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Full Version: Cate 8/3/07
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Well Cate is her same self I guess...
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(08/03 06:02:10) Chat.log started...
(08/03 06:02:12) Simon_Bitdiddle: No, Mrs. Alexander.
(08/03 06:02:16) vid: I love this neighborhood smile.gif
(08/03 06:02:17) ABguy: hmm... I didn't see the name on the imager Im afraid
(08/03 06:02:20) ZeroG: Me neither
(08/03 06:02:28) Cate Alexander: Hm, I was supposed to meet him here a while ago and I was very late.
(08/03 06:02:32) Yellowdog: Shorah Cate!
(08/03 06:02:39) vid: Cate... I saw Reteltee in here this afternoon... been quite a while.
(08/03 06:02:40) ABguy: I've had days like that...
(08/03 06:02:47) Cate Alexander: You did?
(08/03 06:02:49) ABguy: Some say years like that too
(08/03 06:02:54) Celtic Lark: LOL
(08/03 06:02:56) ZeroG: lol ABguy
(08/03 06:02:56) vid: I believe so, yes
(08/03 06:03:04) ABguy shrugs
(08/03 06:03:08) Cate Alexander: I had some big news to tell him.
(08/03 06:03:10) Simon_Bitdiddle: Hmm, does your Ki indicate that they're in the Cavern still?
(08/03 06:03:11) vid: This was... probably five or six hours ago, though.
(08/03 06:03:18) Simon_Bitdiddle: Well, you could always tell us. We're good for news.
(08/03 06:03:20) Cate Alexander: But I suppose he'll have to wait.
(08/03 06:03:29) ABguy: Oh? well if you want you could tell us and we could pass it on Cate?
(08/03 06:03:30) Yellowdog: Well you can tell us and we can pass it along when we see him
(08/03 06:03:34) Cate Alexander: I would love to tell you but this news I need to tell him first.
(08/03 06:03:43) Celtic Lark: Shucks
(08/03 06:03:47) Simon_Bitdiddle: Ah well.
(08/03 06:03:48) Cate Alexander: Sorry.
(08/03 06:03:49) ABguy: Well I understand...
(08/03 06:03:56) Celtic Lark: We understand
(08/03 06:03:57) Yellowdog: Did you find Phil Henderson?
(08/03 06:04:00) ZeroG nods his head
(08/03 06:04:05) ABguy: lol Henderson
(08/03 06:04:07) Cate Alexander: Did we find him? Are we looking?
(08/03 06:04:11) ABguy: LOL
(08/03 06:04:13) Simon_Bitdiddle: Well... Yes?
(08/03 06:04:25) Yellowdog: you shold be
(08/03 06:04:26) Simon_Bitdiddle: I mean, at least some of us are.
(08/03 06:04:40) Simon_Bitdiddle: I'm more worried about Michael Engberg.
(08/03 06:04:42) Cate Alexander: It's been some years. I don't know of any official search party after all this time.
(08/03 06:05:13) ABguy: Im thinking the Bahro is really just Phil in a suit... its possible... maybe...
(08/03 06:05:13) Yellowdog: Marie stated the other day that you arent so sure he is dead now...
(08/03 06:05:15) vid: Guys... is it necessary to mob her about the same old questions right now? Let the lady tend to business.
(08/03 06:05:24) Ahda: Good evening Ms. Alexander
(08/03 06:05:32) Cate Alexander: Marie holds out hope I supppose.
(08/03 06:05:32) Ansel: Shorah Ms Alexander. Love your shirt! biggrin.gif
(08/03 06:05:40) Cate Alexander: Thank you.
(08/03 06:05:43) Celtic Lark: It is cure, isn't it Ansel
(08/03 06:05:46) Simon_Bitdiddle: Well, if we can't pass on a message for you, is there any new news about the Bahro?
(08/03 06:05:48) ABguy: That is a cool suit
(08/03 06:05:49) Celtic Lark: cute
(08/03 06:05:52) ZeroG: lol - we're not mobing her. It's just that every time she shows up she gets... er... mobbed.
(08/03 06:06:07) Celtic Lark: LOL Keeping a respectful distance...
(08/03 06:06:07) Cate Alexander: I had only hoped to see Reteltee here but I much later than we had planned to meet.
(08/03 06:06:10) ABguy: Wow... Cate you seem to draw a crowd
(08/03 06:06:18) Cate Alexander: Regardless, I hope that you are all enjoying Kirel?
(08/03 06:06:23) JWPlatt: Greetings Cate. For those arriving a little late, can you say again why you are visiting?
(08/03 06:06:29) ZeroG: It's neat - so is Jalak!
(08/03 06:06:31) Yellowdog: Yes its very nice!
(08/03 06:06:32) vid: Kirel is very nice smile.gif
(08/03 06:06:49) Ahda: I am enjoying boy Kirel and Jalak very much
(08/03 06:06:54) Celtic Lark: It's a bit different from our Bevins. Been fun exploring it
(08/03 06:06:59) Cate Alexander: Good to hear. If you have Guild questions, you may want to direct them to Reteltee. Or comments for that matter.
(08/03 06:07:15) Cate Alexander: He is becoming the resident expert.
