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Full Version: Archangel's Challenge
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Hi There

Can anyone advise me on how to advertise Archangel's Challenge on the Weekend of the 14th and 15th July 2007.

This Challenge is unique as it requires a Maiden, who chooses a Knight or a Champion, or vice versa. Both go to the age, where Mental and Physical abilities will be in demand. The Male of the species, is the one who actually will do the Challenge, while the Female of the species looks on and cheers him on and gives advice, heh heh.

You will be racing against the clock and yourself, and the Champion with the least time wins.

This Challenge will take up to 1 to 2 hours, depending on the physical fitness and mental abilities of the Champion and his maiden, and of course how well they will get along with one another.

At the end of this Challenge it would be interesting to note whether the Maiden and her Champion will actually be speaking to on another, let alone complete the course.

It is all in the name of fun and mayhem, and if you have what it takes, come and see me next weekend in the GOG, I will take your names and you tell me your times afterwards, and I will announce the winner.

So guys and gals, select your partners for the CHALLENGE and I will see you all next week in the GOG.

Look for the ARCHANGEL
I have seen and heard about this...
but what do the players do for the Challenge ???
I mean what do we do ????
Lost of run and Jump ???
Fastest time completing a age ???


confused1.gif blush.gif confused1.gif
Hi Rocky

Now to tell you would be a spoiler and you wouldn't want me to do that now would you.

The clue is having the Mental and Physical ability as it will require both.

The ability to sort out ways of doing things in order to make shorter times.

I personally think that the surprise of the challenge, is what will makes it unique, and exciting.

Rocky it is like dropping you off in the deep end and you either sink or swim.

It is a blank canvas, until you get there, and you have to decide, what you are going to do with the situation that you have been presented with.

Then you deal with it, and get the shortest time doing it, and there in lies the challenge.

Hope that helps
hope any who join you have fun
sounds like you have to be in MOUL to participate
and since i can't i will just have to wait to hear about the fun
QUOTE (gaiasmaiden @ Jul 5 2007, 02:17 AM) *
hope any who join you have fun
sounds like you have to be in MOUL to participate
and since i can't i will just have to wait to hear about the fun

Hey gaiasmaiden,

I have heard you say this before, but now I am concerned, why can you not join us in the MOUL, you would have lots of fun, it would also give me a chance to meet you. You miss out on a lot when you cannot join us. down.gif

Love to see you there
Lord Chaos
I won't be there either, unless the current problems with Live get fixed. I tried again today. Longes I was able to stay in was about 20 minutes. I hope you have fun.

Del and I are certainly going to try and be there. bye2.gif
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