) DocOlanA: Thanks, Nick.
(05/19 21:52:29) sil_oh_wet: yah well I am not Sydney!
(05/19 21:52:30) Nick White: Thanks Syd. You always were a sweetie.
(05/19 21:52:53) Sydney Austin: i was, untill you stepped on my heart
(05/19 21:52:57) Nick White: Yeah Monkey - me and Sharper tomorrow.
(05/19 21:53:01) Aleks: Sydney, can we please keep this civilized?
(05/19 21:53:07) Professor Clarke is waiting...
(05/19 21:53:10) sil_oh_wet: Is Rils going this time
(05/19 21:53:13) Cyron Xerrox: hi all
(05/19 21:53:15) Chloe: syd, I love ya babe, but can we backburner those american psycho instincts.
(05/19 21:53:16) Kal: Sydney, keep personal vendettas out of it
(05/19 21:53:19) DocOlanA: So Nick, now that you're a free agnet, do you have any other plans? Besides working with Sharper on the Negilahn thing?
(05/19 21:53:20) Lydiamalia: What about Rils?
(05/19 21:53:36) Monkeyboy: So, you plan on taking on the Beast in Negilahn?
(05/19 21:53:40) Professor Clarke: Nick, you're unemployed, correct?
(05/19 21:53:46) Gondar: Anyone asked about if he knows about Delin?
(05/19 21:54:02) meadow: Sydney, can u pipe it down here, this is not all about you!
(05/19 21:54:13) sil_oh_wet cheers
(05/19 21:54:22) Ivy: oh yes all the Delin books seem to have disappeared
(05/19 21:54:26) Sydney Austin slaps Nick and leaves
(05/19 21:54:39) sil_oh_wet: they did?
(05/19 21:54:50) Monkeyboy: he 's gone along with Syd
(05/19 21:54:53) Gondar: Yesterday apparently.
(05/19 21:54:58) Aleks: Oh my.
(05/19 21:55:07) Professor Clarke: Well, that was fun
(05/19 21:55:16) Lydiamalia sighs

Jazz Bevin
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(05/19 21:59:03) Jazz sighs again at Andrew
(05/19 21:59:08) Andrew Eldred: Hrm.
(05/19 21:59:13) Mitchell Palmner: Do you like working in the DRC Nick?
(05/19 21:59:13) Andrew Eldred: Stupid button.
(05/19 21:59:18) Andrew Eldred: Haha.
(05/19 21:59:23) Nick White: I don't work in the DRC.
(05/19 21:59:25) Jazz: You back for good now?
(05/19 21:59:32) Mitchell Palmner: Oh, sorry. Someone told me you did.
(05/19 21:59:37) Nick White: Used to. Fired.
(05/19 21:59:44) Inzilbeth: how are you, Nick?
(05/19 21:59:45) Mitchell Palmner: Oh! Sorry, dude.
(05/19 21:59:47) Andrew Eldred: Wow.
(05/19 21:59:48) Jazz: Just an explorer now?
(05/19 21:59:53) Nick White: Just like you.
(05/19 21:59:53) Andrew Eldred is getting decimated.
(05/19 21:59:57) Kam Uraki: Welcome to not knowing what's going on like the rest of us
(05/19 21:59:59) Mitchell Palmner: Trust me to unknowingly bring up a sensitive subject, heh
(05/19 22:00:04) Nick White: Except I know stuff.
(05/19 22:00:14) Jazz: Didn't Sharper say you were going with him again?
(05/19 22:00:19) Kam Uraki: Was teasing
(05/19 22:00:22) Nick White: In the morning.
(05/19 22:00:31) Andrew Eldred: My buttons are... acting up.
(05/19 22:00:33) Andrew Eldred: Weird.
(05/19 22:00:52) Jazz says DOH!
(05/19 22:00:57) Andrew Eldred: I couldn't play two rounds!
(05/19 22:00:59) Nick White: Hang around Laxman and all you hear are complaints about this table and the GZ.
(05/19 22:00:59) Kam Uraki: Nice!
(05/19 22:00:59) Mitchell Palmner: Heh everyone is talking about you on neighbor chat Nick
(05/19 22:01:02) Andrew Eldred: One more?
