Complete chatlog thanks to sil_o_wet.

I bolded his comments.

This is apparently before he sent out the 5/19/07 KI-mail. He encourages everyone to watch for it, and that "good progress" is being made on the GZ calibration. The more marker missions completed, the more accurate the GZ calibration will be. He also confirmed that the DRC will limit their contact with explorers to "a scheduled week." On other news, a ResEng was injured "a bit" while working on the Wall.

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(05/19 11:20:17) Chat.log started...
(05/19 11:20:22) DocOlanA: Shorah, Dr. Laxman, it's a pleasure to finally meet you.
(05/19 11:20:35) Curty: stay in first person view to cut back on lag
(05/19 11:20:40) Thend: Mr Laxman, I think it would be helpful if you explained fully why wwe are Calibrating GZ, and what it accomplishes?
(05/19 11:20:40) Victor Laxman: Feel free to have a seat. I don't have any formal announcement, but I'd like to say a couple things...
(05/19 11:20:40) sil_oh_wet waves hello
(05/19 11:20:45) meadow: Laxman, do you mind if thend organizes the question/answer session?
(05/19 11:20:4 Victor Laxman: since we have such a crowd.
(05/19 11:21:00) ResEng J.Bronson: if every one could please be seated
(05/19 11:21:09) Andrew Yosso salutes
(05/19 11:21:25) Victor Laxman: It's a bit impromtu, so if Thend would like to organize a Q & A that would be fine.
(05/19 11:21:31) From meadow: I see you made it after all
(05/19 11:21:45) To meadow: yah
(05/19 11:21:45) Thend: Oh fer...
(05/19 11:21:47) dokaheid: help
(05/19 11:21:52) Calliope wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:21:56) dokaheid: cantstopwalking
(05/19 11:21:57) To meadow: didnt want to be in Nick's Gira alone
(05/19 11:22:09) Thend: Calliope
(05/19 11:22:12) DocOlanA: Poor Thend
(05/19 11:22:1 Victor Laxman: Let me start by saying something I mentioned earlier...
(05/19 11:22:20) From meadow: Sorry, didnt want to miss laxman
(05/19 11:22:27) sil_oh_wet: thend rocks!
(05/19 11:22:43) To meadow: no problem at all I am glad you came
(05/19 11:22:43) Thend: Calliope, hold that, you'll be first
(05/19 11:22:43) Calliope: i just wanted to clarify, doing missions more than once does help?
(05/19 11:22:59) Calliope: Lol
(05/19 11:23:02) Victor Laxman: The DRC is very grateful for your help in calibrating the Great Zero...
(05/19 11:23:41) Victor Laxman: I've been monitoring the progress very closely and we're making good progress...

(05/19 11:23:45) AKA wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:24:10) Victor Laxman: Repeating the Marker missions helps the calibration along...
(05/19 11:24:3 Victor Laxman: so any additional missions you can do is a big help...

(05/19 11:25:01) Thend: (Gotcha AKA. Everyone, just raise your hand and you'll be put in line for questions)
(05/19 11:25:05) AngelChild: I've done all of my missions
(05/19 11:25:06) DocOlanA wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:25:0 Whilyam: Does it matter how fast we complete them?
(05/19 11:25:1 Simon_Bitdiddle wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:25:2 Victor Laxman: The calibration meter is set by me based on monitoring the accuracy levels as best as I understand them...
(05/19 11:25:53) Victor Laxman: I'd also like to thank you for your support as we enter this new phase...
(05/19 11:26:35) Victor Laxman: The DRC will be working on restoration for a few weeks each month...
(05/19 11:27:19) Victor Laxman: and then we'll be trying to have more contact with the explorers for a schedukled week...
(05/19 11:27:46) Victor Laxman: to answer questions and pass along information.

