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(12/20 12:04:32) K'Huunah: shorah, victor
(12/20 12:04:38) Victor Laxman waves
(12/20 12:04:39) ireenquench: I did Cleft and Kadish thats all
(12/20 12:04:40) Linkin' Imp: Hello victor
(12/20 12:04:42) K'Huunah waves
(12/20 12:04:48) Kam Uraki: Laxman!
(12/20 12:04:52) ireenquench: Hi Victor
(12/20 12:04:57) Kam Uraki grovels before him
(12/20 12:04:58) ireenquench: care to talk?
(12/20 12:05:07) Linkin' Imp waves
(12/20 12:05:13) Victor Laxman waves
(12/20 12:05:21) gelf waves
(12/20 12:05:27) Kam Uraki: Keeping busy, Dr.
(12/20 12:05:37) Victor Laxman: Just making some inpections. Checking for damage.
(12/20 12:05:45) Victor Laxman: Hoping to get some things working again.
(12/20 12:05:55) Linkin' Imp: Goodie
(12/20 12:06:02) Victor Laxman: How is everything going today?
(12/20 12:06:11) Linkin' Imp: Fine thank you
(12/20 12:06:11) K'Huunah: good, so far
(12/20 12:06:12) ireenquench: Did you take the telescope away? Or was that one of the inexplicable "subtle changes" caused by the incident?
(12/20 12:06:14) Kam Uraki: Well, same as usual.
(12/20 12:06:21) gelf: fine the place seems a bit bare though
(12/20 12:06:33) Kam Uraki: How would the DRC take all the telescopes?
(12/20 12:06:37) Kam Uraki: And why?
(12/20 12:06:41) Victor Laxman: After the odd occurances yesterday, we're trying to be careful.
(12/20 12:06:42) Kam Uraki: I doubt it was them
(12/20 12:06:58) Linkin' Imp: But, why the scope
(12/20 12:07:08) Victor Laxman: You never know what kind of damage a telescope can cause. smile.gif
(12/20 12:07:12) K'Huunah: LOL
(12/20 12:07:15) Linkin' Imp: Haha
(12/20 12:07:23) Whilyam: Shorah, Dr. Laxman!
(12/20 12:07:37) Victor Laxman: I think the imagers should be fixed soon. Was yours working?
(12/20 12:07:38) ireenquench: You think a telescope and water in the fountain is dangerous?
(12/20 12:07:39) Kam Uraki: Bahro are sure noisy
(12/20 12:08:11) Kam Uraki: Hey Dr. a quick question
(12/20 12:08:20) Whilyam: I haven't seen any imagers around here. So I don't know, Victor
(12/20 12:08:26) K'Huunah: me either
(12/20 12:08:36) Whilyam: They were working yesterday
(12/20 12:08:38) Victor Laxman: The imagers by the balcony?
(12/20 12:08:39) Kam Uraki: Has anyone at the DRC tried to learn the Bahro language
(12/20 12:08:52) Kam Uraki: Yeah
(12/20 12:08:59) DonnaDillon: Hello everyone in URU Obsession hood
(12/20 12:09:03) ireenquench: None in my hood, besides in the classroom, but no message on it.
(12/20 12:09:04) K'Huunah: shorah, donna
(12/20 12:09:06) Whilyam: Imagers by the balcony? I'm not sure I follow.
(12/20 12:09:10) ireenquench: Hi Donna
(12/20 12:09:15) Victor Laxman: We generally have our hands full with D'ni, the Bahro are an entirely different matter.
(12/20 12:09:18) Kam Uraki: Gah, Linkin, I just noticed you look like Lex Luther on Smallville
(12/20 12:09:19) Linkin' Imp: Hi donna
(12/20 12:09:39) Victor Laxman: Let me check the imagers.
(12/20 12:09:43) Linkin' Imp: Ok
(12/20 12:09:45) Linkin' Imp: Cool
(12/20 12:09:47) Kam Uraki: Feel free
(12/20 12:10:00) Linkin' Imp: They work!!~!
(12/20 12:10:03) Linkin' Imp: Omg
(12/20 12:10:03) DonnaDillon: My hood turned out to be JKC's and there are a lot of things missing there
(12/20 12:10:05) Linkin' Imp: Magic
(12/20 12:10:09) ireenquench: Any clues yet what caused the incident yesterday? Do you think the Bahro just knew it or were responsible?
(12/20 12:10:10) gelf: wow
(12/20 12:10:21) Victor Laxman: Ah, the resengs have been busy!