(05/19 22:01:15) Kam Uraki: Sure, why not
(05/19 22:01:33) Jazz: I never win at this
(05/19 22:01:45) To Rizpah: He's playing a game of Heek
(05/19 22:01:50) Andrew Eldred: Ouch.
(05/19 22:01:56) DocOlanA: Nick . . . if I'm out of line, say so, and I'll drop it. But I read the logs of what happened, and it seems like you had something important to say about the DRC. What was going on there?
(05/19 22:02:02) Kam Uraki: Heek tables should have cup holders
(05/19 22:02:06) Mitchell Palmner: Nick I didnt know you were so popular
(05/19 22:02:20) Scarlett: hi Nick!!!!
(05/19 22:02:32) Andrew Eldred: There we go!
(05/19 22:02:34) Kam Uraki: Nice Andy!
(05/19 22:02:39) From Ivy: NW is there
(05/19 22:02:43) darkstar: Hi Nick welcome to the great unwashed lol
(05/19 22:02:43) Jazz: I lose . . again
(05/19 22:02:49) Andrew Eldred: Typical, Jazz.
(05/19 22:02:54) Jazz: Clean bevin here darkstar
(05/19 22:02:58) meadow: Shorah again nick.....
(05/19 22:03:01) Mitchell Palmner: My buttons turned into little black holes
(05/19 22:03:11) Andrew Eldred: Nick, if you're looking for a job, I bet I could get you on somewhere.
(05/19 22:03:25) DocOlanA: I guess the question was out of line. Sorry, it just seemed like it was important to you.
(05/19 22:03:29) Jazz: Don't trust Andrew
(05/19 22:03:32) darkstar: I'm sure Jazz just rhetorical
(05/19 22:03:45) Andrew Eldred: Jazz, I'm not even sure we're friends anymore.
(05/19 22:03:53) Jazz: lol
(05/19 22:04:02) Andrew Eldred: Oooo, ouch.
(05/19 22:04:04) Nick White: Snap.
(05/19 22:04:14) Scarlett: hi nick!!
(05/19 22:04:18) Mitchell Palmner is not very good at this game.
(05/19 22:04:18) Andrew Eldred: Nick--she asked me to the dance, I declined.
(05/19 22:04:18) Jazz: Hmmmm
(05/19 22:04:25) Jazz: Rubbish
(05/19 22:04:30) Nick White: There's a dance?
(05/19 22:04:33) Andrew Eldred: There was.
(05/19 22:04:37) Jazz: If I did, I must have been desperate
(05/19 22:04:58) darkstar: judging by the amount of neck rubbing going on are we sure we haven't got an out break of cave bugs lol
(05/19 22:05:03) Jazz: Yeah. You missed a great party Nick
(05/19 22:05:20) DocOlanA: Was this the Kadish dance? You need to schedule these on days I can actually be in the cavern.
(05/19 22:05:21) Andrew Eldred: Curse!
(05/19 22:05:23) Kam Uraki: Yes. There's a dance. The safety dance. You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. Cuz your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance...
(05/19 22:05:37) Leonor: Shorah
(05/19 22:05:45) Jazz: Hi Leonor
(05/19 22:05:46) Kam Uraki: Had to do it
(05/19 22:05:48) CoyoteCreed: ...then they're no friends of mine?
(05/19 22:05:54) Mitchell Palmner: Haha we get Nick and suddenly everyone shows up
(05/19 22:05:55) Andrew Eldred: There we go!
(05/19 22:06:02) Jazz: Awwww
(05/19 22:06:08) Andrew Eldred: Nicely played, everyone.
(05/19 22:06:11) Scarlett: Have you seen Sydney yet Nick?
(05/19 22:06:13) DocOlanA: Well of course, Mitchell.
(05/19 22:06:26) Andrew Eldred: Wow, nice crowd.
(05/19 22:06:33) Jazz: Great to see you again, anyway Nick
(05/19 22:06:38) Nick White: Look at all the people that came to see you Jazz.
(05/19 22:06:47) Kam Uraki: lol
(05/19 22:06:47) Aleks: I have never seen so many watchching a single game of heek before.
(05/19 22:06:49) DocOlanA: So Nick, what can we expect from Mintaka? You worked on that for a while, didn't you?
