I have to confess that I am a little confused....
Are the Bahro the same as the Least?
And if so, it seems from what I am reading here that there are two varities of Bahro - is this true? Is there a human variety and then a bestial variety who walk on all fours?
If so, which species was traded as slaves in Teledahn?
How tall were they? When they were shackled to the ceiling, did their feet have contact with the ground?
A lot of questions, I know, but I have to get answers as soon as possible.


This is a complicated one because no the Bahro arnt The Least but then they are.

Bahro - (Beast people/person) This is a generalization like foreigners is a general term too. Doesn't mean all Foreigners are the same race. The Bahro are what was refered to as Ahrotahntee (Outsiders also known as bookworlders) in Terahnee (aside from being known as Relyimah - Unseen). Basically the natives of an age were bahro as they were considered a lesser race, beastly people too primative etc. Seeming we are from an age we could be considered as Bahro.

The Least - The Least are Ahrotahntee because they were the natives to the D'ni Cavern when the D'ni first ever linked there. I think the term of Bahro was given to The Least because well they arnt human they are more like animals (thats not to say they are lovely people really biggrin.gif )

Im not sure as to what Slaves where being traded in Teledahn such information has yet to be released however I expect The Least where amoungst them due to fragments of bone found on the age.

As for how tall they are..The Least are extremely large its quite possible for them to touch the floor when they were chained up..As for any other race they might not be so lucky.

I hope this covered everything you wanted to know.