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Full Version: Something From Atrius's Office
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Rex Havoc
My mom has this kaleidoscope that looks VERY Myst like. I love it! Thought I'd share! smile.gif

Wow, nice, Rex. clapping.gif It does look Mysti smile.gif
Very cool. Yes it does have a Myst type look to it. How old is it actually?
That's officially cool!
Awesome find, Rex! Where did your mom find/acquire it? Is it a family heirloom? I love the marbles as weights, too. Hum... Just a short step from firemarbles...
That looks great Rex.

I think the marbles go inside to produce other patterns and colors. Each one is quite different.

Very cool indeed clapping.gif
Rex Havoc
This is strange... I posted a reply here last night but it's gone now!! confused1.gif

I really don't think the kaleidescope is too old, but I'll have to find out and let you know! The marbles interchange with the one that is clamped to the end to get a different view. Really is pretty cool! (I love gadgets!)
That is nice. Thanks for sharing it with us. smile.gif
William H. Maier
Thanks for sharing Rex clapping.gif
awsome.....simply awsome. i want to decorate my room with stuff similar....its hard to decorate a room with a MYST feel
yeah that was neat. i wish i had one i bet my four yr old would love it lol hes a gadgets kid. thanks for sharing with us
Have you been able to link other people with it yet?
Rex Havoc
It is a relatively new item and mom says that the grandkids love it! I think the Linking ability has been turned off, at least the grandkids don't seem to be popping out. (Just pooping out... Sorry!!)
clapping.gif really cool ...
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