(05/19 22:06:50) darkstar: i hear some air clearing took place lol
(05/19 22:06:50) Jazz: Yeah, right. I'm sure I'm not the attraction here
(05/19 22:06:54) Andrew Eldred: And look how disappointed they are!
(05/19 22:06:56) Aleks: *watching
(05/19 22:06:59) Jazz kicks Andrew
(05/19 22:07:12) Mitchell Palmner: I dunno. *I* definitely find Jazz more attractive than Nick...
(05/19 22:07:14) Kam Uraki: I would argue that you are certainly an attraction wherever you go, Jazz
(05/19 22:07:16) darkstar: lol
(05/19 22:07:26) Andrew Eldred can't get a break today.
(05/19 22:07:27) Nick White: Minkata will be great.
(05/19 22:07:30) Nick White: You'll love it.
(05/19 22:07:31) Jazz cheers
(05/19 22:07:33) DocOlanA: We love Jazz. She has tremendous fashion sense.
(05/19 22:07:35) Leonor: Nick, I've heard you are going on a dangerous expedition soon, to spot that predator in Negilahn.
(05/19 22:07:36) darkstar: Nick you off to Negilhan tommorrow with Sharper?
(05/19 22:07:39) Kam Uraki: And warm I hear
(05/19 22:07:41) Mitchell Palmner shrugs
(05/19 22:07:47) Miles cheers
(05/19 22:07:48) Nick White: Yes, you have heard right.
(05/19 22:07:53) Aleks: Huzzah for Minkata.
(05/19 22:07:55) Jazz: Is it safe Nick?
(05/19 22:07:57) DocOlanA: Well, I'm sure we'll love it, but what can we expect? C'mon, give us some hints.
(05/19 22:08:02) Nick White: Minkata?
(05/19 22:08:03) Andrew Eldred: Bait again? I'm telling you, I've got a surface job that's so much nicer.
(05/19 22:08:10) Kam Uraki: Yay! I can make A Horse With No Name jokes!
(05/19 22:08:10) Jazz: No. The trip tomorrow
(05/19 22:08:12) darkstar: take care dont want no accidents
(05/19 22:08:13) Nick White: Safe as Tetsonot.
(05/19 22:08:14) Leonor: Don't go. I'm not one to spread rumours but... Sharper hasput people in danger before.
(05/19 22:08:25) CoyoteCreed: I hear that Minkata has pink fluffy bunnies.
(05/19 22:08:25) Andrew Eldred: Haha. Tetsonot. Great.
(05/19 22:08:25) Jazz: Hmmm. Doesn't say much
(05/19 22:08:34) Nick White: Sharper has a feeling we're going to see the predator.
(05/19 22:08:37) Professor Clarke: Nick?
(05/19 22:08:40) Nick White: We'll see how safe that is.
(05/19 22:08:42) Kam Uraki: Bring a big gun... maybe a tank
(05/19 22:08:47) Nah'dneb: heh
(05/19 22:08:56) Inzilbeth: That doesn't sound encouraging, Nick
(05/19 22:08:58) Nah'dneb: don't think you'd get far in negilahn wiht a tank
(05/19 22:09:00) Aleks: Any ideas as to the shape of this predator.
(05/19 22:09:03) Aleks: ?
(05/19 22:09:04) Nick White: He's planned this a while.
(05/19 22:09:12) Jazz: Just the two of you?
(05/19 22:09:14) Nah'dneb: so we see
(05/19 22:09:22) CoyoteCreed: Octahedral, Alecks.
(05/19 22:09:23) Nick White: Just the two of us.
(05/19 22:09:32) DocOlanA: Yeah, he told us he's been tracking an Urwin.
(05/19 22:09:42) Nick White: Right.
(05/19 22:09:47) Chloe sings "we can make it if we try...just the two of us..."
(05/19 22:09:53) Nick White: His little spot is built right where it hangs out quite a bit.
(05/19 22:09:53) Scarlett: can i go with you Nick and Sharper Nick?
(05/19 22:09:53) DocOlanA: That's he's got a spot all set up.