(05/19 11:28:13) meadow: Thanks mr laxman!! we so appreciate that, maybe not such a crowd if we see y'all more often!
(05/19 11:28:20) Victor Laxman: Thend I'm happy to answer a couple questions.
(05/19 11:28:20) Andrew Yosso starts to laugh
(05/19 11:28:26) Thend: Calliope, you still have a question?
(05/19 11:28:32) sil_oh_wet: Thend has a "Parking Lot" going for questions.. just raise your hand and you will be called on in order when Q&A begins
(05/19 11:28:4 Calliope: Weel, vid asked about what we can to do help more, if we have finished our missions
(05/19 11:29:12) Calliope: It fit in with mine...does doing them more than once really help?
(05/19 11:29:25) meadow: I want to say again if everyone sits and theres less movement in this room, we will have a better outcome from the lag...
(05/19 11:29:25) Victor Laxman: Doing the missions again provides more data for calibrating. So I know it's not as much fun...
(05/19 11:29:35) Victor Laxman: but it is very helpful to the process.

(05/19 11:29:44) DocOlanA: It is if you're trying to beat your best time
(05/19 11:30:0 Victor Laxman: another question?
(05/19 11:30:0 Whilyam: Is speed helpful as well?
(05/19 11:30:33) Thend: AKA, you're up
(05/19 11:30:47) AKA: when will the Wall in Garrison be up and working?
(05/19 11:30:47) Victor Laxman: Speed provides for achallenge, and it does give use more data quicker.
(05/19 11:31:20) sil_oh_wet wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:31:31) Victor Laxman: "The Wall" is currently undergoing so renovations after a "falling" incident that...
(05/19 11:31:49) [ Mister Cloak ] wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:31:55) A'drian: Can question askers please shout? Thanks.
(05/19 11:32:0 Victor Laxman: slightly injured a resEng. It'll will be a bit before it's reopened, but it will work better than ever.
(05/19 11:32:19) Thend: Adrain, please raise hand if you have questions, you will be out on the list. Thanks
(05/19 11:32:36) Victor Laxman: next qustion Thend
(05/19 11:32:36) Curty: Sometimes its not always the server that causes you lag, your own personal computer may not be able to handle all of the action going on at once.
(05/19 11:32:37) Thend: Oh yeah, see what you mean, please /shout lol
(05/19 11:32:45) Thend: Doc, you're up
(05/19 11:32:47) AKA: thank you Mr. Laxman
(05/19 11:32:54) kyashii wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:33:24) Zymmin wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:33:30) Thend: Is there a DocOlanA in the room?
(05/19 11:33:31) A'drian: hat wasn't a question, it was a request.
(05/19 11:33:43) Victor Laxman: Another question Thend?
(05/19 11:33:49) sil_oh_wet: consdier it a quest, no a request
(05/19 11:33:56) Thend: I understand now, Adrian
(05/19 11:33:57) DocOlanA: Shorah. I'm part of the Students of D'ni Knowledge. Recently we were given a translation of some D'ni religious texts that greatly improved our understanding of D'ni beliefs and cultures. The DLF and the SoDK together have recently requested that the DRC give us access to more such information, either translated or no.
(05/19 11:34:09) Thend: Simon Bitdiddle, come on down!
(05/19 11:34:09) Nine-O-Nine wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:34:1 Simon_Bitdiddle: Seeing as my wall question was answered, have you had any experiences with the Bahro?
(05/19 11:34:1 Thend: In a sec
(05/19 11:34:27) DocOlanA: Can we expect to see more translations, or untranslated works, either in journals or given to explorer groups like the DLF and SoDK?
(05/19 11:34:29) kyashii wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:34:51) Thend: (Have questions pre-typed, if possible. Thanks)
(05/19 11:34:56) Victor Laxman: I have learned that there was a release of some information recently, in a somewhat backdoor manner...
(05/19 11:35:3 sil_oh_wet: Is there any possibility that Nick White will be re-hired in his previous position or in another capacity at any time in the future?
(05/19 11:35:39) Victor Laxman: and I don't think that it's necessarily all that bad. We appreciate the help you've provided in...
(05/19 11:35:54) sil_oh_wet: oops I didnt meant to hit enter yet
(05/19 11:35:54) meadow: Organization guys, if we want answers to the questions
(05/19 11:35:56) J'than wants to ask a question.
(05/19 11:36:00) kyashii wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:36:10) Victor Laxman: deseminating information - we just have to make sure that the information is correct...
(05/19 11:36:29) DocOlanA: We're glad to give help. And as the DRC does not have a translator at the moment, we would be glad to help further in this regard. I think the initial translation showed that explorers could be very effective in getting the info out.
(05/19 11:36:41) Leonor wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:36:50) Victor Laxman: to avoid future continuty problems. But I believe we will be providing more information...
(05/19 11:36:5 kyashii wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:37:15) Victor Laxman: and I will bring up the translation proposistion to the DRC at our next meeting.
(05/19 11:37:23) Victor Laxman: Thank you Doc.
(05/19 11:37:36) Victor Laxman: Next question Thend.

