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Full Version: Surprising Result Of Our Expedition
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A short review of our independent Gahreesen exploratory expeditions.
(as we will post on the UO and GoG forums)

In one of our exploratory expeditions we came across an interesting phenomena in the Gahreesen training center. In the yellow display/suite room. At the far end of the room there is a mechanism of unknown purpose: a thick tube-like gadget hanging vertically over a small circular platform, with a big green light on its front side. This mechanism seemed to be fully inactive during our previous visits to this place. In a static state. However, this is not the case. Our first accidental observation has been later verified on several occasions and by several different explorers. This mechanism comes into operation when someone links into the Gahreesen Age. The tube-like structure has noticeable telescopic or bellows-like construction: the instant another explorer links into Gahreesen, the tube moves up and down for several seconds. Fortunately we could take several photographs on this interesting action:

Here you can download and see the images in larger format and higher resolution: image1, image2

Any further information on the purpose and use of this machine would be greatly appreciated. It is probably connected to the maintainers' suit nearby. Note a very similar tube-like machine can be seen in the central floor of the training center, as seen from the windows of the control rooms.

Many thanks to all of the explorers taking part in the elucidation of this mystery machine found in the display/suite room.


Norfren, Kami, An'nie, Stephanie Wilcox, AcidArrow, and Daníni
Kaiser Sol
Well .. probably wrong, but I thought it was the device for being fitted with a maintainers suit.
That is what I keep trying to do with it anyway. I REALLY want to try one of those on.
I'm pretty sure that's the device to put the maintainer's suit on. I think it's cool that you found out you could 'open' it! cool.gif

I think that you're supposed to slide down the tube and as you're sliding, the suit automatically gets put on. huh.gif
Very interesting observation, Snerticus. I think the other mechanisms in the Age put the Maintainers Suit on and this devide will link you to the training center. That's just a guess, but that's what I guess. We won't know for sure until the DRC investigates more.

Neat find.
- Deg -
Then there's Mr. Button....the device that looks like a fat torso with lit buttons on it. Who do we call that thing? Jeeves?
QUOTE (Corona @ Dec 26 2003, 09:52 PM)
Then there's Mr. Button....the device that looks like a fat torso with lit buttons on it. Who do we call that thing? Jeeves?

If you mean the guy in the corner of that room, I'd say that's a "Weirdo" Maintainer's Suit. It looks NOTHING like the real ones if you ask me huh.gif

Let's call him, Mr. Shiny suit! laugh.gif
I think it's something to do with putting on the maintainer suits and going into the Training Centre, too. Maybe some sort of puzzle or competition. Or maybe a bounce-off with the Pislbury dough boy.
I think I heard something about it being a game. One avatar opens some door or the shaft below the tube. Then the other avatar leaps down the shaft and gets the suit put on them. Then I think the avatar with the suit goes through this wall or something and has to find an exit or something.
I was there with Ashkar and some others...... We linked in and he tried jumping in it, but it didn't work down.gif
I noticed upon closing of the mecanism, the little shaft opens up. I think it was used as a device to put the suit on as well, but i think you stand there first. Then when someone comes in, it will pull you up, then suit you up, set you back down, and drop you down the shaft. Next time you watch it open, check the little shaft.
Yeah, once ephonk, Santa, and I were in Santa's Gahreesen, and he said that he heard an odd noise when I linked in. So yeah, I guess that was the suit machine going up.
I think it's an elevator, because when you are in one of the other rooms, you can see the exit of the elevator downstairs! I thik it has something to do with the >not yet activated< mini-game.
FooFoo McGoo
I've also noticed (well, we've also noticed) that, when somebody links in, the control boards also activate for a few seconds - little green lines race down the board. It reminds me of a "Go" gameboard, or perhaps "Battleship".

If you stand at the winodw of the conference room, I believe you can see where the tube in the suit room comes out. It is also lit with a green light. But, as you say, it probably isn't activated yet. We had a group over there once of 15 people and couldn't get it going...
QUOTE (FooFoo McGoo @ Jan 17 2004, 11:52 AM)
If you stand at the winodw of the conference room, I believe you can see where the tube in the suit room comes out.

Yeah - I've seen that also. I also think it's the tube. I think this since it looks similar to the suit machines we can see in the suit rooms.
Have you seen the control room panel? It has little squares on it and a red gem-like button at the top of it? I'll get a pic soon. Well when you click it nothing happens... Yet. But when someone links in. WOW!!!!! The little squares start blikning in order from left to right and go the next line when they reach the end of the first and.... Well you have to see it. It's hard to describe... I'm sorry. Try it though!!!! It's awesome!!!
Interesting. I'll need to try it sometime.

Actualllly, I AM planning on doing it! We'll try experimenting with it more very soon!
Click here for more details on my plan!!
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