(05/19 22:09:54) Jazz starts to laugh
(05/19 22:09:56) Kam Uraki: Maybe a helicopter and some napalm
(05/19 22:10:03) Aleks: Ha, I mean, what does it look like?
(05/19 22:10:03) darkstar: Leonor thats not strickly true we dont know the full story and Phil knew how to take care of himself he'd been exploring the cavern on his own for months
(05/19 22:10:06) DocOlanA: Just . . . watch your back and his.
(05/19 22:10:24) Andrew Eldred: I took your picture, Nick. If things go bad, I'll bring it to the funeral.
(05/19 22:10:25) Nick White: I'll try.
(05/19 22:10:31) Jazz: What time will you be going tomorrow?
(05/19 22:10:32) Nah'dneb: Oo
(05/19 22:10:33) Mitchell Palmner: Wow this is big huh?
(05/19 22:10:34) Andrew Eldred: "Last known photograph."
(05/19 22:10:36) DocOlanA: I just met him, but I like the guy. And I like you too, Nick. I'd hate for anything to happen to either of you.
(05/19 22:10:37) Leonor: I have a bad gut feeling about the whole thing, that's all.
(05/19 22:10:39) Nick White: Thanks Andrew. Really makes me feel better.
(05/19 22:10:48) Andrew Eldred: That's what I'm here for.
(05/19 22:10:49) Kam Uraki: Nick. On another note... you know any good surface shops that sell pith helmets. I miss my old one
(05/19 22:11:08) darkstar: just keep you hand close to your Relto book
(05/19 22:11:17) Nick White: No, but I'm sure some will show up around here.
(05/19 22:11:21) From StarLion in D'ni-Ae'gura: made it into the public city...nothing to report, there is absolutly NOTHING going on here
(05/19 22:11:22) Nick White: Right.
(05/19 22:11:26) Nick White: Relto.
(05/19 22:11:27) Jazz cheers
(05/19 22:11:35) Leonor: Does Cate know about this expedition?
(05/19 22:11:36) Andrew Eldred: About that time question... what time, tomorrow?
(05/19 22:11:43) Nick White: I assume.
(05/19 22:11:43) CoyoteCreed: Something wrong with Relto?
(05/19 22:11:47) Kam Uraki: Y'know. Sharper reminds me of Burt, the gun guy from Tremors.
(05/19 22:11:51) Nick White: Haven't talked to Cate in a long time.
(05/19 22:12:01) DocOlanA: You know, Kam, he kinda does.
(05/19 22:12:02) Brayden: Ahaha
(05/19 22:12:03) Nick White: Morning. Early.
(05/19 22:12:07) Mitchell Palmner: Cate is the leader, correct?
(05/19 22:12:32) darkstar: Dont suppose you want a repeat of the last time
(05/19 22:12:34) Andrew Eldred: In a manner of speaking, Palmner. She secures funds. And yells at people.
(05/19 22:12:35) Jazz: I like to know when to start worrying. lol
(05/19 22:12:35) Scarlett: scarlette?
(05/19 22:12:43) Mitchell Palmner: lol
(05/19 22:12:49) Scarlette: Nick, i was sad to hear of your dismissal :-(
(05/19 22:12:53) *Poof*

In the City - outside the pub
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(05/19 22:45:34) Keera: Nick do you know anything about the escaped predator from Negilahn?
(05/19 22:45:45) Nick White: The escaped predator?
(05/19 22:45:59) Nick White: I don't think it was ever captured.
(05/19 22:45:59) Keera: so we heard yes
(05/19 22:46:26) To Mazza: Nick is in the City
(05/19 22:46:29) Keera: ahh right
(05/19 22:46:30) Serephina: I have heard of other translations being released aside from the one you gave Thend. Do you know anything about that?
(05/19 22:46:35) From Scotsman in Scotsman's Relto: shorah all
(05/19 22:46:38) To Mazza: By the pub
(05/19 22:46:39) From Sigurd: havent seen him yet.
(05/19 22:46:43) Lontahv: Nick do you know anything about when the wall will be working.
(05/19 22:46:43) Nick White: I told the Doc I'd give him some more today.
(05/19 22:46:50) From GentleFire in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: G'night
(05/19 22:46:51) Cyron Xerrox: Why is there an anti-drc movement anyway? I mean, the DRC has made all this possible. So why being against them?