(12/20 12:10:26) Whilyam: Very nice, Mr. Laxman
(12/20 12:10:35) Victor Laxman: I know they're trying to get those working.
(12/20 12:10:37) K'Huunah: wait... that wasn't there a few minutes ago
(12/20 12:10:42) Linkin' Imp: This one is still broken
(12/20 12:10:46) Kam Uraki: Oh, um Dr. I hope you guys at the DRC like the little... umm... tribute Public Safety Announcements that Vortmax and I have put together
(12/20 12:10:46) Whilyam: What do you use to bring in imagers? Oompa Loompas?
(12/20 12:10:53) Lontahv: Shorah.
(12/20 12:11:02) DonnaDillon: Oh there is a roster image in here
(12/20 12:11:11) Victor Laxman: One imager at a time.
(12/20 12:11:23) ireenquench roars with laughter
(12/20 12:11:24) Victor Laxman: We're working on things. smile.gif
(12/20 12:11:29) Whilyam claps his hands
(12/20 12:11:36) Lontahv claps his hands
(12/20 12:11:41) Whilyam: Now, about these barriers...
(12/20 12:11:47) K'Huunah: lol
(12/20 12:11:51) Whilyam: Can Laxman's Loompas deal with them?
(12/20 12:12:02) Victor Laxman: Yes, we've heard plenty of complaints about them. Sorry for the trouble.
(12/20 12:12:17) Whilyam: We've all got our hardhats on. What could happen?
(12/20 12:12:19) DonnaDillon: I here Bahro screams and thunder in the city and I hear Bahro more here too
(12/20 12:12:19) Whilyam starts to laugh
(12/20 12:12:26) Victor Laxman: We're just feeling a bit cautious after yesterday's strange events.
(12/20 12:12:37) Kam Uraki: I miss my pith helmet
(12/20 12:12:39) Cheyenne: with good reason, I suspect.
(12/20 12:12:40) Whilyam: Certainly. Though you can understand our frustration
(12/20 12:12:46) Kam Uraki: I forgot it somewhere
(12/20 12:12:49) Thend: Mr Laxman, is there aradiation problem? And, if so, then how? Do the Bahro give off radiation or was it the Lattice/GZ, because the KI's and all the other electrical-type devices seem to be the thing impaired
(12/20 12:12:54) Lontahv: That makes sense.
(12/20 12:13:10) Victor Laxman: Yes of course. Must say that we're a bit frustrated as well. But don't want to be rash...
(12/20 12:13:16) Kam Uraki: If there were a radiation leak in the GZ... umm... Laxman has spent the most time there
(12/20 12:13:21) Victor Laxman: after so much that we don't understand.
(12/20 12:13:22) Whilyam: After three years, it's hard to understand why things must be taken down
(12/20 12:13:35) Whilyam: Were the DRC hit like the Explorers were?
(12/20 12:13:43) Whilyam: sent to Relto
(12/20 12:13:55) Victor Laxman: Yes, the mass link affected everyone.
(12/20 12:13:58) Whilyam: Or did it just look like we all ran away from you guys bleh.gif
(12/20 12:13:58) ireenquench: Anyway, Victor... have your investigations gone so far to be able to tell if the Bahro caused the incident? Or were they just witnesses /victims of it like us?
(12/20 12:14:00) Kam Uraki: Wouldn't he be... sterile after that much radiation? No offense Doctor
(12/20 12:14:28) Linkin' Imp: I'm pretty sure it was a bahro who linked me out of my nexus yesterday
(12/20 12:14:37) Victor Laxman: We're not sure what caused it. We heard the scream as well. And we certainly don't know of any...
(12/20 12:14:43) Cheyenne: They seem more vocal in the city, I noticed...
(12/20 12:14:44) Victor Laxman: D'ni way for that to happen.
(12/20 12:15:13) Whilyam: Do you have any estimates on when the DRC site will be updated? Or when some new Ages will be available?
(12/20 12:15:17) Victor Laxman: all we can say is - very strange indeed.
(12/20 12:15:33) Cheyenne: It's easy to forget sometimes that it's not "just us" down here.
(12/20 12:15:44) Kam Uraki: Well, they can write. Who knows. Nice to know they can move us that easy. Makes me feel real secure. (Sarcasm)
(12/20 12:15:47) Victor Laxman: Well we're trying to get things on the fast track. We've been working behind the scenes for ...
(12/20 12:16:01) Victor Laxman: a while now. It's nice to just get out and see everyone again.
(12/20 12:16:09) Cheyenne: (and to a large degree we're at their mercy.)
