Here is the log from this afternoon. Sorry it is late. The site was down for upgrade. I've deleted extraneous conversation to make it easier to follow.

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(05/22 17:17:53) Chat.log started...
(05/22 17:18:10) Yellowdog: Marie!
(05/22 17:18:31) Erik: Hello Dr Sutherland
(05/22 17:18:43) leeloo: hello Marie
(05/22 17:18:53) Marie Sutherland: Good morning.
(05/22 17:18:59) Amun Aten: good morning
(05/22 17:19:21) Ayli: Shorah Mrs. Sutherland
(05/22 17:19:31) leeloo: i have a suggestion from ireen that is not in the city (she says that wheely should try a leap of faith if she can and then her relto book may work again and she will be safe)
(05/22 17:19:53) Marie Sutherland: Another update.
(05/22 17:20:33) Marie Sutherland: The rescue teams began work on the second floor a little over an hour ago.
(05/22 17:21:14) Marie Sutherland: There was more damage on the third floor, so it was slower going.
(05/22 17:22:05) Marie Sutherland: As many of you know, we lost the signal from Wheely's KI around 11:30 last night.
(05/22 17:22:07) Yellowdog: Do you have any idea how much damage was done on the second floor?
(05/22 17:22:20) leeloo: is the poor Michael engberg ok ?
(05/22 17:22:24) Kam Uraki: Michael holding up alright?
(05/22 17:22:29) Erik: I hope Wheely is okay...
(05/22 17:22:39) Crash Test Dummy: This is an update...Not Q & A
(05/22 17:22:55) Scarlette: our prayers are with you all, and Wheely!!
(05/22 17:23:24) Marie Sutherland: That in and of itself is not a reason for increased concern, but...
(05/22 17:23:59) Marie Sutherland: her condition when we last spoke with her is reason enough.
(05/22 17:24:43) Leonor: Dr Sutherland, do you think there is a way we can communicate with the Bahro so they help?
(05/22 17:25:24) Curty: wheelys KI is back on!!
(05/22 17:25:26) Marie Sutherland: The rescue teams are doing their best to get us to Wheely as soon as they can.
(05/22 17:25:39) Kam Uraki: How far down do you estimate she is
(05/22 17:25:39) Victor Laxman: That was odd.
(05/22 17:26:11) Whilyam: Victor, what's wrong?
(05/22 17:26:21) Kam Uraki: Oh hey there Mr. Laxman
(05/22 17:26:45) Whilyam: Laxman?
(05/22 17:26:57) peni: down.gif
(05/22 17:27:31) Kam Uraki: I think he's focussed on something else. So, how're you holding up, Ms. Sutherland?
(05/22 17:28:19) Snoopy: wheelies ki is back on again
(05/22 17:28:21) Marie Sutherland: She is on the first floor, we hope to the place right above where she is within the next 6-12 hours.
(05/22 17:28:40) Whilyam: Victor?
(05/22 17:28:43) lotris: oki c'est fait et apres?
(05/22 17:28:59) Wheely: Dad are you there?
(05/22 17:29:06) Marie Sutherland: Hmm...
(05/22 17:29:08) Wheely: Dad?
(05/22 17:29:10) Whilyam: Weely!
(05/22 17:29:15) Whilyam: Wheely!
(05/22 17:29:28) Kam Uraki cheers
(05/22 17:29:29) Erik cheers
(05/22 17:29:39) Wheely: Dad are you there?
(05/22 17:29:48) Whilyam: He's coming ,Wheely
(05/22 17:29:49) Wheely: Where's my dad?
(05/22 17:30:01) Whilyam: He's here.
(05/22 17:30:02) ghaelen: hold on, Wheely
(05/22 17:30:34) Wheely: Dad
(05/22 17:30:41) Michael Engberg: Thank god Wheely!
(05/22 17:30:45) Leonor: Wheely, hold on. Here's here. we're all here. The rescue team is there to help. They are almost there.
(05/22 17:30:48) Kam Uraki: calm down Wheely. The more relaxed you are, the better for your body it is.
(05/22 17:30:53) Marie Sutherland: I'll be back later.
(05/22 17:31:00) Michael Engberg: Oh I'm so glad to see you here. How are you doing? We haven't heard from you in so long.
(05/22 17:31:05) Kam Uraki: Good luck Dr. S
(05/22 17:31:08) Wheely: Dad I feel really good.
(05/22 17:31:10) Amun Aten: YAY! She's alive!
(05/22 17:31:13) Amun Aten cheers
(05/22 17:31:18) Wheely: I'm not even thirsty!
(05/22 17:31:24) Wheely: What happened? . .
(05/22 17:31:47) Michael Engberg: I don't know. We're still coming for you.
(05/22 17:31:55) Michael Engberg: We're going to be there soon.
(05/22 17:32:09) Michael Engberg: You were always so strong. I'm so proud of you.
(05/22 17:32:38) Wheely: The eyes are still there.
