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Full Version: End Of Game
Guild of Greeters > Ages of Myst (including all Myst games and related media) > Puzzle/Gameplay Help > Myst V: End of Ages
I take the tablet and I
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give it to Yeesha - but, she doesn't have it! It has reappeared in the Keep, locked into place. And Yeesha just shakes her head, walks away, and links out.

Did I do something wrong? I tried the other way, just to be sure I hadn't made the wrong choice, but it was obvious my first decision was the better one. But was it the best one? confused1.gif confused1.gif confused1.gif

I am very disatisfied at this point. angry.gif
As always, there is more than one way to skin a rekoo...

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giving control of an intelligent, scentient race to someone else
the best idea? It appears that you thought
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you had only two choices...
are you certain of this? Maybe rethink that and try again? wink3.gif Third time lucky?
What a fool I've been! Yes, I've viewed this as only two choices, forgeting
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there are THREE players here. I just couldn't think of a way to deliver the tablet to the third player. When in frustration I dropped it and walked away,

Gig 'em!
clapping.gif thumbsup.gif clapping.gif thumbsup.gif clapping.gif
bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif bleh.gif
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