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Full Version: Just A Question About Beginning Of Great Zero
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The book is great for giving info about what you need to accomplish. I have 14 of the first 15 markers you need to open up the new location. I was wondering if there is anyplace else that would be considered being in the cavern except my bevin and Ae'gura. 14 were pretty simple to get but I have been going round in circles for a couple of days trying to get the last one to trigger. Should I be looking somewhere else? headbang.gif
whistling.gif All markers are in the city, but some may not be visible as in they may be
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up on a roof top or on a balcony or over a cliff, the same for the

you might check your brown city book or bahro links in the ages.
Have you thought to look in an office area? Maybe one that overlooks the city?
Dont forget to also look in the any of the Bevins
top to bottom

I think there is one place you may have missed
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the great zero itself
If all else fails, there is help available!
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