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Full Version: Who Would Have Known?!
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Why cant I get a grant for doing studies like this?

Reminds me of a lunch conversation I had yesterday with some cool Japanese coworkers. Apparently, their parents "found each other" either through arranged marriages OR by the guy going through a mail order bride book (or some such book involving a choice made by LOOKS!). Not surprisingly, both coworkers said their parents were miserable. Looks alone doesn't make a marriage work. I liked the part about women being "choosier." That's called common sense. wink3.gif
Hehehehe - I'd be left on the shelf for sure! I'm just a very plain and ordinary sort of girl smile.gif
Rex Havoc
Plain? Ordinary? Don't believe it for a second!
Hiya peeps,

Yeah, just check out her forum avie... Hubba bubba wub.gif

Ahem.... Anyhoo whistling.gif

Well shoooot you learn somethin' new every day
Hey Friends,

Yeah but at the same time you forget something, so in the end it all evens out bleh.gif

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