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Full Version: Is Anyone On Staff Still Here?
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Dr CrisGer
Hi there
I am willing to help out for some time in the Cavern daily as a Greeter if there is anyone here who can authorize it.

I would be happy to help out and wear the blue shirt for the Cavern.

I have been part of the community since the shards, before GameTap, and hosted one of the 'survivor' chat rooms between Game Tap and the new MOUL hosted by Kat and Mouse, along with Mara. I am a member of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship and have continued research into D'ni iconography and archaeology working to make restorations of some of the ruins in the Cavern. I have also been a member of the DRC forum for many years. I am also a member of the Amber Horizon (47) hood, one of the longest historic hoods in URU MOULL. I think i may be able to be of some assistance to new explorers and would be happy to volunteer in that capacity.

all the best
Dr CrisGer
If depends on me, CrisGer, you can do whatever you want in MOUL. Go ahead and enjoy yourself...
Ken Telinome
Though the Guild technically still exists, and this forum and site are proof of that, the Guild is not active. There is no official schedule, and no new Greeters are being recruited.

You are welcome to help newbies like the GoG used to do. There are two others who, though not official Greeters, go to the GoG Hood at the same time every day in order to provide the functions the GoG once did.
CrisGer, anyone can "Greet", but long experience in URU gives you an advantage. cool.gif

Rather than hang out in the GoG hood, I find it better to visit the most recently created hoods, as these are where you are most likely to find the newbies in greatest need of a little guidance to get started.

You can monitor the new hoods by visiting the Nexus, of course, but I'll often create a temporary avatar that [usually] joins the newest hood automatically. That way you can track and communicate with your new neighbors, join them if they get lost in the "empty" instance of the city, or even follow to help them get their KI. You can also post a message on the hood imager, as I've done regularly in the past, to encourage newcomers to get their KI, and come to the GoG hood for additional information. wink3.gif

Just remember, try not to give spoilers or puzzle solutions unless specifically requested, and if others are present, keep that communication private.

Go for it Cris. I remember your name and know you have been around longer than some greeters.
sounds good to me! i'm still here, and just recently back in the cavern!

it will be nice to see some familiar faces again!

clapping.gif clapping.gif
Rex Havoc
We are here, just moving a little slower!!

We are here, just moving a little slower!!
I made it back, after a few years. some trouble getting moula running again, remembered my account, lucky server still had the info
Rex Havoc
Hey Ural! Hope all is good with you. It's been a long time!
Hi! I'm here smile.gif
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