(08/03 06:07:23) Yellowdog: Cool!
(08/03 06:07:30) Ahda: Interesting.
(08/03 06:07:31) Dalken Starbyne: Jalak is really fun, I love it! Building things is something I enjoy a lot.
(08/03 06:07:31) vid: Cate, I have a very important question regarding neighborhoods, if I could have a moment?
(08/03 06:07:44) kobo: Jalak wat dat jalak????
(08/03 06:07:54) ABguy: hmm... well I think IM going to escape whilest I can, lol you guys have fun
(08/03 06:08:03) Yellowdog: Kobo, see your KI mail
(08/03 06:08:07) ZeroG: Bye ABguy smile.gif
(08/03 06:08:11) Cate Alexander: Yes, I won't stay long either. It's late for me.
(08/03 06:08:13) kobo: k
(08/03 06:08:20) Cate Alexander: And another busy day tomorrow.
(08/03 06:08:28) Simon_Bitdiddle: If you could answer a few questions before you go, we'd appreciate it.
(08/03 06:08:34) Ahda: I bet!
(08/03 06:08:35) Cate Alexander: Just a few.
(08/03 06:08:43) vid wants to ask a question...
(08/03 06:08:44) ZeroG: lol - she's brave smile.gif
(08/03 06:08:47) Cate Alexander: Vid.
(08/03 06:09:04) vid: Ms Alexander... since December, the Nexus has been displaying all neighborhoods as "Bevin"....
(08/03 06:09:16) vid: This is proving to be a problem, as it's corrupting the history of the name "Bevin"
(08/03 06:09:19) Cate Alexander: Oh, please don't start with Nexus questions.
(08/03 06:09:21) Tai'lahr shakes her head
(08/03 06:09:26) ZeroG starts to laugh
(08/03 06:09:27) Ansel: heh heh
(08/03 06:09:30) Simon_Bitdiddle shakes his head
(08/03 06:09:37) Cate Alexander: I hear Laxman cursing it all the time and I'm tired of buggin him myself.
(08/03 06:09:39) Dragonia: hmmmmm
(08/03 06:09:44) Simon_Bitdiddle wants to ask a question...
(08/03 06:09:48) vid: People believing it to be a D'ni word for neighborhood... or other such things. Is there any way we can have the original history of Bevin posted on the DRC site somewhere?
(08/03 06:09:50) Mar'ith: lol
(08/03 06:10:04) Cate Alexander: IT has been the root of a lot of frustration and I am no expert in regards to it. I just trust Laxman.
(08/03 06:10:08) Cate Alexander: I know he is doing all he can.
(08/03 06:10:19) JWPlatt: Who is this Reteltee, Cate? Could the qualifications over others, say, who have been trying to build the guilds over the yeras?
(08/03 06:10:27) kobo: thanks i missed the k1 info this morning
(08/03 06:10:27) Cate Alexander: The original history of Bevin...I'm not sure I"ve seen that.
(08/03 06:10:45) vid: Cate... is there anywhere I can submit that information, then?
(08/03 06:10:48) Yellowdog: People this is not a photo op!
(08/03 06:10:56) Cate Alexander: Reteltee was in the right place at the right time I suppose. Although he is very qell qualified in the Guilds and has been in the cavern for a long time.
(08/03 06:11:19) Nasser: O_O
(08/03 06:11:19) J.D. Barnes: Is there a queue? I'd like to reserve a place in line for questions....
(08/03 06:11:24) JWPlatt: Serendipity might not satisfy those who have worked so hard before.
(08/03 06:11:25) Cate Alexander: One more.
(08/03 06:11:26) Nasser: she behind me isnt she
(08/03 06:11:27) Yellowdog: Give the woman some space!
(08/03 06:11:33) Nasser: sorry
(08/03 06:11:36) Celtic Lark: Avie going crazy
(08/03 06:11:40) Celtic Lark: not intentional
(08/03 06:11:44) Cate Alexander: Well it will have to. Don't forget that he has worked hard as well.
(08/03 06:11:46) Simon_Bitdiddle: Has the upswing in Bahro activity caused any delays in the DRC Restoration?
(08/03 06:11:54) Nasser: i apologize for bumping into you Cate
(08/03 06:11:56) Ahda: So Reteltee will be able to answer questions about all guilds?
(08/03 06:12:06) JWPlatt: Thanks, Cate.
(08/03 06:12:19) Curty: Cate when are we going to fullfill our duties as Guild members?
(08/03 06:12:20) Cate Alexander: The recent Bahro activity has not helped restoration efforts.
(08/03 06:12:27) Cate Alexander: But we are doing our best to continue.
(08/03 06:12:35) Cate Alexander: Despite the distractions.
(08/03 06:12:40) Yellowdog: Cate, as a Greeter, I am wondering what your vision of the guild is? Where we fit into the BIG picture?
(08/03 06:12:58) Ahda: I've been wondering that as well.
(08/03 06:13:23) Cate Alexander: My vision is the Guild of Greeters meeting with the other Guilds in the Guild Hall on the Island running the affairs of this cavern as the Guilds used to run the affairs of D'ni.
