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Full Version: Traveled Through RL Minkata
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Yesterday, Memi, Deem and I traveled from different points through RL Minkatas (you should have seen the dust blowing on the freeways) to meet up with Wolfie for the afternoon and early evening. Deem had mentioned this had reminded her of Minkata on the freeway and I thought it was a very appropriate analogy - it was just like it, and at times, just as hard to see as being very far out in Minkata. Several trucks on the 60 fwy had pulled over and under a few overpasses, I saw RVs pulled over to the side - they had quit figthing the horrible winds blowing across the freeway from left to right.

It was an honor and pleasure to meet Memi, Wolfie and Deem for the first time in RL yesterday. (Each of you are wonderful people and I am blessed to have met you!)

We took a tour of the "museum" or should it be called the Mysteum of Wolfie's and I was astonished how much memorabilia that he has accumulated over the years - with some very rare articles. He keeps them well kept in places to reduce wear and tear from the elements!

In the background was music from the Myst games playing, which set the perfect mood. Outside the wind blustered about while we were inside, cozy.

We got to meet Boots, a huge Maine Coon Cat (hopefuly got that right) - he was very affectionate - in the distance, checking us all out was Kink, a nice feline that you would only have to see once to know where Wolfie came up with that name - they were good hosts as well.

We were able to eat some goodies that I had prepared to bring out - it seemed like enough of a variety, even though if it had been a bit closer, I would have happily made some kebabs for all! We had Hommous bi Tahini, Babaganouj, Pita Chips, Dolmathes, Mediterranean Olives, and for sweets, Muhalabya with Rose Water or Pomegranate Syrup and Sugar Plum Candy and then Valrhona Brownies and Banana Bread. We also had a little sip of Arak each of us to top the evening off.

We had a very nice discussion, I learned many things that I never knew whistling.gif and left that evening having felt so fortunate that I was able to meet these three very fine people! It is only a shame that Lord Chaos could not join us.

I had planned to go to Victorville that evening after leaving, but as it was a bit later than I thought and the wind was blowing terribly, I actually turned around and came back home - I fought the steering wheel all the way until I got to the Los Angeles basin, where the wind died down. By the time I had arrived home, it was calm out, but there was a dusty, smoky pall in the air from the blowing wind and wildfires. These times of Santa Ana winds always irritate my sinuses - and they just leave me feeling ill at ease generally speaking.

Oh, did I tell you Memi brought each of us cookies? Yep! So, now I have tasted famous Memi's cookies and they are very good. This morning, I had one with my coffee - i will mete these out in the upcoming days.

During our visit, we had phone conversations with Ayli, Ural and Jade! It was nice hearing them too and we wished we could have included each of them in our gathering! Oh well - there is always the future!

Oh, I also have never seen the amount of color in a person's kitchen to rival that of Wolfie's! Next to his, mine is rather sterile and white looking... and I tend toward the earthy tones. But it was bright!!!

I'll post photos later, and also resuscitate the recipe thread and add some recipes to that!

clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
Wow, can't wait for the pictures yay.gif

I had a pleasure to talk to all of you present at Wolfie's place and I'm envying you all for seeing Wolfie's exhibits and sampling Beh's cooking down.gif (I already sampled memi's wonderful cookies smile.gif ) Maybe one of these days I'll make a trip a California and be able to get to LA smile.gif I'm glad you all had a fantastic time smile.gif

rock.gif clapping.gif
I had such a wonderful time with the three of you! And getting a chance to talk with Ayli, Ural and Jade (so sorry I misheard the name at first--my hearing, you know).

Wolfie's apartment is INCREDIBLE! As is his Myst collection (one of many fine collections, in fact). I want a bedroom just like Wolfie's when I grow up. lollol And the two cats (especially the wonderful Coon) and yellow fish were such a pleasure!

The meal was a treat! Thank you so much, D'rbeh. I love trying new cuisines. The rose water--I can still imagine its perfumed fragrance now! Couldn't get enough of the hummus! An honor to share this with you, my friend. Your serenity was a balm as well.

Granny's cookies were a surprise and a joy to receive (second time in my life). So sweet of her to bring! We had some good laughs together.

David is an amazing human being with some amazing (and touching) stories. I was so glad to see this side of the Wolfmeister.

Big hugs and thanks to you all. It was a special day, one I'll never forget. Hoping there will be another reunion I can join. Riverside looked very quaint. I'd love to return one day when it isn't quite so windy/dusty. Looked like there were a lot of cool shops to explore.
Thank you all and it was an honor and privilege to have you in my home. I had such a wonderful time ... great food, great company and great conversation. Boots was certainly a proper gentle-cat and well mannered ... he is my special boy. Kink is just over a year old and isn't used to people quite yet, and so was quite a bit more reserved. Though he did watch from a distance with what seemed to be cat-like amusement. My yellow fish - a Blood Parrot and my TireTrack ell are the only two fish I have left. I lost 4 of them during the last heatwave when my AC died. It got so hot in my apartment that even my candles melted. The poor souls basically cooked to death. down.gif They did have a good long life though as all but one was well over 5 years old (long time for a fish). I did loose power again during the late afternoon, but that only lasted about 5 minutes.

