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Full Version: Helllllppppp
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hey guys im stuck in the room with the floor which was white when i came in after walking about for hours lol i went back and touched the blue light again and now floor is blue but i been walking about on it for a long time now and cant seem to get anywhere any wee nudge would be a help ty

Hi stevie!

have you already visited "Gallery"? When you link to Kadish, close to one of the "Telescopes", there is a link book to another place called Gallery. There are a lot of things in the walls of that place that can help you to move on in Kadish...

If you need more "explicit" help, just ask.
Like UrUBoo said, visit the Gallery. You might also want to consider that aimless walking ( stepping ) around the room for hours might be less important than considering "where" your footsteps might fall.

Cheers and Good Luck Stevie.
William H. Maier
Like playing hop scotch as a kid laugh.gif
when im feeling lost in situations like this.. i like to take a deep breath.. pour myself a nice glass of soda/juice/tea..etc.... then go look LEISURELY (sp?) around the gallery or other places that may shed some light on the puzzle at hand...then I like to go "among the green" as they say.. perhaps you'd like to take a quiet stroll among the trees and see if the answer comes to you?
that being said (yes i threw in a few cryptic semi hints in that long paragraph)- Kadish created this at least 2 more ive seen in the game so far... from what i can tell ..the man is /was paranoid, twisted...but a genius. don't worry, after you've solved this one.. you get to test your mettle against Mr kaddish's insane genius TWO more doesn't that just (caught my "jst" misspell again. ) make your day?

headbang.gif bash.gif the good news is ...once you've solved all of his puzzles in Tolsea...there IS some slight "reward" at the end...something to look forward to anyways./grins with mischievous glee!)
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