(08/03 06:13:24) Curty: What distractions?
(08/03 06:13:56) Curty: I see
(08/03 06:14:01) Curty bows
(08/03 06:14:05) Cate Alexander: I personally hope to see the Guilds restored to their ancient beauty... some day.
(08/03 06:14:16) J.D. Barnes: Ms. Alexander, might I have a moment of your time?
(08/03 06:14:19) Yellowdog thanks you very much!
(08/03 06:14:27) Cate Alexander: Hi JD. How have you been?
(08/03 06:14:39) J.D. Barnes: Ah, well, thank you. My work continues swimmingly.
(08/03 06:14:44) J.D. Barnes: Kind of you to ask.
(08/03 06:15:02) Cate Alexander: Excellent, you do know we are here to help if you need it.
(08/03 06:15:13) Nasser: ^^
(08/03 06:15:15) JWPlatt wants to ask a question...
(08/03 06:15:18) J.D. Barnes: Speaking of which, there have been rumors of some translations, involving Jolatha... are you aware of information of the validity of them?
(08/03 06:15:36) Cate Alexander: Newly released?
(08/03 06:15:48) Ahda: hm...
(08/03 06:16:15) Tricia Isaacson: Oh, Mr. Barnes, I don't think Ms. Alexander knows of my, um ... indescretion.
(08/03 06:16:20) J.D. Barnes: Released recently, through Tricia Isaacson.
(08/03 06:16:32) J.D. Barnes raises an eyebrow.
(08/03 06:16:32) Cate Alexander: The only writings of Jolatha that I"m personally aware of are those with the Kings.
(08/03 06:16:49) Cate Alexander: The DRC has not released any recently.
(08/03 06:16:56) Cate Alexander: I'm not sure who Tricia is.
(08/03 06:17:01) Tricia Isaacson: Ms. ALexander, perhaps I should introduce myself.
(08/03 06:17:07) J.D. Barnes: Indescetion, interersting...
(08/03 06:17:26) J.D. Barnes: Well, Ms. Alexander, I'll not waste any more of your valuable time.
(08/03 06:17:33) J.D. Barnes nods to Cate.
(08/03 06:17:34) Tricia Isaacson: I've been using my maiden name since I came back to the cavern a few months ago. My married name is Lawson.
(08/03 06:18:13) DaVinci: hmm I can't see the chat I hope it is interesting
(08/03 06:18:58) Tricia Isaacson: Seveal yeas ago, when I was still in the DRC's employ, I took some copies of a few D'ni texts home with me to study on my vacation. And forgot I had them until I ran accross them a few months ago.
(08/03 06:18:58) Cate Alexander: I'm sorry. I don't believe you.
(08/03 06:19:13) Tricia Isaacson nods her head
(08/03 06:19:35) Curty: lol!
(08/03 06:19:42) Cate Alexander: I"ve seen pictures of Tricia and you are not her.
(08/03 06:19:44) Cate Alexander: Sorry.
(08/03 06:19:51) Yellowdog: hehe
(08/03 06:19:51) kobo (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/03 06:20:01) Nasser: O_o
(08/03 06:20:02) Tricia Isaacson: Yes, I thought you might say that. The translations I released are somewhat controversial. It seemed at first as if the DRC was simply going to pretend they didn't exist.
(08/03 06:20:12) Cate Alexander: And I don't care for imposters.
(08/03 06:20:19) J.D. Barnes: Once again, I thank you for your time, Ms. Alexander. Always a pleasure.
(08/03 06:20:24) Cate Alexander: So please... no need to continue this charade.
(08/03 06:20:26) JWPlatt: Well, Cate, this seems to have become a bad time to ask if the DRC will allow us to see the "bad" negative numbers from pellets which are offseting the positive effects on the lake? But I hope this will be answered very soon., try to address that sometime. Thanks.
(08/03 06:20:36) Cate Alexander: Thank you all for your time.
(08/03 06:20:40) Cate Alexander: Noted JW.
(08/03 06:20:40) ZeroG: We always appreciate a visit, Cate - thanks! smile.gif
(08/03 06:20:42) Curty: good night
(08/03 06:20:43) Celtic Lark: Thank you
(08/03 06:20:46) Cate Alexander: Have a good night.
(08/03 06:20:51) Mar'ith waves goodbye
(08/03 06:20:51) Mar'ith: Thanks
(08/03 06:20:52) Simon_Bitdiddle: On a lighter note, have you seen the Baby Bahro?
(08/03 06:20:57) essjay: thank you so much for your time Ms. Alexander
(08/03 06:21:03) Ansel: Good night Ms. Alexander.
(08/03 06:21:03) vid: Thank you for your time, Cate. Don't be a stranger, it gets lonely around here when the DRC are out of "face time"
(08/03 06:21:15) Nasser: that was unusual....
(08/03 06:21:15) Curty: she is so bratty smile.gif
(08/03 06:21:20) John Rockefeller: What is a DRC member doing using the Relto book?
(08/03 06:21:27) JWPlatt: Nice to see you, Tricia.
(08/03 06:21:29) ...Chat.log stopped.
Wow, Cate really slammed the door on Tricia's charade. smile.gif