(05/19 22:46:55) From GentleFire in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: oops
(05/19 22:46:56) To Sigurd: Come to the pub - I found him
(05/19 22:47:02) Nick White: Ask them.
(05/19 22:47:14) From Caith in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: shorah, Scotsman
(05/19 22:47:15) Ad'ytum: Hello Nick, nice to finally see you in person!
(05/19 22:47:20) Keera: where do you stand in all this Nick?
(05/19 22:47:42) Nick White: Hmm... well I've got friends on the DRC.
(05/19 22:47:56) Nick White: I don't agree with everything they do but I dn't go around spouting hate either.
(05/19 22:47:59) Chloe: nick, I have been trying to track you down all afternoon. Chloe Rhodes, Uru Action News, I wondered if you've got a free minute if I could do an interview with you sometime this week. It will be painless I promise.
(05/19 22:48:24) Nick White: Sure.
(05/19 22:48:25) Aro-Ron Chynn: figures the press made it down here
(05/19 22:48:35) Lontahv: The Training Wall I know it was Victor's project but you must know sumthing.
(05/19 22:48:46) From Sigurd: TY
(05/19 22:48:47) Vixen Online: Yay Chloe
(05/19 22:49:17) Nick White: Not much any more.
(05/19 22:49:30) Nick White: A bit out of the loop.
(05/19 22:49:37) Nick White: I would bet in the next few months though.
(05/19 22:49:38) From Sigurd: Its a funny cone, isnt it?
(05/19 22:49:39) Lontahv: Aww
(05/19 22:50:04) Nick White: They were having some problems with it before I got fired.
(05/19 22:50:33) Chloe: speaking of your being fired, how does it feel to be the first person publically dismissed from the DRC?
(05/19 22:50:34) Fax Paladin: Laxman said something about a ResEng "falling" (his quotes)...
(05/19 22:50:46) Jacquet: have you gotten a new job?
(05/19 22:50:59) Nick White: Yeah I don't think it was a big deal but yeah.
(05/19 22:51:01) Lontahv: Gosh, i think the DRC needs you back.
(05/19 22:51:06) From Caith in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: Have the rocks fallen on him yet?
(05/19 22:51:06) Ad'ytum: Any chance you will be rehired? Even want too?
(05/19 22:51:09) Nick White: Feels great - thanks Chole.
(05/19 22:51:20) rivenraft: is the greater here to keep an eye on u
(05/19 22:51:47) To Caith: huh no...*me thinking I should step away from him a little*
(05/19 22:51:55) Serephina: Nick are any former DRC translators in possession of documents that you know of?
(05/19 22:51:56) From Caith in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: lol
(05/19 22:52:01) Lontahv: Any new news about Jeff Zandi?
(05/19 22:52:02) Nick White: Yes.
(05/19 22:52:02) rivenraft: Inzilbeth
(05/19 22:52:05) Nick White: Myself.
(05/19 22:52:10) From L'lee in L'lee's Nexus: Hey, Nick saying anything interesting?
(05/19 22:52:16) Ad'ytum: Anyone eles having trouble getting in to the...Museum?
(05/19 22:52:20) Serephina: other than you I meant
(05/19 22:52:20) Chloe: I don't want to sound mean Nick, but you got to admit, it was pretty harsh that they publically made an annoucement across bevins to tell people you were let go.
(05/19 22:52:28) DeAn: why are the doors stuck to the museum?
(05/19 22:52:36) Nick White: Yeah. That's Cate's way.
(05/19 22:53:15) Chloe: i take that to mean you aren't fond of Cate like Dr. Kodama.
(05/19 22:53:20) Keera: do you not get on too well with Cate, Nick?
(05/19 22:53:33) To L'lee: Not much - there was a little drama earlier when Sydney slapped him
(05/19 22:53:44) Nick White: First, I don't think Dr. Kodama has ever said that.
(05/19 22:53:46) From L'lee in L'lee's Nexus: shock.gif lolololol
(05/19 22:53:59) To L'lee: he is going on an expedition with Sharper tomorrow to find the predator in Negilahn
(05/19 22:54:04) Nick White: Second, I like Cate.
