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Full Version: After The Prison Cell
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I got through the prison cells just fine, but now i'm a dock sort of place and can't seem to find anywhere to go. The yellow door doesn't open, and I can't reach the ladder above the ledge with the journey. I tried to get around to the ramp with the gun, but the bridge is down. Where can I go next?

Thanks in advance
Yellow door?

'Where is that located," Tink asked curiously, head tipped a bit to one side . . .
just like Ole Houndog when he thinks he hears a "gonna get to chase the raccoon" opportunity.

*runs off to that seaside shroom tower to check out the color of all the doors*
hey, well i don't quite get where you are exactly... but íf i'm correct, you are beyond the prison cells... then over the bridge up the stairs and then you get to another mushroom with a door and a lot of boxes outside??

Click here to view a spoiler.

i hope i answered your question, if not... then be more specific about your problem and maybe i can help anyway! good luck!!

* Added spoiler tags to protect the innocent
Hello mizz . While I can appreciate your willingness to help , please try to keep the all out spoilers for the spoiler section . This is actually the hints and tips section . Additionally you can put all out spoilers inside of a spoiler tag by clicking on the button named spoiler above the message box you type in , typing in what you have to say , and then clicking on the button named spoiler again to close the tags .

Again , I am not trying to discourage you from posting , but merely giving you a heads up .

BTW - a spoiler box would look like this :

Click here to view a spoiler.
Mizz -
Yeah, that's exactly where I am. It just looked like a dock the first time I was there. biggrin.gif The problem I'm having is that the door won't open. And I can't find a switch anywhere!
Timaro , the door should open when you click on it . If it doesnt you may have a bug . Where you able to click the journey up on the ledge ?

If the door doesnt open after you leave the age and come back ( or quit the gane and restart ) , you may have to try and reset the age .

To do this you would click the tab under your Teledahn book in your Relto bookshelf . The book should slide back in the shelf . You will then find it back out in the pillar . Just go back to the pillar and reopen it . You will have to redo any puzzles you have completed doing this , but you should retain your journey cloth progress .
blush.gif Um... yah, I just did that.

Not 2 minutes after my last post i clicked it and it opened...

Sometimes the hardest things in Myst are the easy things. laugh.gif

Thanks for the help guys, next time I'll try to get stuck on an actual PUZZLE.
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