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Full Version: The "guilds Council" Meeting
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Recently I had an idea about reforming a Guilds Council of the new D'ni like the old D'ni did. Every other week we could meet and discuss what that particular Guild is doing for the community. We don't have many Guilds so maybe one Guild could elect a representative to go to the Guilds Council for the discussion. We could meet in (I inend to create this) The Guild Master's Bevin say every other Thursday at 18:00pm GMT (1pm EST) for this.

The Guilds I currently know of are....

Guild Of Greeters

Guild Of Age Builders

Guild Of Slackers

Guild Of Technologists

Uru Obsession (A group - well known enogh to be a "guild")

The Great Tree (Same as UO)

Guild Of Explorers (?)

Guild Of Maintainers (?)

Myst Live (Same as UO)

The D'ni Network

The Cavern Today

United Shards (The Until Uru People - don't wanna leave them out )

and perhpase a member of the DRC or a ResEng

Please choose one representative and send their name and their Uru Live ki Number to me by Friday February 16th. They will then recieve an invite to The Guild Masters' Bevin in Myst Online where the meeting will take place.

Thanks wink3.gif

Thanks TomahnaGuy. We are already discussing our participation smile.gif

Welcome to the forum thumbsup.gif
Great! biggrin.gif
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