Oh goodness ... I just realized I never showed you all one of my prized possessions ... Catherine's Dress and Vest ... of well, now you have even more reason to come out to Riverside again.

It was also great talking with Ayli, Ural and Ja'de on the phone ... even if I wasn't that talkative. blush.gif Ayli and Ural had both called D'rbeh and figured that since they had called I would call Ja'de to say "hello" since I hadn't talked with her for a while. Was funny because she didn't recognize my number, and after doing an intent search for the area code realized it had to have been me ... and then thought something was wrong. Ja'de sorry (again) for scaring you. I know I don't call often, but I love talking with you.

After Mem, Deem and D'rbeh left ... I crawled into my computer game ... currently playing Titan Quest ... and munched on Beh's banana bread and brownies. YUMMY! I didn't loose power again, even though the winds kept blowing ... and still are. I have heard about the number of fires burning right now, though no real surprise for this time of year. But, between the fires and the winds they are total havoc (not Rex) on one's sinuses (especially when you have chronic sinusitis) yucky.gif so my mood it temperamental today at best and my head aches and my nose is all dry and crusty ... and it hurts. But coming across this thread changed my feeling and I'm feeling happy and content again. hug_squeeze.gif

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life ... whether in person, on the phone or online.
Hugsss to all

I truly had a awesome experience. Meeting up with Wolfie, Deem and D'rbeh.

I of course got lost 3 times while driving to Wolfie's. Never argue with a GPS, they do not like you to go off route and they are determined you will go the way they want you to go. So coming back to daughters I learned to listen.
It was really hard driving home especially, going it was very windy, but by evening it was worse to me. there was so much blowing across one spot in freeway it was very difficult to see, not to mention the palm things that were around. Ran over several, was driving grand daughters car so was worried at one time. But made it home just fine.

It was such a honor to meet up with all three great people.

I keep hoping some of D'rbeh's calmness and serenity will of rubbed off, but highly doubt that.

The food was sooo great.

Then to get to say hi to Ayli, Ural and Jade was frosting on the cake. Tho I thought D'rbeh was saying Earl smile.gif I was going who is Earl only see Ural in print I am so bad at sounds, hehe But it was great

Wolfie's cats are sooo precious, anxious to get home to my sick baby. Sassy is nearing the end of her circle and will soon leave me.

I am honored on the nice words about my cookies. cooked on daughters oven and just not use to it. To me they were not to good but thanks for the nice words anyhow. Watching great grandson shoving one in his mouth right now but then 3 yrs old are not very fussy. smile.gif

Wolfies apt is awesome and the collection is beyond belief. Almost made me want to hurry home to clean my house. Now wait read first word, ALMOST, the thought passed through but dont' believe it stuck. Rather clean the barn than do house work smile.gif

Once again thank you all for the honor to spend the day with you all. It was truly a hightlight of my trip and I was looking so forward to see you all.
I wish Lord Chaos could of made it. Maybe next time.

I have pictures but since I have not figured out how to post in Gallery will just have to post on my online album. I tried to figure out and at one time I was able to do it. But that is lost in the resess of my brain and unable to retrieve it. File corrupted.

Once again. Hugs to three very special friends.
Enjoyed reading everyone's accounts of the visits and telephone calls. Wish I could have been there. Maybe some time in the distant future I can get back to Los Angeles and do some genealogy and get to visit with some of you out there! What good memories!
clapping.gif Yay!!! A mini-mysterium!! Wish I could have been there too down.gif Maybe one day - I'd love to have the honour and privilege to meet you all.
I am sure going to try Racie. you are on top of my list


and Leah some day who knows.
Maybe I will do what IB is doing, but in reverse - be a good reward after getting my degree!! thumbsup.gif
Oh that would be awesome Racie and yes a definate reward for you.

think of all you could meet.

My home would be open to you. Or anyone adventureous to come up to the Great North Woods.

Me casa es su casa
Don't worry, Mem - you're definitely at the top of my list!!! hug.gif
QUOTE (racegirl @ Oct 22 2007, 06:33 PM) *
Maybe I will do what IB is doing, but in reverse - be a good reward after getting my degree!! thumbsup.gif

Awesome reward indeed! thumbsup.gif I would certainly arrange another "gathering" at my home should you come to Southern California during your visit. clapping.gif
sounds like u guys had some fun, but now i am eager to see the collection u have! laugh.gif
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