Rex Havoc
Wow! Guess that put her in her place!!

I also really hope there are not a bunch of @!^#&*@$ trying to screw up the Pellet counts. I know that GameTap brought in new life for Uru, I just wish the riffraff could be filtered out!
dont think there is much hope of that Rex. Tho it is much better than some games so we can be thankful for that.
Arion Lightseeker
Wow! That was really neat of Cate! No messing around there! Don't mess with the DRC!
QUOTE (grey dragon @ Aug 3 2007, 1:07 PM)
QUOTE (Montgomery @ Aug 2 2007, 11:50 PM)
QUOTE (Chuckles58 @ Aug 2 2007, 10:40 PM)
To quote Yeesha from the opening movie, "they will come, and he will come, and I will come as well."

Sounds like the bahro would be the "they". We know that Yeesha is the "I". So we still need to know who "he" is. My guess is still on Dr Watson, but after one of Marie's visits yesterday, it could easily be the long lost phend, Phil Henderson (despite his name on the memorial).

Not sure if "he" (whoever it is) is the "familiar voice" we are waiting for right now, though.

"Destruction is coming ..."

Tricia's translations seem to point to ....

Listen I hate to take the mystique away, but since this person decided to use one of the official characters back-story to bring themselves in the limelight I need to give an official response.

Tricia is not being played by Cyan Worlds, Inc. at this time. Any Tricia information should be considered fan made.

I will not be confirming other characters at this time.

Note Greydragon's response about Tricia... In case there is any doubt about her credibility (from Uru Obsession forum "Cavern Today" topic. smile.gif

i actually met reteltee last night in kirel whilst i was there for a while. he seemed very nice. dressed all in black except a yellow construction hat.

budgie was there for a while with me and we got lots of questions and comments. there seemed to be quite a few people interested in the blue-shirt table at one time, but other times, most people were donning the green Greeter Support shirts...

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