Here's the invitation from Carl Palmner:
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On Saturday the 14th at 1pm cavern time (USA Mountain Daylight Time) we are going to ATTEMPT to have a “Welcome Back” party for Marie Sutherland, who has just returned to the cavern. The party will hopefully take place in the Eder Delin of Jazz’ Bevin. Dr. Sutherland has been invited, but we have not yet received a response.

We want everyone to be there who is able to and who wants to. We are making one small request of explorers who come to the party. Typically when a DRC member shows up in the cavern, they are hounded with questions and it becomes a kind of mini-press-conference. While this is good in many ways, we do not want it to happen at the party since this is intended to be an occasion for both Marie and the explorers to relax. She has had a tough time on the surface and has been working hard to catch up now that she’s back–we want this to be a break for her, not work.

To help encourage the following of this “no-hounding” rule, the Bevin will be made private for the duration of the party. Anyone who wants to attend will be allowed to–they just need to PM a hood member to get an invite, so that the hood member can ensure that the invitee is aware of the no-hounding rule.

Feel free to PM me in-cavern on Saturday for an invite to the hood. My KI is 231842.

Also, please DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP, as we have not yet received a response from Marie. She has been KImailed and a ResEng was asked to pass along the message as well. The ResEng sounded positive but made no promises (of course). If Dr. Sutherland does not attend, we can still have a party–it just won’t be centered on Dr. Sutherland anymore.