(05/19 22:54:14) Nick White: Just get a little irritated with her way sometimes.
(05/19 22:54:15) Rose: what kind of documents do you have, nick? anything you can share with us?
(05/19 22:54:20) DeAn: Even though she fired you?
(05/19 22:54:21) Nick White: All kinds of stuff.
(05/19 22:54:29) Rose: can we see?
(05/19 22:54:32) Keera: what stuff?
(05/19 22:54:37) Lontahv: Yes "Cate will drive this train and if you don't like i suggest you get off"
(05/19 22:54:38) Nick White: Cultural stuff.
(05/19 22:54:38) To L'lee: I'm logging this - so I can post it when this is done
(05/19 22:54:39) Craigmont: listening.
(05/19 22:54:40) Chloe: well he was quoted as saying "Cate's driving this train, and anyone who doesn't like it can get off" or something to that effect.
(05/19 22:54:45) Nick White: Religious stuff.
(05/19 22:54:47) From GentleFire in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: cy'all tomorrow
(05/19 22:54:49) From L'lee in L'lee's Nexus: Awsome! THanks!
(05/19 22:55:03) Aro-Ron Chynn: Hey nick, anything we can do to make you feel more at home here with the rest of us explorers?
(05/19 22:55:05) Nick White: Right, he was. But I'm not sure Dr, K doesn't like the train.
(05/19 22:55:06) Keera: care to share, Nick?
(05/19 22:55:09) Nick White: Or he would have gotten off.
(05/19 22:55:25) Nick White: I feel right at home. Thanks.
(05/19 22:55:38) Ad'ytum: Most everyone gets fired. I had a boss that fired me almost every Wednesday! No big deal
(05/19 22:55:47) Cyron Xerrox: lol
(05/19 22:55:53) Keera starts to laugh
(05/19 22:56:00) Craigmont: Are you just a regular exployer now---like us?
(05/19 22:56:20) Craigmont: Are you in touch with Yeesha?
(05/19 22:56:30) Craigmont: Dr. Watson?
(05/19 22:56:36) Chloe: Do you plan to spend some time trying to track down Phil, or Dr. Watson now that you're not a DRC member?
(05/19 22:56:40) D'rummath: Do the documents contain sensitive information that the DRC might not want explorers to know, Nick?
(05/19 22:56:40) Nick White: Is anyone in touch with Yeesha?
(05/19 22:56:41) Lontahv: Would you like to come to my Teledahn for a while Nick?
(05/19 22:56:44) Nick White: No.
(05/19 22:56:52) Nick White: Not right now Lon.
(05/19 22:57:20) From Scotsman in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: heya
(05/19 22:57:21) Craigmont: Nick, What are you goning to do.?
(05/19 22:57:31) Chloe: Nick, do you know if Syd is working with Cate to find out who was leaking their information to the explorers?
(05/19 22:57:35) Nick White: I'm going to go to Neg with Sharper tomorrow and see what happens after that.
(05/19 22:57:43) Nick White: I doubt it.
(05/19 22:57:49) Inzilbeth: please be careful
(05/19 22:57:53) Nick White: I'd be surprised if Cate were working with Syd.
(05/19 22:57:56) Nick White: On anything.
(05/19 22:58:00) Aro-Ron Chynn: how close were you and Syd?
(05/19 22:58:17) Craigmont: Then you still have access to pod worlds, Neg for instance?
(05/19 22:58:28) Sc1234freak: Where is Nick
(05/19 22:58:29) Nick White: As close as two liars can be.
(05/19 22:58:36) Ad'ytum: Who cares...Sharper is taking you to Neg? Fantastic!
(05/19 22:58:43) Chloe laughs
(05/19 22:58:45) DeAn: harsh
(05/19 22:58:51) Serephina: ouch
(05/19 22:58:59) Rose: Be careful in Neg, Nick - both you and Sharper. Are you bringing weapons?
(05/19 22:59:05) Chloe: well, I guess I don't have to ask you how ya feel about sydney.
(05/19 22:59:07) Nick White: Yeah, plenty.
(05/19 22:59:13) Ad'ytum: lol
(05/19 22:59:22) Serephina: Is Rils going to go to Negilahn again with you?