(05/19 11:37:36) DocOlanA: Thank you, Mr. Laxman.
(05/19 11:37:37) Thend: Mr Laxman, Simon's Question - Have you had any experience with the Bahro?
(05/19 11:37:59) Whilyam: Simon says....
(05/19 11:38:3 Victor Laxman: My Bahro experience has been similar to yours, except that we find that they are ...
(05/19 11:39:02) From Thend: sil, you are next, please pre-type again, thx
(05/19 11:39:10) Victor Laxman: making their way into every age that we have access to...
(05/19 11:39:32) Victor Laxman: even those that are still being restored...

(05/19 11:39:3 AngelChild: I've noticed that
(05/19 11:39:4 Curty wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:40:02) ResEng J.Bronson: would it be safe to say they have better access than us?
(05/19 11:40:07) Victor Laxman: And I should mention that they seem to be more and more prevelant these days...
(05/19 11:40:13) A'drian wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:40:19) kyashii wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:40:2 Calliope: lol
(05/19 11:40:30) darkstar wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:40:42) Victor Laxman: and their behavior continues to make me curious...
(05/19 11:40:47) Simon_Bitdiddle: Yes, and they're making objec-d'arts more frequently.
(05/19 11:40:53) DocOlanA wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:41:31) Victor Laxman: Very hard to study, but we are trying to watch them as much as we can...
(05/19 11:41:53) Victor Laxman: Strange creatures. And more active all the time.
(05/19 11:42:09) Victor Laxman: Next question?

(05/19 11:42:10) Thend: sil_oh_wet, one of the famous Uber Shadow Dancers, has a question?
(05/19 11:42:19) sil_oh_wet: Mr. Laxman, Is there any possibility that Nick White will be hired back on with the DRC in his previous position or in another capacity?
(05/19 11:42:22) kyashii: Mr. Laxman, can you tell us everything you have figured out about the mysterys of the bahro and why they are appearing where they are?
(05/19 11:42:36) AngelChild wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:42:43) Whilyam: (Mr. Laxman, can I have a pony?)
(05/19 11:42:47) Thend: (kyashii, you're next)
(05/19 11:43:11) Nev9: Please be seated!
(05/19 11:43:13) Victor Laxman: I try to stay out of the"company" politics regarding Nick. I know he acted in a ...
(05/19 11:43:26) DocOlanA throws a rock at Whilyam.
(05/19 11:43:33) kyashii: ok
(05/19 11:43:40) [ Mister Cloak ]: Has Mr. Sharper given the DRC any more details about the being/beings that are savagely slaughtering the animals in the pod age?/sit
(05/19 11:43:49) [ Mister Cloak ] says DOH!
(05/19 11:43:53) Dimitrios: is there a 'great zero' at pod age and if yes drc have access at that great zero?what power the portals if not a new great zero at that age?
(05/19 11:43:5 Aro-Ron Chynn: watch those enter keys
(05/19 11:44:15) Victor Laxman: somewhat questionable manner, but I leave the "corporate" decisions to Cate.
(05/19 11:44:22) Thend: (The line for questions is quite long atm, so if you could withold from raising your hand to see if it will be already answered, it would be appreciated. Thank you)
(05/19 11:44:36) Dimitrios want to make a question
(05/19 11:44:36) Calliope: Lol
(05/19 11:44:41) Victor Laxman: But I do like Nick and aprreciated his help.
(05/19 11:44:45) Victor Laxman: Next

