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Full Version: Prison Book Difference?
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hello everyone, i just now finished both Riven and Revelation within the same week, yeah, it took me a long time but i was playing off and on for the past few years so it took me a very long time to get them both done. well anyway, i am just wondering why the prison books in the first two games (haven, spire and the fake D'ni one in Riven) are different then the prison books in Revelation. reading Atrus' journal, it says that a prison book is just like a void in the link or something like that, and that only one person can be in it. but in Revelation, as you know, you can explore the prison ages and see through flash backs that more than one person have been there at the same time. is this just one of those things they changed throughout the series, or am i just completely clueless about the whole thing?
Basically this comes down to AL (Artistic License) in that Cyan didn't have the technical ability to properly describe or detail "prison books" in Myst and Riven. This subject has been discussed numerous time over the years, though I forget where most of these discussions are. I'm not even sure if we have any of them here, but I do know that there has been a good number of these topics discussed on, amongst other forums.
As Wolfie said there have been lots of discussion in the past. My feeling is that any age could be a "prison" if there is no reasonable means of escape.

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In the book of Ti'anna there was a statement about some of the D'ni wanting to place Anna in a plesant age from which she could not escape. Had they gone through with this idea, that age would have been her prison.

In Revalation, the boys made there way into ages that contained no books to link back. They were trapped and these ages became their prisons.

In Myst, Atrus had made a very different type of prison book.
ah, thank you that clears things up a bit!
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