(05/19 22:59:27) Nick White: Nope, not this time.
(05/19 22:59:29) Inzilbeth: Do you have a sturdy blind built in Neg?
(05/19 22:59:38) Lontahv: Well, there was that incedent when the explorer asked Yeesha to come and talk or something like that. And she came to Sil-o-wet's bevin.
(05/19 22:59:41) Nick White: Sharper does, yeah. Very nice one.
(05/19 22:59:46) Inzilbeth: that's good
(05/19 22:59:59) Ad'ytum: Will you be able to take pictures?
(05/19 23:00:11) Ad'ytum: Can we see them?
(05/19 23:00:15) Fax Paladin: I/sit
(05/19 23:00:21) Jacquet: ooo yes, take some picts!
(05/19 23:00:25) Ad'ytum: I have a video camera you can use
(05/19 23:00:30) Keera: dont mind... we could get out early for a change...well i say midnight
(05/19 23:00:49) Chloe: nIck, if you don't mind my asking, why were you talking with Sydney and the ADM, certainly you must have noticed she was slightly...well...unstable I guess you could call it.
(05/19 23:01:06) Nick White: I don't think I realized it.
(05/19 23:01:15) Craigmont: Nick, When will the link to Minkata be available to us?
(05/19 23:01:22) Nick White: Not sure.
(05/19 23:01:26) Aro-Ron Chynn: Hey Nick, did you help out in the Minkata restoration at all before... well.... before you got fired?
(05/19 23:01:30) Nick White: Haven't heard.
(05/19 23:01:32) Cyron Xerrox is sorta bummed...
(05/19 23:01:38) Nick White: Yes I did.
(05/19 23:01:51) Aro-Ron Chynn: what kind of stuff can we expect?
(05/19 23:02:00) Nick White: Desert.
(05/19 23:02:02) Nick White: Big.
(05/19 23:02:05) Sc1234freak: how big is it
(05/19 23:02:12) Nick White: You get lost in it.
(05/19 23:02:21) Inzilbeth: sounds interesting
(05/19 23:02:29) Nick White: It is.
(05/19 23:02:41) Nick White: Guild of Cartographers used the thing.
(05/19 23:02:47) Lagrider: Minkata should be available Thursday with the release party, shouldn't it?
(05/19 23:02:47) Aro-Ron Chynn: Laxman was talking about the Bahro being there already, you seen anything?
(05/19 23:02:51) Ad'ytum: Where can I get breadcrumbs?
(05/19 23:02:52) Nick White: I translated some number for you all before I was fired.
(05/19 23:03:04) Lontahv: Any idea what it was used for before the fall?
(05/19 23:03:13) Nick White: Bahro evidence.
(05/19 23:03:16) Craigmont: Nick, Is it like payiferen
(05/19 23:03:17) Nick White: Training.
(05/19 23:03:20) Nick White: You'll see.
(05/19 23:03:31) Inzilbeth: can't wait
(05/19 23:03:37) Serephina: What is the DRC policy on translations being released by former employees? Is the DRC aware you have translations?
(05/19 23:03:43) Lontahv: Mantainer training?
(05/19 23:03:48) Chloe: Nick, this may be a bit touchy, but did you find any info about ages like Rebek during your stint as a translator. Info we don't know at this point?
(05/19 23:03:51) Nick White: Probably - they aren't stpuid.
(05/19 23:03:57) Nick White: Yeah.
(05/19 23:04:17) Inzilbeth: can you share any of that info with us?
(05/19 23:04:20) Sc1234freak: Can you tell us
(05/19 23:04:21) Nick White: I think Cartographer training.
(05/19 23:04:27) Nick White: I suppose.
(05/19 23:04:31) Nick White: Like what?
(05/19 23:04:36) Lontahv: Thank you.
(05/19 23:05:02) Chloe: Well, its rumored that the bahro slavery went on there. Do you know how far back that slavery went?
(05/19 23:05:21) Nick White: Slavery/hunting.
(05/19 23:05:41) Nick White: Not too far back. There was a pretty smart creature there as well.
(05/19 23:05:52) Ad'ytum: Hunting?
(05/19 23:05:54) Nick White: I'm trying to remember here but I think they hunted them first.
