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Full Version: Calibration Problem
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Now I am in the on line game and again I am having problems with the calibration. I click the blue button for the game and nothing else looks as if it needs pushed, but when I start the search, I am not seeing any markers. I am assuming that ferry landing and ferry terminal are the same place? The Ki shows 12 pale green lights so I think I should be able to find the markers. Any ideas, anyone?
Does anyone know if these 14 marker games are playable? They don't seem to be for me.
I go to calibration center, push 1st blue button, the timer starts, 12 dim lights appear on my Ki. Then I go to ferry landing-terminal and no markers. The next time I go into game, no dim lights on Ki. Any help would be appreciated!
I don't know what to say, Kaym. The only thing I know is this: go to Calibration Center, insert hand into one of the 4 machines, press the blue button at the side of one of the 14 missions, a timer starts counting, a set of yelow lights shows up in your KI, go to various locations around and colect the circular markers. That's it! If that is not what is happening with you, I don't know why.
I went to the calibration room again with 14 purple lights on my ki. When I looked in the calibration machine (one of them) I got the message 'Please quit exiting User-Created Marker Game, to play a CGZ game.' Can anyone tell me how to exit the User Created game and isn't that the games on the calibration machine. That's where I got it, I think.
Rex Havoc
User created Marker games are either created/started by you or sent to you in a Ki message. If I recall, the Ki should indicate what Marker 'event' you are working on. I'll have to go into the game to refresh my memory on exactly how this is displayed.
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