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Full Version: Celebrity Connections
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This is like the Links Game, only with Celebrities.

I start by naming a Celebrity-Kirsten Dunst.

The next person to post here has to make a connection with another Celebrity through a legitimate link. This can be through Film, Television, Video, DVD, CD or whatever.

You have to write the connection, as well as the next Celebrity.

The links between Celebrities have to connect to one another, to form a "Chain" of Celebrities.
Kirsten Dunst --> Tobey Maguire (Spiderman2)

Should we continue with Tobey Maguire or I should have a new name?
Tobey Maguire ----> Charlize Theron "The Cider House Rules"
QUOTE (Ayli @ Feb 5 2007, 10:32 PM) *
Should we continue with Tobey Maguire or I should have a new name?

smile.gif Tobey Maguire's okay smile.gif

Charlize Theron---->Teri Hatcher (Film: 2 Days In The Valley)
Teri Hatcher ===> Dean Cain (Superman the series)

< do we have to state the connection specifically?>
Rex Havoc
Tom Welling

Link ~ Both Supermen!
Both Supermen!
Link ~ Chris Reeves (Truly the greatest of Supermen, especially in RL)
Link = forward thinking
Chris Reeves --> Jonny Lee Miller

connection: both worked on "Eli Stone" (I noted the name posted was Chris Reeves, and NOT Christopher Reeve!)
Johnny Lee Miller---->Angelina Jolie

They were married for a while. Before what's-his-name, I think.
Hhmm....I think this thread may have died.... down.gif
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