(05/19 23:05:58) Sc1234freak: what
(05/19 23:06:00) D'rummath: What kind of creature?
(05/19 23:06:05) Vixen Online: what Creature?
(05/19 23:06:10) Nick White: Big thing.
(05/19 23:06:14) Lontahv: And are there still Bahro traped there?
(05/19 23:06:18) Nick White: smart.
(05/19 23:06:24) From Mazza in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: last i checked
(05/19 23:06:24) Vixen Online: Can it communicate?
(05/19 23:06:30) Nick White: I don't think Rebek was ever a big Bahro Age.
(05/19 23:06:32) Chloe: do you think it may be connected to the creature killing things in the Pod ages?
(05/19 23:06:34) Nick White: They aren't alive anymore.
(05/19 23:06:40) Nick White: Haven't been for a long time.
(05/19 23:06:53) Nick White: No.
(05/19 23:07:05) Vixen Online: No to what?
(05/19 23:07:11) Nick White: Not connected.
(05/19 23:07:22) Serephina: Were the Bahro here before the D'ni?
(05/19 23:07:32) Vixen Online: Can the smart creature communicate?
(05/19 23:07:33) Mobius: where is everyone?!?! lol
(05/19 23:07:39) Nick White: Man, I have no idea. That's going back a long time.
(05/19 23:07:46) Nick White: It could I"m sure.
(05/19 23:07:49) Craigmont: Nick are the Bahro related to the slaves in Terahnee?
(05/19 23:07:58) Andrew Eldred: An excellent question.
(05/19 23:08:07) Vixen Online: What did the smart creature say?
(05/19 23:08:15) Nick White: The Unknown?
(05/19 23:08:20) Chloe: there's been speculation by a lot of the explorers that the D'ni's ability to link, is directly connected to the bahro's similar native abilities. Has anything in your research turned up a correlation between them. Like the D'ni learning how to link from the bahro?
(05/19 23:08:29) Nick White: Vixen the smart creature died long before we got there. I don't know what it said.
(05/19 23:08:39) Vixen Online: Ty nick
(05/19 23:08:58) Nick White: Possibly. The D'ni didn't write much about the Bahro - that was a weird relationship.
(05/19 23:09:01) Vixen Online: Hard to follow the conversation I apoligze
(05/19 23:09:13) Lontahv: The ancient writing of the D'ni does look sortof like the Bahro scrachings.
(05/19 23:09:14) Nick White: Not a problem.
(05/19 23:09:32) Inzilbeth: Do you think the DRC will ever allow us into Rebek?
(05/19 23:09:35) Nick White: Alright, time for me to move along.
(05/19 23:09:42) Nick White: I hope - it's a cool spot.
(05/19 23:09:49) Nick White: One of my favorites.
(05/19 23:09:51) Lagrider: Thanks for the talk, Nick
(05/19 23:09:52) Cyron Xerrox: Bye Nick, it has been nice to meet you
(05/19 23:09:53) Vixen Online: i'm glad you stayed in the carvern Nick!
(05/19 23:09:54) Fax Paladin: Thanks, Nick. Good luck tomorrow...
(05/19 23:09:55) Serephina: Thank you Nick
(05/19 23:09:55) Cyron Xerrox waves hello
(05/19 23:09:55) Chloe smiles to andrew
(05/19 23:09:58) Inzilbeth: Thanks Nick
(05/19 23:10:00) Lontahv: Thanks
(05/19 23:10:02) Ad'ytum: Thanks Nick\
(05/19 23:10:04) Nick White: Later.
(05/19 23:10:06) Rose: Watch you back nick
(05/19 23:10:06) Nick White waves hello

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Thanks, Inzilbeth. thumbsup.gif

Since Nick is no longer with the DRC, I plan to put future sightings of him in this sightings subforum.

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that was my other option - perhaps the mods would like to move it there

Cheerz all!


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I would say, wait and see... Maybe because Nick will be helping Sharper in Negilahn, who knows the DRC might take him back shock.gif

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QUOTE (Ayli @ May 19 2007, 03:19 PM) *
who knows the DRC might take him back shock.gif

If he lives to tell the tale! lmao.gif

He also mentioned the "smart creature." shock.gif

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