(05/22 17:32:43) Michael Engberg: Okay.
(05/22 17:33:03) Wheely: But I feel good. I can hear them above me.
(05/22 17:33:10) Wheely: How close are you?
(05/22 17:33:29) Michael Engberg: We're getting very close. We've been working all night honey. We all can't wait to see you again.
(05/22 17:33:37) Michael Engberg: I'm so glad to hear from you. It's been a long night.
(05/22 17:33:48) Michael Engberg: Can you tell us anything that happened?
(05/22 17:34:09) Wheely: Not really. I was so tired last time. I went to sleep. I think.
(05/22 17:35:00) Wheely: Dad... Rose is still here. Dad... she's dead. She's never moved. Dad.
(05/22 17:35:26) Michael Engberg: Honey it's alright. I'm so sorry for you. But we are going to get you.
(05/22 17:35:44) Michael Engberg: I'm sorry for Rose. But remember it's not your fault.
(05/22 17:36:20) Michael Engberg: Do you know why your KI was off? Can you tell us anything that happened?
(05/22 17:36:39) Michael Engberg: Wheely?
(05/22 17:37:21) Michael Engberg: Willow are you there?
(05/22 17:38:12) Wheely: Sorry, dad. I'm so sad for Rose.
(05/22 17:38:27) Wheely: She's just laying there.
(05/22 17:39:06) Michael Engberg: Baby we're coming. We're going to get you both out.
(05/22 17:39:22) Michael Engberg: How is your leg?
(05/22 17:39:51) Wheely: It still hurts but the tingling is gone. And my head doesn't hurt anymore either.
(05/22 17:40:19) Wheely: I don't know what happened. I feel so much better. But I just want to get out even more now dad. I don't like being so close to Rose.
(05/22 17:40:27) Wheely: And the eyes.
(05/22 17:41:01) Michael Engberg: We were so worried. I'm not sure what happened but I'm so happy. Baby, you were not good last night.
(05/22 17:41:23) Wheely: I know. It's good. But I'm still scared.
(05/22 17:41:24) Michael Engberg:
(05/22 17:41:38) Michael Engberg: Can you see any more of your surroundings? Is there space above you?
(05/22 17:42:07) Wheely: It seems normal. I can't see a lot.
(05/22 17:42:21) Wheely: But the eyes aren't too far away. They just keep staring. I wish they would go away.
(05/22 17:42:43) Michael Engberg: Wheely, those eyes may have saved you. They aren't there to hurt you.
(05/22 17:42:50) Michael Engberg: Don't worry about the eyes.
(05/22 17:42:58) Wheely: Yeah, I guess...
(05/22 17:44:03) Michael Engberg: I don't know how else to explain how good you are feeling...
(05/22 17:44:17) Michael Engberg: I'm so happy.
(05/22 17:45:01) Wheely: How much longer dad?
(05/22 17:45:28) Michael Engberg: We're working hard. Just a few more hours.
(05/22 17:45:58) Michael Engberg: Now that you're feeling better, baby, we're going to get there. We have time now.
(05/22 17:46:02) Michael Engberg: Thank god.
(05/22 17:46:15) Wheely: I know. But I want you to hurry. I'm still scared.
(05/22 17:46:16) peni cheer
(05/22 17:46:33) Whilyam: Wheely what happened to the glowing symbols on the walls? Did they disappear?
(05/22 17:46:40) Michael Engberg: We are hurrying. We're going as fast as we can, of course.
(05/22 17:47:42) Wheely: The eyes just left. They're gone. It's moving in here. Dad, hurry up.
(05/22 17:48:05) Michael Engberg: We're coming babe. Remember, it's not hurting you.
(05/22 17:48:34) Michael Engberg: Wheely. What's going on?
(05/22 17:48:41) Yellowdog: Did Wheely just link?
(05/22 17:49:08) Amun Aten: yeah she went to kadish
(05/22 17:49:09) Yellowdog: I heard the linking noise just as she left!
(05/22 17:49:16) Michael Engberg: Wheely what's going on?
(05/22 17:49:19) Michael Engberg: Are you there?
(05/22 17:49:24) Michael Engberg: Laxman?
(05/22 17:49:26) Ly'net: Wheely is in Kadish!
(05/22 17:49:34) Victor Laxman: Her coordinates show here the entire time. I'm not sure what these anomalies are.
(05/22 17:49:42) Michael Engberg: Anomalies?
(05/22 17:49:51) From Yellowdog in D'ni-Ae'gura: Wheely just linked to Kadish!
(05/22 17:49:54) Michael Engberg: What do you mean?
(05/22 17:50:00) Michael Engberg: Do you see what the KI is doing?
(05/22 17:50:08) Amun Aten: now gahreesen
(05/22 17:50:13) From Alek Krominof in D'ni-Ae'gura': Uh oh
(05/22 17:50:26) Ly'net: what the....
