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Full Version: Favourites.
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What's your favourite food &/or drink?

I like:

Chocolate clapping.gif Fair Trade Milk Chocolate. Now that's something special.

Cranberry juice clapping.gif Really refreshing, & also quite healthy.

Hmmmm, I have to agree with you on the chocolate part, Ethy! 'cept for the "milk" part, you got it right! bleh.gif

Dark chocolate and Diet Vanilla Coke with Sonic ice (but not together! Chocky must have MILK with it!)
drink? coffee of course
food? that is the hard one
i will need to think on it
if i posted the food now it would be a long list
I'll have to say coffee is my favorite drink too.

I like just about every kind of food I can think of, but since I mentioned coffee, I'll have to choose something sweet to go with it. Hmmmm... A nice big piece of chocolate cake, or maybe a Peanut Buster parfait from Dairy Queen. Oh Yea... That'll do thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

I think I'm gaining weight just thinking about it. lmao.gif lmao.gif
Lime Juice


(not together, that's nasty he he)
i couldn't just think of one food
so here is my list of my top favorites
(in no particular order)

fried okra
sliced tomato
chicken fried steak/w gravy
biscuits and gravy
grits/w bacon bits and butter
blackberry cobbler
biscuits/w blackberry jam and sausage
carrot sticks
banana and peanut butter sandwich

there is more
but that's good for now
Rex Havoc
Fired Okra? That's not the slimy kind, is it? yucky.gif

Hmmm, this is hard!!

Lasagna (I have a killer recipe)

Hmm, drinks are hard, I'm not picky...

Jamoca Shakes (Coffee & Choc) from Arby's are good
Juices of all kinds, including cranberry, are always welcome!
can't think of anything I don't like

So hard to say.

just put me down for anything that doesn't crawl off my plate
Depending on my mood, my favorite drink and food are something different. I enjoy most drinks and most food. Glick.gif
don't worry rex
fried okra is not slimy
i don't like slimy things

juice is a good pick
people who know me well would have no difficulty to find out what i like best to eat and drink :

Windy RedOak
ice cream icecream.gif
Rex Havoc
ice cream & Brownies!!!
clapping.gif !!Chocolate Cookies!! clapping.gif
Rex Havoc
Molasses Cookies!! Glick.gif
Hmm....My favorite drink would have to be....

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Decaffeinated Tea.

Just kidding. It's coffee and any type of coffee drink and or food.

Favorite food?

Spaghetti, Salad, and Lemon Chicken. You can never go wrong with that combination, ever.

And a side dish of roasted knight in a can is always good to offset the flavor of the lemon.
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