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Finally! A pic that proves that the Garrison Fortress is 6-sided! I was so bent on believing it was a 4-sided building. My God! Look at its size compared to the 1st building!
Now THAT is an awesome picture! biggrin.gif How'd you get it?
Makes me wonder what we haven't seen in that second building tho - I mean - it's so HUGE compared to the first one, and yet I feel like I had less exploring in the second one...I must've missed something...
Wow, look how bright the colors used to be. Was it like that in Beta? Pretty, but not very Myst-like.
that is an awesome picture. It is huge! wonder if we get to do more exploring there in the future? linking.gif
That is an awesome picture, thank you for sharing.
Corona, have you been astral travelling again?
Corona, did you take an "UruBoo" ride? biggrin.gif
It's simple. I just jumped. What, you can't jump that high? This is the Jumping Flash version of Uru. I'm actually a robotic jumping rabbit. laugh.gif

Down Elevator bug. On the roof of the smaller building, walk past the Down elevator from either the left or right, close to it. Poof! Black for 30 seconds, then the coolest descent.
(It looks more colorful because I put it through Photoshop.)
For some reason Corona seems to find some of the coolest places to take some great pics .
I gotta try that - I wouldn't mind some bugs like that. biggrin.gif
I have photos I can't post. And the pain never stops.
Why can't you post them? Need someone to upload/host them? I can do that... smile.gif
No, it's because of the NDA. But thanks, Jo! blush.gif
Thanks for the Heads UP Corona! thumbsup.gif

I hope they DON'T fix the falling bug in my Relto... I like it!!! upsidedwnsmiley.gif And now I find out there's an EVEN COOLER ONE worship.gif
Er umm ... gotta go!

*sound of Caps Lock and clicky clicky in background*

Oh yeah,...Bye! and Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnks

Falling bug? huh.gif

I managed to bring Kemo glowbugs to my hood. I'm afraid to turn on the rain. Will they go away?
yep - they go away. Then you have to get more bugs. bleh.gif
K, Corona, fess up.....

I tried for days to get the bugs out of Kemo and into some other place.

(u do mean your relto, not your hood, right?)

tell me.......or I'll bend it farther......tell don't want it to break, now do you.......tell me..........
I tried once before & it didn't work. I tried it again recently & it DID work. I believe I brought them to Gira to finish the last puzzle (getting the last Gira Journey) & then I Reltoed out while in the last cave. It worked. biggrin.gif
I'm always bringing bugs to my relto, just link out once you have them. smile.gif
That picture is absolutely AWESOME Corona! Congrats for such a great shot.

I've literally spent hours by now, up in the air in my Gahreesen, but all I see on my way down is the sky... down.gif

I wonder what I am doing wrong, and why I keep landing on my butt instead of head first like Corona. Maybe I might get a hint here, what I could try to take some better shots myself? (beg beg) blush.gif
nice picture biggrin.gif More importantly, notice how large the landmass is from above compared to when you are in the playing area.. no wonder the place feels large, and no wonder why there is also space for new content. It also explains why the Age can lag a bit on high detail as well shock.gif
Blueice, I've been doing that bug all the time in 3rd Person mode. That might be your problem. Or...the developers are trying to fix that bug & what you are seeing is their attempt to 'fix' it. glare.gif I haven't done again it recently after I took that pic.

Erandel, I think the reason that Garrison is so laggy is because such huge things are constantly turning. It might also be that there are really 2 Ages that we're in, the exterior, & the interiors.
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