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Full Version: Cate Alexander 03/07/07
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(03/07 21:39:29) Chat.log started...
(03/07 21:39:30) paulpp: Is everyone here to help with eder tosgol
(03/07 21:39:30) zia: the bus arrived smile.gif
(03/07 21:39:32) Strider: No kidding LOL
(03/07 21:39:45) My'key: miss Cate, are you here to bring the paper back?
(03/07 21:39:48) Strider: Hi cate
(03/07 21:39:59) zia: oh, Hi Cate
(03/07 21:40:00) Cate Alexander: Unfortunately, I don't have one with me.
(03/07 21:40:03) Cate Alexander: Hello all.
(03/07 21:40:15) Kelm: Hello Cate
(03/07 21:40:15) My'key: what happened to the doors?
(03/07 21:40:22) Strider: Come to help us with tsogal?
(03/07 21:40:49) Cate Alexander: No, no. I'll let you all go to Tsoghal.
(03/07 21:40:53) paulpp: ummm i cant clode my ki
(03/07 21:40:54) paulpp: Lol
(03/07 21:41:18) Whilyam: What is your opinion of Sharper?
(03/07 21:41:31) paulpp: Everone i will have to log on and log back in
(03/07 21:41:33) Cate Alexander: He seems great.
(03/07 21:41:36) paulpp: Ill will be 2 mins
(03/07 21:41:37) Kelm: what interesting news have you brought Us
(03/07 21:41:40) Cate Alexander: I'm excited to have him here.
(03/07 21:41:45) Whilyam: Despite his old attacks?
(03/07 21:41:47) Strider: Ok paul see u in a bit
(03/07 21:42:12) My'key: will Phil ever be back?
(03/07 21:42:13) Cate Alexander: I wasn't here for those "attacks" and after speaking with people who were, I'm not sure we have a problem.
(03/07 21:42:22) Cate Alexander: We all spoke with Mr Sharper and the past is the past.
(03/07 21:42:25) Johan: do you know that we can read a new diary from him (sharper)
(03/07 21:42:43) Whilyam: Stealing D'ni books, shooting wildlife from another Age, breaking into areas the DRC hadn't fully restored.
(03/07 21:42:49) Whilyam: How much worse can you get?
(03/07 21:43:13) Whilyam: Not to mention possible implications into the death of Phil Henderson.
(03/07 21:43:15) Cate Alexander: I didn't say it wasn't bad.
(03/07 21:43:22) My'key: whilyam, more ppl did that, not just sharper
(03/07 21:43:30) Cate Alexander: But many mistakes were made.
(03/07 21:43:38) Whilyam: I'd hardly call him "great" then.
(03/07 21:43:44) My'key: who says Phil's dead
(03/07 21:43:46) daht'ay: Has the drc hired him back then?
(03/07 21:43:47) Zaphodi: Can we get longer hood list in Nexus?
(03/07 21:43:53) Azador: What will Sharper be doing for the DRC?
(03/07 21:44:05) Whilyam: Yes, they have, dahtay
(03/07 21:44:06) Kelm: How is the DRC treating the apperence of Yeesha
(03/07 21:44:11) Cate Alexander: You don't have to call him great. You asked my opinion.
(03/07 21:44:27) Cate Alexander: As a mystery.
(03/07 21:44:29) Whilyam: You think he's great
(03/07 21:44:31) Cate Alexander: We don't know what happened.
(03/07 21:44:52) My'key: Miss Alexander, will Phils relto be available ever again?
(03/07 21:44:59) Cate Alexander: I think it's great to have him here.
(03/07 21:45:10) Azador: What will he be working on?
(03/07 21:45:12) David Perlman: [shouting] where is Cate?
(03/07 21:45:21) LucyCat: Any update on the animals in Negilahn?
(03/07 21:45:21) Cate Alexander: I don't know. We don't have that Book.
(03/07 21:45:21) Kelm: Has the Apperence slowed down the progress your making down?
(03/07 21:45:42) Cate Alexander: No her appearance did not slow us down.
(03/07 21:45:54) My'key loves Yeesha!!
(03/07 21:45:58) Cate Alexander: No update. Hopefully Sharper will be able to provide us some information.
(03/07 21:46:13) Whilyam: Information?
