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Full Version: Kadish Third Puzzle Map
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Here are some images my friend and I drew of the third puzzle's floor. I dunno if this will help anyone because I haven't solved the puzzle yet myself. I drew them hoping it would help me recognize some patterns but I haven't come up with anything yet and we really don't want to cheat because we have gotten all of the Age's pillars so far except for this one.

BLue Light Map:
Click here to view a spoiler.

White Light Map:
Click here to view a spoiler.

BTW: Feel free to edit and redistrobute them anywhere else
ooh you are getting so close

This hint might help don't click if you want to do it by yourself
Click here to view a spoiler.
Good to know I am on somewhat of the right track biggrin.gif , but I haven't given in to the temptation yet! Thanks for the encouragement
LOL, well I got it already! That really wasn't so hard. I was kind of overthinking that one a bit. I thought It seemed a lot more intimidating that it really was. The drawings did make it easier to see though.
fuddy i hate you, i just left your house now i gotta figure it out before i go to bed.

and this is making me angry because i still dont see a pattern, or anything... still as confusing as if i were to glance at it. 3:29 in the morning now... nothing... man i feel dumb down.gif
Don't give in! You'll get it!
thanks for the map. made the obvious answer more obvious for me smile.gif

i have to say, though, overthinking seems to seriously slow down progress on this age. i've had this problem with puzzle 2 and 3 - the answer was right in front of me, but since it wasn't complicated enough, or didn't follow the "rules" in my head, i kept trying other things. never used to be a problem for me, back in the good ol' myst and riven days, but i guess i've gotten a bit older since then.
...back so long ago, or seemingly so, when Bru first chose this beautiful age to go through, it seemed like puzzles were overly analyzed and in that way, confusing...

then logic broke through, which will become very apparent with your next two puzzles... but the easiest paths to success are not always the ones most easily seen... Bru found that out the hard way...

shorah, welcome, and good luck!

I overthought the puzzles also. When one finally realizes the solution, you think why did I do that? Just keep that logic handy.
where's the trees . . .
all I see is forest!
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