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Full Version: Cate Alexander 5/3/07
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Cate made an announcement in the GoG Bevin community room today.

Chatlog thanks to Tai'lahr, and I bolded Cate's remarks.

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(07/04 16:26:58) b'lyn: everyone come in to the auditorium
(07/04 16:26:59) Cate Alexander: I have a quick announcement to make and then I'll take a few questions.
(07/04 16:27:12) Sumatria: Shorah all, sorry for the delay in reply
(07/04 16:27:34) zam: shorah
(07/04 16:27:49) Cate Alexander: Nick White is no longer with the DRC. Nick was under strict guildelines while on probation and he broke those rules and our trust.
(07/04 16:28:38) b'lyn: Jatter move please
(07/04 16:28:43) Cate Alexander: We wish Nick the best of luck in whatever he pursues but, unfortunatley, that will not be the restoration of the D'ni civlization with us.
(07/04 16:29:13) Cate Alexander: As to details, I'd rather not get into them but trust that Nick is aware of what he has done wrong and understands our decision.
(07/04 16:29:16) Cate Alexander: That is all.

(07/04 16:29:20) ireenquench wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:29:21) Cate Alexander: Are there any questions?
(07/04 16:29:26) Cate Alexander: Ireen.

(07/04 16:29:36) Calliope wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:29:45) Cate Alexander: Calliope.
(07/04 16:29:49) ireenquench: Will Nick be allowed to remein in the cavern privately?
(07/04 16:29:50) Calliope: Do you have another tranlator?
(07/04 16:30:01) darkstar wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:30:09) Cate Alexander: We have no control on who comes to this cavern.
(07/04 16:30:14) OldGuy: replacement for Nick?
(07/04 16:30:22) darkstar: lol
(07/04 16:30:24) Cate Alexander: We do not yet have another translator and have only started looking for a replacement.
(07/04 16:30:51) Cate Alexander: At this point, we will most likely try and make do without him.

(07/04 16:31:00) Kelm: Hey job's reshuffling
(07/04 16:31:00) Cate Alexander: or that position.
(07/04 16:31:23) Kelm: I'am free
(07/04 16:31:24) Cate Alexander: I have no idea what Greydragon's announcement is.
(07/04 16:31:25) Monte71 wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:31:31) Calliope: There are explorers that have done some studying...
(07/04 16:31:33) Cate Alexander: Monte. Last one.
(07/04 16:31:39) Yew Azwell: perhaps you can put out an appeal to the guild of linquists until you can find a replacement
(07/04 16:32:09) Monte71: sorry why no updates today
(07/04 16:32:12) Cate Alexander: At this point we don't have much need of translation and, in fact, Nick was not doing any translation.
(07/04 16:32:34) darkstar: Are there any plans to change the way the DRC interacts with explorers?
(07/04 16:32:35) Cate Alexander: Toward the end of his stay.
(07/04 16:33:02) Calliope: He did seem to have a lot of time on his hands
(07/04 16:33:05) b'lyn: Will the DRC be sharing more information with us on a more regular basis?
(07/04 16:33:08) Cate Alexander: Darkstar. We have talked about a few things.
(07/04 16:33:13) Tai'lahr wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:33:24) Cate Alexander: Rather than say yes, like we always seem to say, we'll just have to wait and see.
(07/04 16:33:51) Monte71: thats kind of not a derict answer
(07/04 16:34:11) ireenquench wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:34:17) Cate Alexander: Ireen.
(07/04 16:34:39) Tai'lahr: Are you familiar with the D'ni Network? They could provide a great communication tool between the DRC & the explorers.
(07/04 16:34:43) ireenquench: Is there concern with the DRC Nick is a safety risk? Shold we report if he seems to be?
(07/04 16:34:47) darkstar: It would seem a good idea to avoid a repeat of issue you have just mentioned
(07/04 16:34:52) Kelm: Would the DRC now consider having a regular spokes person now ?
(07/04 16:35:09) Abel: Please evryone, one question at a time.
(07/04 16:35:18) Tai'lahr wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:35:24) Cate Alexander: Safety was not the issue with Nick's release.
(07/04 16:35:46) Monte71 wants to ask a question...
(07/04 16:35:47) Cate Alexander: I do have a meeting to get to.
(07/04 16:35:56) Tai'lahr: Are you familiar with the D'ni Network?
(07/04 16:36:16) Cate Alexander: Thanks again for your time. We are familiar with the D'ni Network - yes.
(07/04 16:36:16) Monte71: why are you all dancing around and not give answer that would make everything better
(07/04 16:36:23) Cate Alexander: Good day.
(07/04 16:36:24) Yew Azwell: thank you for your time Cate
(07/04 16:36:29) rilrov: Bye
(07/04 16:36:30) Calliope: Shorah cate
(07/04 16:36:30) Abel: One at a time.
(07/04 16:36:31) AKA: nice to see you again Cate..thank you for your time
(07/04 16:36:32) b'lyn: Thanks Cate
(07/04 16:36:32) Kelm: Bye Cate
(07/04 16:36:34) Yew Azwell claps his hands
(07/04 16:36:35) rilrov waves hello
(07/04 16:36:35) Khelayan claps his hands
(07/04 16:36:36) Tai'lahr: Thank you, Ms. Alexander.
(07/04 16:36:37) Cate Alexander (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):

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Ken Telinome
I wonder if this means Nick is going to be doing things "behind the scenes" so to speak with Sharper again, out of the DRC loop. Sad to see him go down.gif.
oh my goodness...

such soap-opera-esque happenings abound in some realms of ULMO... egad, i need a stiff shot of lemonade to cure me of this...
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