(12/20 12:16:14) Cheyenne: (ironically)
(12/20 12:16:22) Thend: Could GZ radiation be the cause of what is being called 'lag' problems in the City at the moment? They seem to have increased dramatically
(12/20 12:16:45) Victor Laxman: Yes Cheyenne. Agreed actually.
(12/20 12:16:46) Linkin' Imp: Well, isn't it a bahro that links us out of the cave under the cleft tree when we grab the relto page?
(12/20 12:17:00) Kam Uraki: Thend what is it with you and radiation. If the GZ had any dangerous radiation we'd never have been allowed in
(12/20 12:17:05) Cheyenne: Given their abuse at the hands of the D'ni... One could almost call it poetic justice. <smiles obliquely>
(12/20 12:17:11) Victor Laxman: Good point Imp. Things have changed their as well.
(12/20 12:17:26) Linkin' Imp: They have?
(12/20 12:17:27) Thend: But we all experience 'inexplained' issues here
(12/20 12:17:43) ireenquench: Is it a Bahro Imp? How do you know?
(12/20 12:17:45) Whilyam: It is the Bahro who link people fro mthe Bahro caves at the end of Ages
(12/20 12:17:48) Victor Laxman: Well our point today is to do some inspections, meet the explorers again, and just enjoy the moment.
(12/20 12:17:54) Linkin' Imp: I was just down there, in the tree
(12/20 12:17:56) Liander: Same scream there
(12/20 12:18:04) Cheyenne: One must wonder, however, Thend, how much of these unexplained phonemena are actually caused by the Bharo.
(12/20 12:18:07) Kam Uraki: Umm, Dr. You haven't seen any tablets laying around that you can draw symbols on have you
(12/20 12:18:12) kami: thank you victor.....nice of you to pop in
(12/20 12:18:17) Linkin' Imp: I can't keep up with the text
(12/20 12:18:25) Linkin' Imp: I hope someone is logging this
(12/20 12:18:28) Thend: Not enough information, Cheyenne, but good point
(12/20 12:18:35) Cheyenne nods his head
(12/20 12:18:48) Dan'ni: Hello everyone!
(12/20 12:18:52) kami: pssst over here dan'ni
(12/20 12:18:54) Cheyenne: My impression of them is that they can pop up behind you before you even realize they're there... and poof, they can send you elsewhere. heh
(12/20 12:18:55) Linkin' Imp: Hi dan'ni
(12/20 12:18:59) Victor Laxman: I hope we can get some answers in the next weeks and months.
(12/20 12:19:10) Whilyam: Good.
(12/20 12:19:16) DonnaDillon: Wow this is exciting!
(12/20 12:19:24) Cheyenne: Are you & Dr. Kodama sharing the leadership of the DRC, Dr. Laxman?
(12/20 12:19:29) Victor Laxman: We'll certainly keep you all informed of what we find.
(12/20 12:19:38) Kam Uraki: We'll see if we find anything around the various ages as well
(12/20 12:19:43) Linkin' Imp: I agree that i think the bahro link us from the journey door caves to the bahro caves
(12/20 12:19:44) Lontahv: Can you try to fix the heek.
(12/20 12:19:49) Josh: Shorah all
(12/20 12:19:53) Victor Laxman: The four of us are sharing the leadership right now.
(12/20 12:19:55) Whilyam: I have a question about Teledahn, Dr.. Without Sharper, what will happen to its restoration?
(12/20 12:20:00) Cheyenne: I see.
(12/20 12:20:01) Cheyenne nods his head
(12/20 12:20:01) DonnaDillon: Shorah Josh
(12/20 12:20:04) Victor Laxman: Heek is on my list.
(12/20 12:20:11) Lontahv: Good.
(12/20 12:20:15) Lontahv thanks you
(12/20 12:20:16) Kam Uraki: Bet its a long list
(12/20 12:20:25) Dan'ni: Oh hello Victor. Got a question for ya. I noticed that the WiFi connection on the rooftop is working again. But nt too well. How long do you think it'll take for your engineers to fix it? I tried to send some messages to the surface and well... didn't work too well...
(12/20 12:20:36) Victor Laxman: Teledahn was left in good enough shape for now. We'll have to see what happens more long term.
(12/20 12:20:41) Cheyenne: I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Sutherland. She is very nice. I'd like to see more of her. (As "off" as I'm sure that sounds. lol)
(12/20 12:20:52) K'Huunah: lol
(12/20 12:20:53) DonnaDillon: LOL
(12/20 12:21:00) Cheyenne laughs
(12/20 12:21:05) Linkin' Imp: I love teledahn
(12/20 12:21:11) Linkin' Imp: It's my fave age
(12/20 12:21:30) ireenquench: Yesterday.... the Bahro sounded like in pain... like they were warning us... maybe even saving us from something?
