(01/12 15:23:06) Chat.log started...
(01/12 15:23:30) Brian Fioca: Our path won't be an easy one, I fear... but nothing worth doing is easy
(01/12 15:23:33) Kam Uraki: I hate to interupt, but no one has seen him around, have they?
(01/12 15:23:40) Brian Fioca: watson?
(01/12 15:23:45) Kam Uraki: yeah
(01/12 15:23:45) Jon: Sharper
(01/12 15:23:54) Brian Fioca: haven't seen watson, sharper is in his relto
(01/12 15:23:54) Jon: or phil
(01/12 15:24:07) Brian Fioca: i think someone may have seen phil... it might be a rumor though
(01/12 15:24:12) Vandel: And we should not act as they do, as a government, but everyone has the free will to speak as they want, and we sould all be the leaders, not just a select few..
(01/12 15:24:15) Kam Uraki: Well, thank goodness for small favors.
(01/12 15:24:30) Brian Fioca: yes, we must all be leaders
(01/12 15:24:43) Brian Fioca: there are MANY in the cavern who don't know much about D'ni
(01/12 15:24:57) Brian Fioca: and there will be more
(01/12 15:25:15) Vandel: Thats why they came down here.. Is it not? To learn
(01/12 15:25:16) Distant: the guild of greeters has proved most usefull in that respect.
(01/12 15:25:21) Brian Fioca: right, and to explore
(01/12 15:25:43) Vandel: This isn't about what we learn, its about how we learn
(01/12 15:25:50) Brian Fioca: true, but the Guild of Greeters can only acquaint the explorers with so much
(01/12 15:25:52) Kam Uraki: But the GoG are the only explorers I've seen the DRC respect
(01/12 15:26:13) Brian Fioca: The DRC have been in contact with the Safety First Hood i belive
(01/12 15:26:22) Vandel: Figures.
(01/12 15:26:23) Brian Fioca: which is fine
(01/12 15:26:26) Jon: and the GoG seems to respect us, if numbers are any guide
(01/12 15:26:37) Kam Uraki: Wonder why? ; )
(01/12 15:26:50) Vandel: But like you said, it isnt a bad thing
(01/12 15:26:5 Kam Uraki: I mean about the SF guild
(01/12 15:27:03) Brian Fioca: nope
(01/12 15:27:20) Vandel: I think we should start to make friendly relations with other guilds in my opinion
(01/12 15:27:24) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 15:27:2 Mystlander: I'm a Greeter... we are allowed to choose sides, if we wish, but only when not in uniform
(01/12 15:27:33) Distant: water must travel through the roots, before the trunk, before the branches, before the leaves, and back again.
(01/12 15:27:40) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:27:43) Kam Uraki: Brownnosers if you ask me. But hey, we all do what we need to in order to advance
(01/12 15:27:47) Brian Fioca: the roots are here
(01/12 15:27:5 Brian Fioca: it's not about advancing
(01/12 15:28:01) Kam Uraki: The SF, not the GoG
(01/12 15:28:09) Brian Fioca: it's about exploring
(01/12 15:28:13) Distant: I disagree Brian. To a new traveler, the roots are the GoG.
(01/12 15:28:13) Kam Uraki: Sorry, don't mean to interupt
(01/12 15:28:26) Brian Fioca: no, i meant the explorers are the roots
(01/12 15:28:36) Brian Fioca: us, the GoG, ...
(01/12 15:28:44) Jon: what, then, is the trunk?
(01/12 15:28:5 Brian Fioca: we are the roots of the new D'ni... at the risk of sounding too much like Phil
(01/12 15:29:00) Brian Fioca: heh
(01/12 15:29:04) Distant: I preferr to think of the explorers as the water, traveling through all aspects of the tree.
(01/12 15:29:04) Jon: heh
(01/12 15:29:0 Kam Uraki: Metaphorical dissection, this ought to be fun!