(05/19 11:44:55) FreeLanZer: Victor, why is the city limit at 40 when you have over 10000 explorers in the caverns?
(05/19 11:45:01) <sniffle> sil_oh_wet is sad
(05/19 11:45:01) Trevor1013 wants to ask a question
(05/19 11:45:01) Thend: kyashii, you had a question?
(05/19 11:45:05) kyashii wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:45:43) Aro-Ron Chynn: organization is a wonderful thing, your doing great thend. Lets give him a chace ot keep it organized
(05/19 11:45:50) Thend: kyashii, you're up
(05/19 11:46:01) From Ravenclaw in Ravenclaw's Relto: I'm back
(05/19 11:46:3 kyashii: ok hold on
(05/19 11:46:39) Thend: Kyashii's question - Could you tell us everything you know about the Bahro and why they are appearing where they are?
(05/19 11:47:00) kyashii: Mr. Laxman, can you tell us everything you know about the bahro and why they are appearing where they are?
(05/19 11:47:10) Aro-Ron Chynn: is there an echo?
(05/19 11:47:13) Thend: What he said lol
(05/19 11:47:20) AKA starts to laugh
(05/19 11:47:21) kyashii:
(05/19 11:47:22) Victor Laxman: We know very little, but we do know that their behavior has been changing...
(05/19 11:47:4 Calliope: They seem rather noisy today even
(05/19 11:47:51) Victor Laxman: they've been more apparent, more visible, and more unpredictable.
(05/19 11:47:54) From julee in MystAken's Bevin: heard anything on minkata yet?
(05/19 11:48:07) From Rih'ki in D'ni-Ae'gura': lol, yes
(05/19 11:48:09) Erik: scary.....
(05/19 11:48:12) AKA: O_o
(05/19 11:48:15) kyashii is fascinated
(05/19 11:48:19) From Rih'ki in D'ni-Ae'gura': oops, sorry
(05/19 11:48:19) Eric Wolfe: They take my shoes at night.
(05/19 11:48:43) Victor Laxman: And as for the city limit - it's a safety issue, a preservation issue, and a KI issue.
(05/19 11:48:44) Victor Laxman: Next

(05/19 11:48:45) Thend: Zymmin, your question, please?
(05/19 11:48:46) sil_oh_wet: For those of you who have just arrived....Thend has prepared a "Parking Lot" for questions, please hold all chat until your name has been called
(05/19 11:48:53) Zymmin: When do you think that the calibration of the GZ will be complete, and what information do you think it will provide? I mean, why are we calibrating it after all?
(05/19 11:49:06) Victor Laxman: just a couple more questions and then I've got another brief annoucement
(05/19 11:49:32) kyashii thanks you very much!
(05/19 11:49:52) Victor Laxman: Calibration is to provide accurate coordinates in your KI - when completed.
(05/19 11:50:24) Victor Laxman: Next Thend?

