In D'ni Network's Bevin:

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(05/20 23:41:17) Annacat: Think Nick knows anything?
(05/20 23:41:25) Kaelri: Hopefully we'll find out.
(05/20 23:41:25) Marten: Nick is probably in Negilahn now
(05/20 23:41:31) Marten: Neck deep in mosquitos.
(05/20 23:41:35) Sorceress: No, He's probably been in Neg all day.
(05/20 23:41:40) Fax Paladin: Bevin. Dunno which.
(05/20 23:41:48) Sorceress: Well, let's ask him. Hi Nick.
(05/20 23:41:52) Annacat: Ours, apparently
(05/20 23:41:54) Kaelri: Shorah, Nick.
(05/20 23:41:58) Annacat: Heya Nick
(05/20 23:42:02) Gadren: Shorah, Nick
(05/20 23:42:03) Kaelri: (We're up in the ampitheatre.)
(05/20 23:42:09) Eleri: Shorah, Nick.
(05/20 23:42:21) Nick White: Hey, what the heck is happening?
(05/20 23:42:32) Annacat: Um... craziness
(05/20 23:42:35) Sorceress: Oh What HASN"T happened?
(05/20 23:42:35) Kaelri: The city was evacuated. Big cracks, bahro all over the place.
(05/20 23:42:36) Blade Lakem: the sky is falling
(05/20 23:42:39) Eleri: you want the sort version?
(05/20 23:42:40) Niika: horrible news Nick
(05/20 23:42:46) Annacat: Wheely and friend are missing
(05/20 23:42:49) Nick White: I've heard some stuff.
(05/20 23:42:53) Nick White: What do you know?
(05/20 23:43:23) Eleri: Wheelie and her freind went missing this afternoon, and can't be reached by KI
(05/20 23:43:38) Niika: Wheely found a new crack in the library and disappeared
(05/20 23:43:43) Eleri: There was more seismic activity and damage in the city, so the exporers got booted out
(05/20 23:43:48) Sorceress: Tremors in the city, Ae'gura evacuated.
(05/20 23:43:50) Niika: bahro are going crazy in the main city instance
(05/20 23:43:52) Kaelri: The DRC sent a KI note with most of the details.
(05/20 23:43:59) Eleri: And there were Bahro sighings
(05/20 23:44:02) Nick White: I got that in Negilahn
(05/20 23:44:03) Annacat: We're hearing a lot of Bahro here too
(05/20 23:44:04) Blade Lakem: Bahro were sighted on the roof of the Library
(05/20 23:44:10) Nick White: Pretty much why I came back.
(05/20 23:44:11) Kaelri: It's thought that they've been trying to warn us since the crack appeared last evening.
(05/20 23:44:29) Kaelri: Though I realize that's not wholly accepted. wink3.gif
(05/20 23:44:40) Annacat: We're worried, but there's nothing we can do
(05/20 23:44:51) Nick White: Trip was as boring as watching paint dry.
(05/20 23:44:56) Nick White: Sitting in a tree all day.
(05/20 23:45:00) Nick White: Trying to be quiet.
(05/20 23:45:11) Niika: lol
(05/20 23:45:12) Eleri: I'd trade that for this evening.
(05/20 23:45:15) Sorceress: Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad Nick.
(05/20 23:45:20) Niika: no sightings then?
(05/20 23:45:21) Kaelri: Is Sharper still there?
(05/20 23:45:21) Eleri: No sign of the beastie?
(05/20 23:45:21) Annacat: Well, it's good you're safe
(05/20 23:45:31) Nick White: Yeah, I just hope everyone else is too.
(05/20 23:45:34) Annacat: Last thing we need is anyone else in danger
(05/20 23:45:42) Nick White: Sharper is still there. Alone now.
(05/20 23:45:43) Sorceress: Too much excitement for one day anyway.
(05/20 23:45:45) Nick White: I can't go back either.
(05/20 23:45:46) Eleri: we'll keep vigil in here until we hear more.
(05/20 23:45:51) Chimaera: Are you going to go back?
(05/20 23:45:51) Annacat: Why not?
(05/20 23:45:52) Eleri: why not?
(05/20 23:45:53) Sorceress: Why not?
(05/20 23:45:57) Eleri: jinx!
(05/20 23:46:03) Nick White: So it's his battle now. Can't walk in where we are hiding.
(05/20 23:46:09) Nick White: Don't want to disturb things.
(05/20 23:46:13) Kaelri nods his head
(05/20 23:46:15) Annacat: ah, makes sense
(05/20 23:46:15) Nick White: Leave scents, etc...
(05/20 23:46:22) Niika: Sharper's out there alone?
(05/20 23:46:27) Nick White: yeah.
(05/20 23:46:27) Fax Paladin: Can't link straight there, after all.
