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Full Version: Help Wanted!
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Lord Chaos
From: Lord Chaos, Princeps Convector Felium
To: All GoG readers
Subject: Catering the Rooftop Party


Essjay, our honored and regular caterer, is currently unable to join us in the Cavern due to other commitments. I know that catering of her standard is hard to accomplish, but is there anyone here who'd care to provide food for the starving dancers at the Rootop Party?

You supply the menu, food and necessary equipment. We'll help you carry everything in. Please rescue us from unimaginative things like soggy pizza and bagels, which is about all we've had.

We also need drinks. Lady Chaos is partial to Hop Ottin' IPA (India Pale Ale), and Kelm likes some weird British beer whose name I've forgotten. Everyone likes tea, and OMJ will drink a case of RC cola.

Thank you for your help.

And a side note for Ghaelen and Zam: I know you don't like PMs... but I need to know who's going to show up. Can you give me a hint of your plans? Pretty please... with chocolate on it?
--(signed) Lord C haos
William H. Maier
As I was reading this Help Wanted post, Guido happen to stop by my house and was looking over my shoulder. All of a sudden he flew in to a rage and shouted "WHAT UNIMAGINATIVE SOGGY PIZZA" ranting.gif verymad.gif I have only brought the best "NEW YORK PIZZA" that can be made, that is gratitude for you, and stomped out of the house. Just thought you ought to know LC. Have a great day shock.gif lmao.gif
Lord Chaos
Oh, boy. That's all I need; No caterer... and Guido mad at me. Maybe I should just call the whole thing off.

Tell Guido that I apologize... but the pizza is always soggy by the time I finally get a chance to eat any. Party management is no picnic.

Oh, I know what to do! I'll serve oatmeal! It's healthy, flavorful, and simple. Yep. Come on up to Tokotah Rooftop for ALL YOU CAN EAT OATMEAL!!! I'd better make a lot because there'll be a horde of people wanting in on the deal.
William H. Maier
Guido came back after he cooled off, and accepts your apology. He never knew that the pizza was always soggy by the time you finally get a chance to eat any, because he was trying to be a good host and disco ball.

But he said to tell you that soggy pizza will never again be a problem on The Roof. He is having Stephano drop everything he is doing and is to install a pizza oven and a complete pizza making facility behind the food table. He has employed his long time friend and the best pizza maker on the lower East Side of NYC, Vinnie Vermicelli, to be on duty starting this Friday and every Roof party in the future, so the pizza will always be hot and fresh thumbsup.gif . The tab for all the food will be picked up by Guido. Oh by the way, the mentioning of oatmeal sick.gif spurred Guido into action. He said the cooler will have some of that as he calls it cheap ale Hop Ottin' IPA (India Pale Ale) in it along with other beverages. He hopes this will take the pressure off you and you can get a refund for the oatmeal you bought lmao.gif
My Dear LC
Just to remind you of the name that seem's to be difficult for you to remember .

Theakstone's Old Perculiar thumbsup.gif

How about some Garlic Bread that's the future i've tasted it wacko.gif
Rex Havoc
Pop Corn would be nice too. The Bahro like it, as well, so after party clean up is a snap!
Lord Chaos
Thank you, OMJ. Wow. A real pizza oven. Are we sure the generator down on the Second Landing has enough power to run it?

On another note... anyone here want to buy a truckload of McCann's Irish Oatmeal? Uncooked? I'd be wiling to do a trade for popcorn. If the trade works out, Rex, you'll need to bring your Coleman stove and a popper.

Theakstone's. That's right. OMJ, do you think Guido can find some of this stuff? Sorry I forgot, Kelm, but you were so excited by the Chicken Truckers that you forgot to complain about the lack of your particular peculiar ale, so I wasn't reminded. Again. smile.gif

Garlic bread. I think we can handle that. Kelm, are you willing to peel the garlic cloves for us? And we'll need fresh parsley, too. And Romano cheese, I think. Vinnie might need some help with assembly.
William H. Maier
Just got a call from Guido, to inform me that Vinnie went up to the Roof to check things out and believes there will be no problem setting up shop. As he was closing the steam vents and had to jump to the one in the middle of the lava he had a great idea as how to get the ovens to work without taxing the generators. He is having a meeting with Stephano as to how to divert the heat from the lava pit to the ovens on the roof shock.gif Vinnie also said to tell you that he will bring enough supplies to make any Italian dish the party goers may want and the garlic bread is not a problem, as he will bake the bread on the premises.( Nothing cold and soggy at this party lmao.gif ) (There will be no menu to ki in that Vinnie does not know how to get it into his ki to send it confused1.gif )

By the way Guido said he discovered a truck load of that English Beer "Theakstone's Old Perculiar " in a warehouse in Jersey City, which the owner of owes him some money, so he took the truck load of beer for payment. Now Kelm will not be able to complain bash.gif . As for the truckload of McCann's Irish Oatmeal, Guido will take it off your hands as he knows of an Irish Orphanage which is running low on food as we speak. I hope this removes some of the pressure you have been having to deal with this week.

Have a good day will keep in touch
I will show up with giant chocolate cakes yay.gif
Many thank's to Guido for repattreating the lorry load of THEAKSTONES .I have finished peeling the Garlic cry.gif and now blending the parsley,garlic and real butter ready to spread onto the bread .If the pizza oven is working i will use that to melt the garlic butter into the bread so it will be hot and fresh on the night. I have also spoken to Fred the fish fryer . He say's he will be able to supply fresh Deep fried fish and chip's (fries) wrap in the cavern gazette .

P.S. I managed to collect a few chicken's from the last Trucker's accident with the bridge so we can also have roasted chicken
I'll be there, just don't know when. Now that my Real Life engine has revved up, I have meeeeetingsssss (I love meetings, LC, and think we should have lots of them.) One is on Friday am, which means it may extend into Friday afternoon. down.gif I'll know more by Thursday. So, if there are any hosts who can be there with Zam for first shift, it might be a good idea to trade shifts or take over for me.

BTW, glad to see the chefs are cooking. Yum. thumbsup.gif
Lord Chaos
Catering looks good. Check.

Hosting also looks good.
We'll have Zam and newcomer Greg on the early shift, plus Ghaelen unless she decides her meeting is more fun than the party..
Oldmanjob and MysterExile3 on the mid shift.
Lady Chaos, Slygon and Llial for the late shift. LC might get a dinner break this time!

Well, gang, I think we have ourselves a

I wish I could be there but I'll be at the beach with 6 girls and 1 boy ranging in age from 7-27. (Bet they think I'll be there to cook for them but I'm going to keep that young man out of harms arms) I sure wish you'd save me a bowl of oatmeal. I like it with cinnamon and raisins.
yay i got metioned (as the newcomer Greg clapping.gif clapping.gif ) can we have cheese sticks too? i can make them. i'll make the menu too if somebody will pm me the menu, also can we get a tanker of coke, i can get it from my cellar in the pub but i might need some help carrying it up.

ISome of the burden has been lifted

I am Greg
I am the bartender/host

(sorry had to do the PotS refrence)

(also i can bartend for our geusts that are at or above the drinking age [depends on country think])
Welcome, Greg! Glad to have you on a board, er, on the bar.... thumbsup.gif

The roof's been needing a bartender. Yay! I like Buzet wine, please. You'll have to import it from France, near where Zam lives. Can you do that by Friday? I would be ever so grateful!

And don't forget to dance! laugh.gif
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