(03/07 21:46:17) Whilyam: On what?
(03/07 21:46:25) Kelm: Would you like to tell us about this new age thats been found
(03/07 21:46:31) Cate Alexander: On what's going on...
(03/07 21:46:42) Hu K'hanDhat: mIss Alexander, do you think your investment is well done .. are you content with the results so far?
(03/07 21:46:47) Whilyam: Yes, on this un-named Age to get a fast track
(03/07 21:46:54) Cate Alexander: It's early on. But it seems as though we may be able to get the age approved faster than usual.
(03/07 21:46:56) Whilyam: You had a meeting on that, no?
(03/07 21:47:10) Cate Alexander: We have had quite a few.
(03/07 21:47:17) Whilyam: Sounds good. Anything noteable about the Age?
(03/07 21:47:21) ireenquench: Why faster, Cate?
(03/07 21:47:24) Cate Alexander: t's moved to the forefront as far as priority.
(03/07 21:47:36) Cate Alexander: Fairly large space.
(03/07 21:47:47) Cate Alexander: Unique aspects to it.
(03/07 21:47:54) Kelm: Would you like to enlighten us with the animal problems i negilahn
(03/07 21:48:00) David Perlman: Cate, do you know anything about the problems on negilahn? Nick White mentioned the animals disappearing.
(03/07 21:48:21) Cate Alexander: Faster because there is not a lot of complexity to it as far as equipment, structures, etc..
(03/07 21:48:51) Cate Alexander: Yes I am well aware of the problems.
(03/07 21:48:51) My'key: is there some thing to discover? or unsolve in it?
(03/07 21:49:05) Cate Alexander: Or I should say, the statistics.
(03/07 21:49:13) Hu K'hanDhat: sorry, i fell in quite late, which age are we talking about
(03/07 21:49:27) Cate Alexander: We dont' yet know if it is a problem or natural cycle.
(03/07 21:49:39) David Perlman: Statistics?
(03/07 21:49:48) My'key: saw some wildlife this weekend, great sight
(03/07 21:49:50) Kelm: What if any thing can we has explorers do to help?
(03/07 21:49:51) Cate Alexander: Population numbers.
(03/07 21:49:51) Whilyam: I'm sure Sharper can help you there.
(03/07 21:49:56) From Teewa: Kelm, do you know where Cate is right now?
(03/07 21:49:57) Azador: What is Sharper going to be working on specifically?
(03/07 21:50:03) David Perlman: Do you think the age could have been polluted by the pod?
(03/07 21:50:05) Azador: And what are his qualifications?
(03/07 21:50:35) Cate Alexander: I don't need to go into details about what he will be doing nor why.
(03/07 21:50:56) My'key: miss alexander, something else, why are most ledges no lonnger available?
(03/07 21:51:04) Azador: Well, we have job descriptions for the other DRC members... I was just curious
(03/07 21:51:09) My'key: like pub roof,
(03/07 21:51:12) Whilyam: As funders of this restoration, Cate.. you do.
(03/07 21:51:20) David Perlman: Cate, what are your plans for the future of the DRC? You're obviously doing more than funding.
(03/07 21:51:33) Kelm: When can we expect the bar to be brought back to normal
(03/07 21:51:47) Whilyam: ^The Kahlo Pub
(03/07 21:51:51) Whilyam: I believe?
(03/07 21:51:51) Cate Alexander: Our plans are to release as much as we can as fast as possible.
(03/07 21:52:02) Hu K'hanDhat cheers
(03/07 21:52:14) Cate Alexander: Right now, given our funding situation, that may not be much.
(03/07 21:52:20) ireenquench: Cate have you eard of Marie Sutherland? Is she ok?
(03/07 21:52:35) Cate Alexander: Marie is doing great.
(03/07 21:52:38) Hu K'hanDhat: will we be able to see the timeframe on the DRC project list
(03/07 21:52:44) David Perlman: I'm more interested in the history, myself... any plans to do large scale investigations as was the case with Gahreesen and Teledahn?
(03/07 21:52:44) thunder33: what going on hear
(03/07 21:52:50) Cate Alexander: Yes, it should be updated.
(03/07 21:52:57) Hu K'hanDhat: thanks
(03/07 21:53:03) Azador: Is there anything the explorers can do to help with the restoration?
