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This Topic is based on the British Television Series, entitled "Room 101", hosted by Comedian Paul Merton. It's a Comedy Series in which Celebrities are invited to explain "Items" that they really hate, and to try to persuade the Host to banish them to Room 101, never to return.

So, the idea of this Topic is that you list your pet hates here, explain why you've chosen them, and the person who Posts beneath you can act as the Judge, and decide what goes into Room 101, and what doesn't.

Here's my List of Items:

1. My new Shoes because they've been rubbing and now I have Blisters. down.gif

2. Having Mouth Ulcers. They're just annoying and painful. down.gif

3. My inability to keep my Bedroom tidy. It's just so irritating because it means I can never find anything. blush.gif

4. Spiders. They take me by suprise, and I don't like the way they scuttle about all over the place. yucky.gif down.gif
1. The shoes will stay, cause once you wear them in, they'll fit like a glove (wear extra socks wink3.gif ).

2. Ulcers can go, since many people have them and they serve no purpose other than to make you wish you didn't have ulcers.

3. Room untidiness is a must because that is the only way mothers can tell if their son's have been home or not.

4. I hate to say this, since I hate spiders to the fullest extent of the word hate, just before becoming loathe, but spiders must stay as well sin without them we would be complaining more often about all the other insects.


1. I hate micro-managers and believe they should be banished to the bowels of Room 101. They are always badgering you and telling you how you have to do it this way even though you have always done it that way, which has always worked before, but s/he won't have any of it and is just looking for new ways to trim down the staff so you better just watch your step mister!

2. Bad drivers. I don't think there is much to be said except the talking points. A: Accidents B: Bare misses C: Collisions D: Deaths. That about sums them up.

3. Microsoft. I might use Windows, and I might like Windows, but there have been too many times I've been sorely tempted to clean my Windows with a half-brick.
1. Micro-Managers can go into Room 101 because they sound so grotesque. yucky.gif

2. Bad Drivers can also go in because of the reasons stated. clapping.gif

3. Microsoft Windows can stay out of Room 101 because otherwise I wouldn't be able to continue writing this Post, otherwise. Sorry. down.gif

Here's my List:

1. Cockroaches. I just hate the way they're so sneaky, and always seem to get somewhere when you don't notice, and you've tried so hard to prevent them from being there. yucky.gif

2. People who take Recreational Drugs. If they know the consequences, then they're really really stupid for still doing it. If they don't know the consequences , then they are really really stupid for not researching what they're putting into themselves. bash.gif
1. cockroaches are DEFINITELY going to room 101, because they are harbingers of disease and will no doubt outlast nuclear winter. AND they must stand in the corner in room 101, because of their filthy, naughty ways.
2. the people who use recreational drugs will NOT go to room 101. i think society is stuck in a loop of just "getting rid of people who offend us", so the people can stay. HOWEVER, the drugs that those people would use recreationally WILL be banished to room 101. (this does NOT include drugs that are necessary for some people to get by, and which are prescribed appropriately by a medical doctor).


1. cigarettes (they have single-handedly been responsible for the deaths of several of my very close family members).
2. spam snail mail. it uses up room in my mailbox and is a tremendous WASTE of paper, trees, etc.
3. hummers sold publicly. there is no need for this gargantuan monstrosity of machinery on the narrow streets of los angeles and other cities. just because the gropinator owns a dozen of them doesn't mean that everyone else should run out and buy them up. they are energy inefficient and they are hazardous on narrow streets. in los angeles alone, hundreds of reports of side-swiped cars and missing rear-view mirrors have been attributed to the driving on streets of these grotesque masses of steel.
Cigarettes can go into Room 101, as can Spam Snail Mail. I don't live in America, but it sounds quite bad, so Hummers can go in, too.

Here's my List:

1. McDonald's. I've watched the Film "Super Size Me" and that was SO disgusting. Also, it's getting to the point whereby you can't go anywhere without finding a McDonald's conveniently located somewhere nearby.

2. Red Bull. I've seen too many people drink too many of those and then collapse. Not a pleasant sight.
1. McDonald's will, regretablly for most people, will remain out of Room 101. If I gorge myself on any food, I would likely wind up like that nut on "Super Size Me". The key points people must remember are: Self-restrain, moderation, and sensibility. If you don't need to eat that much, DON'T!

Also, as a side point, if you spill coffee in you lap, don't be suprised that it will be hot. Naturally, fresh brew coffee will be hot.

2. Red Bull can go in because I see no reason for people to drink "energy" drinks, and those commercial get on my nerves, and the collapsing thing Etheldred mentioned.


1. Bacterica, viruses, and diseases.

2. Chiquaquas. They bark at everything, bite everything, are scared of everything, and are only useful as footballs.

3. Barney. There are good children shows, there are bad children shows, and there are his.
1. Without Bacteria, Diseases and Viruses, we wouldn't have an excuse for a day off Work, Oh I'm SO Ill, I couldn't possibly come in today". They have to stay out. down.gif

2. All Animals are here for a reason, so Chiquaquas have to stay out, too.

3. YES. Barney is just too irritating for words.


1. Nail Varnish/Polish. It's just SO incredibly tacky. In MY opinion, anyway.

2. Wallpaper. What a way to waste Trees. Paint is much better.

3. South Park. I think it's SO purile.

4. Mustard. Yuck. yucky.gif
1. No, nail polish will have to stay out. If I put it in there, the majority of the world population would burn me at the stake! (It isn't like I was purposefully irritating them!)

2. ...I tried to think of a reason to keep it out... INTO ROOM 101 YOU GO, WALLPAPER! (I mean, come on! It looks tacky as all ERMPH-UMP-ERM-ERMPH!)

3. Sorry, I just like South Park. I see it just like I see some of my mum's show (Like Queer As Folk): If you don't want to watch it, just change to another channel, or in my case, walk into another room when the Q.A.F. theme song comes on.

4. Mustard. Sorry, but a Dagwood just isn't a Dagwood without Mustard.


Please put these in Room 101 beg.gif

1. Gangster Rap. I can only take so much before I want to turn the rappers lyrics on his own homie self. I mean, seeriously, how can anybody like to listen to songs about popping caps and [bleep] and [bleep] and [bleep] and slapping [bleep] and...

2. Cucumbers. They are the only thing that ruins my Jelly Belly experience.
1. Gangster Rap is definately in Room 101. yucky.gif

2. Cucumbers are healthy, and as a Vegan, all Vegetables are essential for me. Sorry.


1. Please put Mobile Telephones into Room 101. I hate the idea that people are so addicted to those things, and all the Radiation they generate isn't good for Society or the Environment.

2. Gas Cookers. They just use up all the Natural Resources,and damage the Earth.

3. All the programs about Detox, What Not To Eat, and all the other Junk like that that they broadcast. I can't really see the point of them, other than to scare people.

4. People with absolutely no respect for Culture. Like the people who live in Old Housing, and have to do things like rip out the lovely Sash Windows to put in Plastic monstrosities. If you live in a nice old house, you should have the decency decorate it with a style in keeping to what suits the place.
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