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Full Version: Who Said Men Weren't Coordinated?
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I found this and thought it was really clever.....not sure the F'ni Farm is the right place for it, but here it is anyway biggrin.gif
clapping.gif That was great thumbsup.gif

But you forgot to post the link to the first rehearsal wink3.gif
shock.gif Woooot! Those were a hoot! laugh.gif Enjoyed those a lot; but my question is this.....How did you find them and how much time did you waste sitting there looking for them? confused1.gif Inquiring minds want to we can do the same thing..... cool.gif
laugh.gif Mine came as a link in an email a friend sent me biggrin.gif
Major coolness! Totally schweeeeeeeet!

Darn wow for degrading my responces...

Anyway, nice find! I watched the other vids and whatnot and decided I <3 them, so my other machine is downloading them off of iTunes. I knew I was keeping that unused gift card around for somethin! (I pay for my iTunes with the $15, $25, $50 cards that I get at Target so that I don't over download/spend, something dad has learned with getting his iPod.)

I can see me jamming out to this on my way to work tomorrow!
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