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master neo
I'm sure that this has been covered by some one at some time way back but this has been urking me since I first played realMyst. It would be really cool if they made a remake of Riven wth modern graphics. It they used some thing like the UrU engine. People would really go out for that. I know that may people don't like the myst games because they seem ver slow and uninteresting(oh how wrong they are). By remaking it with modern tech I think thatit would rejuvinate a series that has just about compleatly faded from public knowlage. Now of course I understand thatthere is the problum of fundig and getting a contract with microsoft and mac. I think many people might be put of by the games because of they look boring. It would mke the game more accesable. I guess what I'm getting at hear is that I've noticed that I sertain selction of people seem to play these games and enjoy them. Any way. I'd love to get your guys opinions on this.
Strictly my opinion but...

1. Nice idea but far to costly a project in an age where the vast majority of gamers are looking for shooters, not "cerebral" content.

2. A remake of a game with "modern" graphics is, for all intents and purposes, a new game. Riven's layout is quite different from what was used for Myst. My guess is it would take far more work
to remake Riven than it took to make the upgrade on Myst. ( Those more in tune with programming would be better able to comment on that. )

3. If they used something like the "UrU' engine as you suggest, it would probably be a flop. While I still do and always will love UrU, the engine is old, tired, not fuel efficient.
To make a game worthwhile to produce it must appeal to hundreds of thousand, if not millions of users.

IMHO I cannot see it having the appeal necessary to generate the numbers required make it a profitable venture in today's gaming market. A remake of an already told story very very rarely
works. Look at movies for an example. 2001 A Space Odyssey ( 1968 ) is considered a classic SciFi movie. You could remake it using today's improved computer graphics but would it improve the story?
Would it make a profit at the box office? If anyone thought so, it would have been done by now. I see Riven in the same light. Great in it's day, still nice to load up on one of my older machines but, would
I buy a reworked version of the same game.... probably not.
I agree it is not likely at all, but what a dream. smile.gif Riven in 3D? Priceless.

master neo
I fully agree. Sad as it may be, it seems that games like Myst and people who play games like Myst are a dying breed. Myst is and has become history.

...Lest we forget...

I don't think the developer wants to invest limited resources to revamp a game that took four years to create. Both Robyn and Richard van der Wende are gone. And with Riven's attention to graphic detail, if it runs on the same engine as RealMyst then sorry its a step down thumbsdown.gif . But if they found a way to revamp it so that it will run on my PC and not overtax the system, then Riven in 3D would be nice to have.

Ken Telinome
I'd settle for a Riven that was rendered in a higher resolution (and don't quote the Riven DVD, because half of the people that buy it can't make it work).
A re-rendered Riven with higher resolution AND with 24 bit color would be fine, indeed. This is not a castle-in-the-air wish, I hope - Myst is being transformed to iPhone/iPod by Cyan. If the first game can be skinned again, then why not to revive Riven?
master neo
Yeah it is pretty hard to get Riven DVD to work. Just try installing it on Vista. Now that is hard.
Ken Telinome
QUOTE (master neo @ Feb 11 2009, 11:40 PM) *
Yeah it is pretty hard to get Riven DVD to work. Just try installing it on Vista. Now that is hard.

You could pull out "Riven DVD" and insert pretty much anything and that statement would be true biggrin.gif.
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