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Full Version: Teledahn
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Help! I'm sitting at the control panel, after being dumped out of the bucket. And I have pulled the center lever and nothing happened.

some times you must look around to see the answers. whistling.gif
Are you certain nothing happened? How did the lever react? Did it move slowly or quickly? Did you notice any correlation between the buttons on the control panel and things in other areas? Maybe you should backtrack to all of the places you have been and make sure that, in fact, nothing happened?

Oh, and Welcome to the Guild of Greeters, bbsid!
Welcome to the GoG, bbsid. biggrin.gif

I just noticed that others have already offered some suggestions so I won't post my thoughts yet. If you need more help, just ask, folks around here can be very friendly and helpful.


If you clicked the button on the RIGHT first,
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the water-drain lever in the middle will not work. Try un-clicking the button on the RiGHT to see if ths does the trick. Button on the RIGHT must be aiming left for the water to drain.

The other buttons may also affect this, but not sure...


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QUOTE (TheGamer @ Jul 20 2006, 12:26 AM) *
some times you must look around to see the answers. whistling.gif

Thank you all for your replies.

I got the original Myst back in the early/mid 90s, Best game ever! I've upgraded/built a new computer so that I could get all that I could get from this game. Myst and the sequels got me to build a computer with a faster CPU and I ended up getting a good.....not card. Thinking about upgrading again. This video card drags at time.

It's been a while since I've tackled Ages, so decided to start over with new player. Thought it would help to remind me where I was. I've tried using the Walk-throughs....haven't really needed them up to this point.

Still stuck but think I'm just going to look around and enjoy the journey. But would like to get the water out so I can go downstairs.

I'll go upstairs and look around for a while.
Sean Luimneach
tried this?

William H. Maier
Just a thought,
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does all the water really drain out confused1.gif Something to think about shock.gif
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