(05/22 17:50:26) From Alek Krominof in D'ni-Ae'gura': Isn't that where Sydney vanished?
(05/22 17:50:33) Michael Engberg: You are sure she's here? in the rubble?
(05/22 17:50:35) From jetuser in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: she moved again
(05/22 17:50:45) From jetuser in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: now in relto
(05/22 17:50:48) Amun Aten: and now relto
(05/22 17:50:52) To Alek Krominof: No sydney fell in Kadish
(05/22 17:50:53) Ly'net: sh is in relto
(05/22 17:50:54) From Yellowdog in D'ni-Ae'gura: Gareesen
(05/22 17:50:55) Michael Engberg: Wheely. Where are you?
(05/22 17:50:58) From jetuser in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: sydney yes
(05/22 17:51:02) From jetuser in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: but wheely is in relto now
(05/22 17:51:06) Michael Engberg: Willow. What's happened? Can you hear me?
(05/22 17:51:09) Michael Engberg: Laxman?
(05/22 17:51:21) Whilyam: Michael, it showed her in Relto, then offline
(05/22 17:51:21) Ly'net: gone
(05/22 17:51:24) From jetuser in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: offline now
(05/22 17:51:26) Victor Laxman: she's still here, Michael. I don't know what's going on.
(05/22 17:51:33) Michael Engberg: What do you mean?
(05/22 17:51:59) Michael Engberg: This isn't normal.
(05/22 17:52:05) Ly'net: did she go topside?
(05/22 17:52:11) Michael Engberg: Wheely! Can you hear me?
(05/22 17:52:18) Victor Laxman: Her Ki was returning it's location from several different Ages, but her signal never moved.
(05/22 17:52:29) Michael Engberg: Laxman, can you get the KI back on? It's off again. We need it on.
(05/22 17:52:38) Michael Engberg: Willow?
(05/22 17:52:39) Victor Laxman: I'm trying.
(05/22 17:53:19) Amun Aten: and now engberg is back in relto
(05/22 17:54:33) Amun Aten: how many DRC do we have in Ae'gura right now?
(05/22 17:54:54) Amun Aten: sutherland, laxman, alexander and... ?
(05/22 17:55:04) Whilyam: Laxman, it shows Engberg in Relto. Did he leave?
(05/22 17:55:15) Amun Aten: engberg wen tot relto a few minutes ago
(05/22 17:55:22) Snoopy: kodama is in the city as well
(05/22 17:55:23) Robert F. Caine: Kodama
(05/22 17:55:36) Whilyam: Are you tracking heat or something? Is she still there? Maybe the Bahro took her KI?
(05/22 17:55:40) From Alek Krominof in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: Looks like they rescued Wheely. Her and Engberg went to a Relto
(05/22 17:55:42) Travis Ohms: Are they all in the pub?
(05/22 17:55:54) Amun Aten: which name in the list is Kodama?
(05/22 17:55:55) Scarlette: or maybe the bahro took HER!
(05/22 17:55:58) Snoopy: cant tell that
(05/22 17:56:04) Robert F. Caine: Engberg is in a Bevin now.
(05/22 17:56:06) From jetuser in jetuser's Payiferen: they said the ki was transmitting locations but she never moved
(05/22 17:56:06) Whilyam: No, Victor said she was still here
(05/22 17:56:10) From jetuser in jetuser's Payiferen: and her ki is offline now
(05/22 17:56:19) Whilyam: Maybe they want her to stop talking?
(05/22 17:56:26) Robert F. Caine: Dr. Kodama
(05/22 17:56:35) To jetuser: very confusing at this point
(05/22 17:56:55) From jetuser in jetuser's Payiferen: engberg is in gahreeshan now?
(05/22 17:57:11) Snoopy: now michael is in Gahreesen
(05/22 17:57:36) Amun Aten: kodama doesn't appear in my "age players" list
(05/22 17:57:54) Robert F. Caine: He seems to be checking the Ages that Wheely's KI indicated.
(05/22 17:57:59) peni: they are linking around like crazy
(05/22 17:58:15) Whilyam: Victor? Michael looks to have gone to a bevin thento Gahreesen
(05/22 17:58:21) Whilyam: Now he's gone.
(05/22 17:58:24) Snoopy: engberg is on the surface now
(05/22 17:58:42) peni: looking for Wheely
(05/22 17:58:50) From jetuser in jetuser's Payiferen: figure it out yet?
(05/22 17:58:50) Travis Ohms: I just arrived, what is happening with wheelys ki?
(05/22 17:59:20) Scarlette: ???? mannn don't leave us hangin!!!
(05/22 17:59:39) Robert F. Caine: Engberg is now offline
(05/22 18:00:26) To jetuser: Nope.. apparently Engberg jumped to all of the ages that Wheely did and then went offline
(05/22 18:00:50) Travis Ohms: Ah, no i was unaware
(05/22 18:01:11) Yellowdog: Laxman, sounds like Phil Henderson syndrome, linking at will.....