(05/20 23:46:29) Eleri: makes sense. That's a very Sharperish thing to do
(05/20 23:46:39) Nick White: He wanted me back though - we both got the message.
(05/20 23:46:42) Stephen: That'll do it.
(05/20 23:46:46) Nick White: i should say he agreed I should come back.
(05/20 23:46:56) Eleri: Did you know Wheely?
(05/20 23:46:56) Niika: I hope he knows what he's doing....
(05/20 23:47:07) Nick White: Of course I knew Wheely.
(05/20 23:47:20) Stephen: Knew, Nick?
(05/20 23:47:24) Nick White: Man I hope she's alright.
(05/20 23:47:25) Kaelri: I don't suppose you saw her at all before you left?
(05/20 23:47:30) Nick White: Nope.
(05/20 23:47:31) Eleri: coolcool. I haven't had the chance to meet her but briefly
(05/20 23:47:45) Nick White: Yeah good girl. And Engberg has dealt with enough tragedy in his life.
(05/20 23:47:48) Simon_Bitdiddle: She's an Engberg, she'll be just fine.
(05/20 23:47:50) Nick White: He doesn't need this.
(05/20 23:47:56) Annacat: I'm sure Sharper has been in more dangerous situations than alone in Negilahn. I think he'll be fine/
(05/20 23:48:13) Eleri: Yes, Victor mentioned he'd lost his wife. I can't imagine what he's feeling right now.
(05/20 23:48:17) Brayden: I never got a chance to meet her... She seems like a nice girl. I hope everything's okay.
(05/20 23:48:21) Nick White: Yeah, poor guy.
(05/20 23:48:38) Annacat: I wish there was something we could do to help
(05/20 23:48:40) Tobias Banks: Any idea who her friend was she brought with her?
(05/20 23:48:47) Gadren shrugs
(05/20 23:48:48) Annacat: Rosette is her name
(05/20 23:48:51) Nick White: The ResEng rumor mill - which I'm not sure how trustworthy it is - says that Laxman picked up a coordinate.
(05/20 23:48:56) Sorceress: I hope someone is with him to keep him company.
(05/20 23:48:57) Annacat: Oh?
(05/20 23:48:59) Nick White: In the rubble.
(05/20 23:49:06) Nick White: Or in the crack area.
(05/20 23:49:08) Brayden: Oh really?
(05/20 23:49:10) Annacat: Oh no
(05/20 23:49:11) Gadren: what's that mean?
(05/20 23:49:11) Nick White: Behind the wall.
(05/20 23:49:16) DocOlanA: Oh thank Yahvo. So her Ki's operational?
(05/20 23:49:16) Annacat: The rubble?
(05/20 23:49:22) Niika: under the rubble?
(05/20 23:49:25) Annacat: That sounds bad
(05/20 23:49:33) Annacat: Like Phil...
(05/20 23:49:34) Chimaera: Which wall? The pub?
(05/20 23:49:39) Nick White: I don't know really....
(05/20 23:49:48) Niika: wait...behind the wall?
(05/20 23:49:52) Nick White: Sounds like a recovery will go from the top though.
(05/20 23:49:59) Nick White: Laxman is still trying to turn the KI on.
(05/20 23:50:09) Nick White: Just got a coordinate for now.
(05/20 23:50:10) Sorceress: Maybe she did find a new area.
(05/20 23:50:18) Kaelri: If we're lucky, she may have left a message.
(05/20 23:50:24) Nick White: Still this is piecing together all kinds of rumors - or the best I could hear in the last half hour. I don't know.
(05/20 23:50:43) Niika: are they trying to tunnel in then
(05/20 23:50:44) Nick White: It's nuts.
(05/20 23:50:44) DocOlanA: Do we know that the Bahro were doing?
(05/20 23:50:44) Eleri: There's been lots of confusionj flying around
(05/20 23:50:48) Brayden: I wish I could do something to help.
(05/20 23:51:13) Kal: Nick, where's Engberg? How is he holding?
(05/20 23:51:17) Fax Paladin: If it's the pub, it doesn't make sense. I saw her headed toward the library just a minute or so before her ki shut down.
(05/20 23:51:20) Nick White: I haven't seen him.
(05/20 23:51:27) Nick White: I'm sure he's not doing so hot.
(05/20 23:51:28) Kal: oh poor guy...
(05/20 23:51:35) Rose: What happened to Michael's wife, Nick?
(05/20 23:51:36) Eleri: fax, maybe we should put you in contact with the DRC
(05/20 23:51:41) Kaelri: Send him our best wishes, if you see him.
(05/20 23:51:48) Simon_Bitdiddle: And the only place to get alcohol in the cavern is shut down. :|
(05/20 23:51:48) DocOlanA: Our thoughts are all with him.
(05/20 23:51:53) Annacat: Agreed, Eleri.
(05/20 23:51:57) Nick White: Accident killed when Wheely was a little kid.