(05/19 11:50:24) Thend: Nine-O-Nine, your question, please?
(05/19 11:50:29) Nine-O-Nine: About the calibration markers.... just who put the ones we see, now, up? Were they there from before the current restoration started, or did the DRC put them up?
(05/19 11:50:33) Zymmin thanks you
(05/19 11:51:11) Victor Laxman: They were established by the D'ni and I've managed to add a few here and there in places that ...
(05/19 11:51:14) AngelChild wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:51:27) Nine-O-Nine: ahhh... thanks
(05/19 11:51:2 From Eleri in Eleri's Relto: Shorah, Everybuggy!
(05/19 11:51:33) Victor Laxman: I thought would help with the calibration.
(05/19 11:51:35) Calliope: So you are the reason we jump of bridges?
(05/19 11:51:50) Aro-Ron Chynn: lol
(05/19 11:51:57) Nine-O-Nine starts to laugh
(05/19 11:52:02) Andrew Yosso is amazed!
(05/19 11:52:07) Victor Laxman: No - those would be the D'ni ones. I am much more safety minded.
(05/19 11:52:12) Calliope: Lol
(05/19 11:52:19) Vivicus:
(05/19 11:52:21) AKA smiles
(05/19 11:52:22) Victor Laxman: Next thend?
(05/19 11:52:23) Thend: Leonor, another of the ever-popular Uber Shadow Dancers, has a question?
(05/19 11:52:50) Legacy: lol
(05/19 11:54:19) Thend nods his head
(05/19 11:54:19) Whilyam: Leonor asks: Does the DRC have contact with Yeesha?
(05/19 11:55:59) Legacy wants to ask a question...
(05/19 11:56:40) Thend: Mr Laxman may be experiencing personal Lattice issues at the moment...
(05/19 11:56:46) Thend is a bit puzzled...
(05/19 11:57:07) Thend shrugs
(05/19 11:57:15) Victor Laxman: No direct contact with Yeesha. We don't oppose her, we don't necessarily understand her, but...
(05/19 11:57:5 Victor Laxman: we think that we're all on the same page regarding restoration. We love a chance to ask...

