Hey GoG members, you may sign-up here and I will grab you name and number, or you may wander over to the MOUL forum to sign-up. Thanks!

Shorah y'all.

Welcome to the Introductory Bahro Glyph Tour. The next tour will be Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 18:00 KI time. Please allow at least two hours for the tour. Sometimes a little more if we all get chatty. Please be aware that the US has already begun Daylight Saving Time and that the Europeans have not, so I leave it to each of you explorers to go look at the time of your KI and adjust to your own specific time zone. You can do it, you know you can.

Your hosts are ireenquench and Ti'chelle.

This tour will mostly deal with the rock art in Eder Kemo: the fountain sequence, the "Bahro Gathering" behind the bamboo woods and the picture of Yeesha behind the rotating statue. Now, this is not all that we discuss, but it is the basis of the tour. We will be discussing the Glyphs mostly from an InCavern (IC) point of view, but this may not be so the whole time. Tour attendees are not required to be IC.

Please, when you sign up, leave your KI# along with your name. It is important to do this in advance so that KI pics, tour information and an invite to my Eder Kemo can be sent to everyone.

We will meet 15 to 30 minutes in advance of the tour in the Uru Obsession Bevin (please watch this thread in case this location should change). Then we will link to my Eder Kemo. This allows us to check that everyone has all the info. that they need, and to process any last minute explorers. Note on this: If you feel you have all the pics etc. and feel comfortable just go ahead and link to my Kemo. Save an extra link or two.

The tour guides will use voice chat. There is a lot to tell, and we don't want to take hours because of the slow KI typing. You are welcome to use voice chat, but may also use text typing for your comments and questions.

This tour is based on independent explorer research by several explorers from different sources. DRC/Cyan nor GameTap are affiliated with this. They are just kind enough to allow us to use their facilities. And offer needed tech support.

This tour is limited to a maximum of 20 explorers, including your hosts. After you sign-up, please check back with this thread in case we need to make changes.

Looking forward to exploring with all of you!

1. ireenquench #13878
2. Ti'chelle Glyph Tour Guide #5771624
3. Dagda #10044159
4. Walt #49443
5. CrisGer #02020434
6. EthanEver #04292411
7. Sim1013 #04331322

Should the sign-up sheet become full, feel free to stop by and check for open spots. Should somebody drop out, last minute attendees are always welcome to join.

If you have any questions, please ask. I will be checking on this thread everyday. You can also PM me if you need to. Or send me a KI mail.

Please be aware that the MOUL forums will be undergoing maintenance on Monday, March 17th and expected back up on Wednesday, March 19th, thus no access for a few days, so if you need information, want to sign-up or need to PM me, there will be posts about this tour on the UO forum and the GoG forum.