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Full Version: D'ni Chronology
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Shorah Guild of the Greeters. I'am Zaybacker from the Urunivers Guild
( I'am French and I'am the Historian of my Guild
I post a message about my work
I wrotte a D'ni's Chronology (in french for the moment) but I translate it to english
What do you thing about this!!!!!
Chronologie D'ni (en francais)
shock.gif That is a nice looking site thumbsup.gif
but I do not what I am looking at confused1.gif
Am I missing something down.gif
C'est un très bon travaille d'historien sur la chronologie D'ni, c'est Super ! thumbsup.gif

It's a good historian work about D'ni's Chronology , It's Great ! thumbsup.gif
shock.gif OH is that all written in D'ni blush.gif . That explains it then. Thanks thumbsup.gif
That's French, actually.

Although I would be interested in seeing a D'ni version of the chronologies, if anyone knows where I could find one!
I'll try to translate in english
OK now I feel really dumb. cool.gif
But that is what I meant the first time! bleh.gif

Maybe I should have add this
I wrote a D'ni's Chronology (in French for the moment) but I translate it to English
What do you thing about this!!!!!

Oh now I see! He was asking a question huh.gif . Silly me wink3.gif

But to answer the question:
Please do try and translate it to English, I would like to help but I have problems translating English to English blush.gif . The site looks really good thumbsup.gif
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