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Full Version: Questionable Acts?
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Uhmm i though u guys would be more excited that myst online is coming back but it still seems very desolate here lmao is thier any reason for this type of behavior?
William H. Maier
We are patiently waiting just like everyone else. One can do only so much speculating smile.gif
IMHO emotion tends to run from "wait and see" to "excited" and I think we are all ( or at least many of us )are hopeful. That being said, and speaking for myself at least, I also believe there is a certain amount of "been there, got the t-shirt" feeling as well. Perhaps what you will see is a situation similar to real life. The closer the time gets, the more the excitement will build. thumbsup.gif

The other thing to consider is, there is more going on in the background than many realize. Guilds are exploring ideas. Groups are evaluating their positions, desires and alliances. UrU may well be coming back but we are still, to a large extent, unaware of whether or not it will be back in a format that will be the same as we have become familiar with or, in a modified or unfamiliar format.

Give it time and I'm sure the pot will start to boil a little faster in the not to distant future. smile.gif
i have had my hopes up before only to be let down
i will just wait to see what may come before i invest to much emotion into the possibility of seeing friends again
celestria, first off, welcome to the forums. i see this is your first post.

take your shoes off, relax, sit back and read some of the past threads on the emergence of "MORE".

we've talked a lot about it, waited for more information, etc. - much like many of the other forums. perhaps we are in more of a "wait" and see stage...


clapping.gif clapping.gif
I think some of us feel sorta like this.
i personally can not wait for the cavern to open again...just being there with fellow fans is good enough for me....even tho my time this year will be even more pressed now that i am a senior in high school (woot) and have to start the college application process....very, very pressed.....
Rex Havoc
Welcome, celestria. Yes, it may seem to be quiet and subdued but, those of us who have 'been here' before, just want to make sure this latest rendition of Uru will actually come to fruition before we really get excited. It is there, under the surface, if you really look closely! biggrin.gif
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