(03/07 21:53:23) Whilyam: Cate, when will we get histories of the two Garden ages and Negilahn?
(03/07 21:53:50) Hu K'hanDhat: and are there enough explorers to help restoration to be succesfull
(03/07 21:53:59) Cate Alexander: Good question. I don't know.
(03/07 21:54:18) Whilyam: Which question was good? Which one don't you know?
(03/07 21:54:24) Cate Alexander: Both.
(03/07 21:54:39) Whilyam: What are the DRC's plans for the Kahlo Pub?
(03/07 21:54:46) Cate Alexander: To release it.
(03/07 21:54:49) Whilyam: Will it ever be fully restored?
(03/07 21:54:54) Whilyam: I know THAT.
(03/07 21:54:58) Whilyam: You already have.
(03/07 21:55:01) Whilyam: partially.
(03/07 21:55:09) Cate Alexander: We've released a ruin.
(03/07 21:55:16) Cate Alexander: Hardly a release.
(03/07 21:55:23) Whilyam: Correct. Still a release.
(03/07 21:55:40) David Perlman: I've heard that you've taken Yeesha's journey. Any thoughts about her involvement thusfar or in the future?
(03/07 21:55:40) Whilyam: Any plans to fully restore it? If so, when?
(03/07 21:55:45) Cate Alexander: I would hope we can do much more with it.
(03/07 21:55:51) Kelm: When the pub has been released who will take over the running of it?
(03/07 21:55:56) Cate Alexander: Three months?
(03/07 21:56:06) Whilyam claps his hands
(03/07 21:56:07) Cate Alexander: ements.
(03/07 21:56:15) Cate Alexander: For some enhancements.
(03/07 21:56:26) ireenquench: Cate I know everybody is very busy but transparency is a good thing... it would be nice if you could ask to use the DRC to use their forum more, many of us are curious about the restoration and if we could read along it might help our own explorations.
(03/07 21:56:30) Cate Alexander: I don't know when a full release can be expected.
(03/07 21:56:42) Whilyam: I second ireen.
(03/07 21:56:54) Mystlander: Where is Ms Alexander? Lexie... you here?!~
(03/07 21:56:59) Cate Alexander: I understand.
(03/07 21:57:18) Hu K'hanDhat: miss Alexander, do you have any information about the negilan creature map .. Nick told is there would be a new one soon
(03/07 21:57:29) My'key: that takes precious time away from working on releases!!
(03/07 21:57:34) Cate Alexander: I do have a meeting to attend to. Going through some Ages.
(03/07 21:57:39) David Perlman: I ask again, any thoughts about Yeesha?
(03/07 21:57:41) Whilyam: Not much time, though
(03/07 21:57:45) Cate Alexander: So, I have to leave.
(03/07 21:57:47) daht'ay: Cate, before you leave, I'd like to say how sorry some of us are for the debacle that occurred during your last visit to the city
(03/07 21:57:57) Kelm: Ok thank you Cate
(03/07 21:57:57) Cate Alexander: Understood.
(03/07 21:57:59) Hu K'hanDhat: hope to see you soon again
(03/07 21:58:02) Azador: Thanks for coming down to see us.
(03/07 21:58:02) Cate Alexander: Thank you .
(03/07 21:58:03) LucyCat: Thanks for visiting with us.
(03/07 21:58:10) Hu K'hanDhat cheers for miss alexander
(03/07 21:58:17) Sheila'R cheers
(03/07 21:58:18) David Perlman: Thank you for your time
(03/07 21:58:21) Cate Alexander: I apologize I have been fairly absent. Hopefully that will change.
(03/07 21:58:22) zia: Thanks for taking time out to see us
(03/07 21:58:23) David Perlman claps his hands
(03/07 21:58:24) Zaphodi: thx
(03/07 21:58:26) daht'ay claps her hands
(03/07 21:58:32) Whilyam: Why have you been absent?
(03/07 21:58:33) Hu K'hanDhat: we hope so too
(03/07 21:58:36) My'key: night..
(03/07 21:58:46) Garymuc waves hello
(03/07 21:58:59) Whilyam: Hmm...
(03/07 21:59:07) ...Chat.log stopped.

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