(12/20 12:21:33) Linkin' Imp: So far
(12/20 12:21:34) Kam Uraki: The Californian interns seem to love it too for some reason
(12/20 12:21:37) Victor Laxman: I wish we had WiFi down here. I could use my laptop. But the KI will have to suffice for now. smile.gif
(12/20 12:21:37) DonnaDillon: I now know how to see Shroomie so looking forward to that adventure
(12/20 12:21:57) Cheyenne: I'm amazed you guys haven't at least run a T1 line down here yet, Dr. Laxman.
(12/20 12:21:58) Cheyenne: hehe
(12/20 12:22:04) ireenquench: What do you know about the Bahro Victor?
(12/20 12:22:16) Kam Uraki: It's 3 miles down right?
(12/20 12:22:17) Victor Laxman: Long way for a T1 line. And that would be too slow anyway.
(12/20 12:22:21) Whilyam: How did the hood cams work down here, Dr? If there is no Wi Fi?
(12/20 12:22:27) Kam Uraki: DO they MAKE a cable that long
(12/20 12:22:27) Cheyenne: okay T3 then! bleh.gif <laugh>
(12/20 12:22:42) Cheyenne: Well hear about them laying cable across the Atlantic all the time.
(12/20 12:22:43) Cheyenne shrugs
(12/20 12:22:45) Linkin' Imp: Do you think they want us to leave here? i think perhaps they don't want YOU guys (DRC) meddling down here
(12/20 12:22:49) Dan'ni: Well dunno how but my laptop's actually getting a WiFi connection on the Tokotah rooftop.
(12/20 12:22:50) DonnaDillon: Bummer surface calls me see you all tomorrow!
(12/20 12:23:04) Victor Laxman: I have made some interesting interfaces with the lattice - hopefully we'll get more and more of those working.
(12/20 12:23:04) ireenquench: Bye Donna
(12/20 12:23:06) Cheyenne: I'm sure, Imp, that the Bahro view us as potentially yet more "masters". down.gif
(12/20 12:23:07) K'Huunah: shorah, donna
(12/20 12:23:14) Linkin' Imp: Bye donna
(12/20 12:23:15) DonnaDillon: Shorah!
(12/20 12:23:23) Cheyenne: Once burnt & twice shy...& all that.
(12/20 12:23:31) Cheyenne shrugs & sighs.
(12/20 12:23:35) Dan'ni: Unless that's some weird D'ni tech or did I hack into the Lattice somehow?
(12/20 12:23:43) Dan'ni looks around uncertain.
(12/20 12:23:52) Dan'ni blinks.
(12/20 12:23:53) Kam Uraki: lol
(12/20 12:23:58) Victor Laxman: I'm afraid I've got to move on. More 'hoods, and parts of the city to inspect.
(12/20 12:24:06) Cheyenne: Well one MUST wonder just how much the D'ni have to thank the Least for...
(12/20 12:24:08) Linkin' Imp: Ok. thanks for talking to us
(12/20 12:24:09) K'Huunah: thanx for stopping by, doctor
(12/20 12:24:12) Kam Uraki: Take care Doc
(12/20 12:24:17) Cheyenne: Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Laxman.
(12/20 12:24:18) Whilyam: Okay. Thank you very much, Mr. Laxman
(12/20 12:24:23) Victor Laxman: Thanks for your patience. You'll be seeing much more of us, I'm afraid! smile.gif
(12/20 12:24:26) kami: thank you victor....byeeee
(12/20 12:24:27) Victor Laxman waves
(12/20 12:24:30) K'Huunah: smile.gif
(12/20 12:24:31) Cheyenne: ha ha
(12/20 12:24:32) Linkin' Imp waves
(12/20 12:24:33) Liander: Bye dr
(12/20 12:24:33) ireenquench: Well, good luck and keep us updated about what caused "it"
(12/20 12:24:35) Azador waves
(12/20 12:24:36) Victor Laxman: Cheers, all!
(12/20 12:24:47) Dan'ni: Bye Victor.
(12/20 12:24:57) kami: dang dan'ni..what timing you have
(12/20 12:24:59) Linkin' Imp: Well... he seems like a very nice man
(12/20 12:25:05) Linkin' Imp: Hee hee
(12/20 12:25:08) Kam Uraki: It's... Monty Python's FLying Circus
(12/20 12:25:09) Whilyam: Hello, Thend
(12/20 12:25:10) Dan'ni: hehehehe timing's everything