(05/19 11:58:00) DocOlanA mutters "Join the club."
(05/19 11:58:20) Victor Laxman: her a few questions as much a s you would!
(05/19 11:58:31) sil_oh_wet nods her head
(05/19 11:58:37) Victor Laxman: Let me make a brief annoucnement...
(05/19 11:59:13) Whilyam: an announcement about briefs?
(05/19 11:59:13) Whilyam gasps
(05/19 11:59:4 DocOlanA chucks another rock at Whilyam. "Pipe down, I'm running out of rubble."
(05/19 11:59:5 Victor Laxman: We'll be sending out KI message invitations regarding the release of the our newest...
(05/19 12:00:09) Spellbreaker starts to laugh
(05/19 12:00:25) kyashii salutes
(05/19 12:00:50) AngelChild: Go ahead Mr. Laxman
(05/19 12:00:57) Victor Laxman: restoration project - the Age of Minkata. I think there is a celebration of some sort planned...
(05/19 12:01:05) A'drian: cheer
(05/19 12:01:06) Andrew Yosso cheers
(05/19 12:01:09) Legacy does a dance
(05/19 12:01:10) Calliope cheers
(05/19 12:01:11) kyashii cheers
(05/19 12:01:12) Anarta cheers
(05/19 12:01:13) Spellbreaker cheers
(05/19 12:01:15) D'ean cheers
(05/19 12:01:15) [ Mister Cloak ] cheers
(05/19 12:01:16) Andrew Yosso claps his hands
(05/19 12:01:19) sil_oh_wet: woooo hooooo
(05/19 12:01:19) Kato cheers
(05/19 12:01:20) Trevor1013 cheers
(05/19 12:01:20) DocOlanA claps his hands
(05/19 12:01:21) Erik cheers
(05/19 12:01:21) Victor Laxman: Watch your KIs fro more information.
(05/19 12:01:22) nemesis256 cheers
(05/19 12:01:25) kyashii cheers
(05/19 12:01:25) Andrew Yosso cheers
(05/19 12:01:2 Fax Paladin cheers
(05/19 12:01:31) Anarta claps her hands
(05/19 12:01:33) Legacy: wooohhooo
(05/19 12:01:33) kyashii bows
(05/19 12:01:36) Eric Wolfe is a bit puzzled...
(05/19 12:01:36) Legacy cheers
(05/19 12:01:39) Trevor1013 cheers
(05/19 12:01:40) Andrew Yosso bows
(05/19 12:01:43) Victor Laxman: Thank you all for the support. I've got to run for now. Please continue...
(05/19 12:01:43) Bear cheers
(05/19 12:01:50) Erik: That sounds very good!
(05/19 12:01:50) Anarta does a dance
(05/19 12:01:51) Teel: Ah, announcing that there will be an announcement.
(05/19 12:01:55) Kerryth cheers
(05/19 12:01:56) Eric Wolfe: Invitation only?
(05/19 12:01:59) kyashii: Everyone give a salute to Laxman!
(05/19 12:02:01) DocOlanA: Shorah, Mr. Laxman, and again a pleasure to finally meet you.
(05/19 12:02:05) sil_oh_wet salutes
(05/19 12:02:05) Kato salutes
(05/19 12:02:06) Legacy salutes
(05/19 12:02:0 Spellbreaker salutes
(05/19 12:02:10) Trevor1013 salutes
(05/19 12:02:10) DocOlanA salutes
(05/19 12:02:11) Nine-O-Nine: thank you Mr Laxman
(05/19 12:02:12) Andrew Yosso salutes
(05/19 12:02:13) A'drian: Thank you Mr. Laxman. Thank you very much for your time. Hope to see you at the celebration.
(05/19 12:02:13) kyashii salutes
(05/19 12:02:15) Tofer salutes
(05/19 12:02:16) Lagrider claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:16) Azador salutes
(05/19 12:02:17) AngelChild: Good day to you Mr. Laxman
(05/19 12:02:1 Fax Paladin salutes
(05/19 12:02:19) RicKy salutes
(05/19 12:02:19) Calliope salutes
(05/19 12:02:20) Aro-Ron Chynn salutes
(05/19 12:02:25) Spellbreaker: rahm lehnah
(05/19 12:02:25) Trevor1013: Thank you for your time!
(05/19 12:02:26) D'ean salutes
(05/19 12:02:26) Victor Laxman: help with the calibration. Stay safe, and I'm sure I'll see more of you this week...
(05/19 12:02:29) sil_oh_wet loves a good party in the cavern
(05/19 12:02:29) lotlorien salutes
(05/19 12:02:30) Auriane salutes
(05/19 12:02:30) Kerryth salutes
(05/19 12:02:31) AngelChild salutes
(05/19 12:02:33) Vivicus: bye!
(05/19 12:02:34) Fax Paladin claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:43) Lagrider claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:44) Bear claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:46) Tofer claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:49) kyashii salutes
(05/19 12:02:50) Legacy: when is age coming today
(05/19 12:02:51) Erik claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:51) Legacy: ???
(05/19 12:02:52) darkstar claps his hands
(05/19 12:02:52) AngelChild claps her hands
(05/19 12:02:53) Victor Laxman: as I'm around the cavern chatting and conversing. Cheers all!
(05/19 12:02:53) hailahh claps her hands
(05/19 12:03:04) Boo'kie claps his hands
(05/19 12:03:05) Victor Laxman waves hello
(05/19 12:03:07) Fax Paladin thanks you
(05/19 12:03:07) sil_oh_wet hollars cheers right back at ya
(05/19 12:03:0
(05/19 12:03:0 Andrew Yosso thanks you
(05/19 12:03:14) meadow claps her hands
(05/19 12:03:14) Zymmin claps his hands
(05/19 12:03:22) Victor Laxman waves hello
(05/19 12:03:22) DocOlanA: Cheers sir!
(05/19 12:03:29) semplerfi claps his hands
(05/19 12:03:29) meadow cheers
(05/19 12:03:30) Teel sighs.
(05/19 12:03:30) Trevor1013 claps his hands
(05/19 12:03:31) Kato thanks you very much!
(05/19 12:03:40) meadow does a dance
(05/19 12:09:57) ...Chat.log stopped.