(05/20 23:52:05) Annacat: In D'ni?
(05/20 23:52:06) Rose: oh, my
(05/20 23:52:11) Nick White: No, Oregon.
(05/20 23:52:17) Kal: Oh, Engberg must be having flashbacks...
(05/20 23:52:26) Eleri: That would explain why she felt her dad was being overprotective
(05/20 23:52:29) Annacat: I'm sorry for his loss
(05/20 23:52:34) Rose: Oh, no
(05/20 23:52:38) Annacat: You never get over something like that
(05/20 23:52:39) Nick White: Right. And Willow has a lot of her mom in her I think.
(05/20 23:52:40) DocOlanA: She'll be okay. She seems resourceful. I'm sure she'll be okay.
(05/20 23:53:00) Nick White: Daredevil. Her mom was a climber.
(05/20 23:53:12) Nick White: Let's hope.
(05/20 23:53:30) meadow: Nick, i have a question...
(05/20 23:53:30) Annacat hopes
(05/20 23:53:42) Rose: Are you here to help with the rescue, Nick?
(05/20 23:53:50) Rose: (sorry meadow)
(05/20 23:54:05) Nick White: unless they ask, no.
(05/20 23:54:22) DocOlanA: Did you cut your Negilahn trip short to get back here?
(05/20 23:54:35) Eleri: why don't we let Nick come to the front, and then we can all sit on the ledges, rather than clustering by the door
(05/20 23:54:44) Gadren nods his head
(05/20 23:54:45) Annacat: Good idea
(05/20 23:54:47) Nick White: I did Doc.
(05/20 23:54:52) TiareSim: Shorah, NIck! welcome back!
(05/20 23:54:56) Sumatria: very good idea
(05/20 23:54:56) Serephina nods her head
(05/20 23:55:00) Sumatria: shorh by the way
(05/20 23:55:00) Brayden: Ah, Negilahn... I forgot about that with all the stuff with Wheely...
(05/20 23:55:00) Nick White: Sharper stayed.
(05/20 23:55:02) DocOlanA: So I suppose no word on the predator. Did Sharper come back too?
(05/20 23:55:06) meadow: How was the expedition with sharper today...did u see the predator? kill anything? did u see sahrper b4 you split up with him??
(05/20 23:55:06) DocOlanA: Alone?
(05/20 23:55:26) Simon_Bitdiddle: Down in front!
(05/20 23:55:34) meadow: No way, u left sharper, dear!!! go back!!!!
(05/20 23:55:40) TiareSim: haruko?
(05/20 23:55:43) Nick White: I had to.
(05/20 23:55:48) Nick White: We got the message.
(05/20 23:55:52) Nick White: And I can't go back.
(05/20 23:56:17) Nick White: He'd kill me.
(05/20 23:56:19) Annacat: Sharper will be fine. He's an experienced hunter/outdoorsman.
(05/20 23:56:21) DocOlanA: I feel so helpless. Like I should be doing something.
(05/20 23:56:33) Kaelri: I know this is a strange time to ask - though it may not be unrelated - but do you know anything about the disappearance of Eder Delin?
(05/20 23:56:40) Stephen: Sharper is bait.
(05/20 23:56:40) Nick White: I don't.
(05/20 23:56:42) Sumatria: I know how you feel Doc
(05/20 23:56:42) DocOlanA: We were all in a Students of D'ni Knowledge meeting when the word hit. And soon we were a cluster point for refugees.
(05/20 23:57:13) Nick White: Well... I'm not sure what else I've got to say.
(05/20 23:57:27) Nick White: I think I"m going to go and try to find more information.
(05/20 23:57:30) DocOlanA: I don't do well with being unable to affect the world around me. I want to know there's something I can do.
(05/20 23:57:39) Fax Paladin: Good luck
(05/20 23:57:40) DocOlanA: Nick, you need help? I'd really appreciate it, I'm going crazy here.
(05/20 23:57:42) Brayden: Let us know if you find anything else out.
(05/20 23:57:43) Nick White: I assume Cate is on her way down. She hasn't been here all weekend.
(05/20 23:57:48) Eleri: you're welcome to come back here any time, Nick. We'll be waiting
(05/20 23:57:51) Tobias Banks: She was here earlier.
(05/20 23:57:51) Stephen: Take 'er easy, Nick. Watch for falling rocks.
(05/20 23:57:52) Simon_Bitdiddle: Be sure to tell us if we can help.
(05/20 23:57:54) Kaelri: I hope you'll keep us informed, Nick.
(05/20 23:57:58) Annacat: Stay safe
(05/20 23:58:05) meadow: Dont go to the city
(05/20 23:58:08) From Kon'Dor in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: I'm off duty and leaving the GoG. No other greeters here.
(05/20 23:58:17) Nick White: Alright, talk to you all later. I'll let you know if I hear anything.