(01/12 15:29:10) Maharet: we need to be careful, roots carry water, but they can also carry poison
(01/12 15:29:15) Vandel: They are the water.. The roots are what the explorers help and grow the tree
(01/12 15:29:34) Thanakar: actually, according to Phil, we are all branches that make up the tree
(01/12 15:29:35) Brian Fioca: well, metaphors aside... we are here, and we have a tie to this place
(01/12 15:29:41) Jon: let's not get caught up in metaphor- let's say what we mean
(01/12 15:29:45) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:29:50) Kam Uraki: I agree
(01/12 15:30:01) Thanakar: and we are the blood and the heart of D'ni
(01/12 15:30:0 Vandel: Yes, it getting more complicated than it needs to be
(01/12 15:30:13) Brian Fioca: heh, yeah
(01/12 15:30:35) Brian Fioca: the point is, we need to make sure the restoration is more than just ... excavation
(01/12 15:30:55) Brian Fioca: we have to learn from the knowledge, not repeat the same mistakes
(01/12 15:30:59) Distant: Metephors aside, I have seen structurless systems colapse often. I caution to be wary of causing a structureless system in D'ni.
(01/12 15:31:05) Jon: this place is too alive to be subject to teh constraints of archaeology
(01/12 15:31:27) Brian Fioca: there has to be a ballance between structure and chaos
(01/12 15:31:30) Thanakar: the archaeologist are here to study the past, we are here to make a new future
(01/12 15:31:30) Brian Fioca: well, heh
(01/12 15:31:31) Mystlander: Yes, and we must reach out to the Bahro
(01/12 15:31:34) Brian Fioca: chaos isn't the right word
(01/12 15:31:39) Brian Fioca: but ballance is important
(01/12 15:31:46) Brian Fioca: the Bahro are important too
(01/12 15:31:47) Vandel: Although the methods the DRC take are cautious, and don't seem likely to 'destroy' any thing here.. They seem to be a bit much
(01/12 15:31:50) Brian Fioca: but i'm not sure how yet
(01/12 15:31:54) Jon: call it freedom, not chaos
(01/12 15:31:5 Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:32:01) Vandel: Yes
(01/12 15:32:03) Brian Fioca: thanks
(01/12 15:32:19) Kam Uraki: I'll keep my opinions of Yeesha and her Bahro to myself
(01/12 15:32:27) Thanakar: how do we best apporach them? Only Yeesha knows their purpose
(01/12 15:32:33) Jon: please do
(01/12 15:32:39) Kam Uraki: lol
(01/12 15:32:43) Jon: we can't approach them yet
(01/12 15:32:44) Brian Fioca: not sure Thanakar, but I asked sharper about them once
(01/12 15:32:46) Vandel: I'd like to hear them actually
(01/12 15:32:52) Thanakar: what did he say?
(01/12 15:32:52) Vandel: Maybe a later date
(01/12 15:32:55) Jon: we can approach Yeesha through Sharper
(01/12 15:32:56) Distant: I find the DRC to be cautious in their handling of rock, and wreckless in their handeling of people.
(01/12 15:32:56) Brian Fioca: told him they were in the city... he said "good!"
(01/12 15:33:16) Brian Fioca: he didn't elaborate...
(01/12 15:33:1 Vandel: Very good perceptive Distant
(01/12 15:33:26) Jon: heh
(01/12 15:33:33) Thanakar: probably because its another bee in the DRC's bonnet
(01/12 15:33:36) Brian Fioca: the DRC aren't the best PR people that's for sure, but they're getting better
(01/12 15:33:37) Kam Uraki: Yeah, maybe they'll at least serve as distraction for the DRC
(01/12 15:33:3 Jon: perhaps he knows more about them than we do
(01/12 15:33:47) Brian Fioca: and we need to encourage them
(01/12 15:33:52) Brian Fioca: perhaps
(01/12 15:33:5 Thanakar: any word on Watson?
(01/12 15:33:59) Kam Uraki: With Watson gone, things are improving
(01/12 15:34:01) Jon: I live in constant fear of Watson's return
(01/12 15:34:09) Kam Uraki: You and I both
(01/12 15:34:10) Brian Fioca: well, here's how i see it
(01/12 15:34:12) Jon: I think he's really slightly unstable
(01/12 15:34:16) Brian Fioca: if we make all kinds of progress
(01/12 15:34:24) Thanakar: you know..he may be gone for a good reason..him and phil may be together
(01/12 15:34:24) Brian Fioca: and watson returns and sets everything back...
(01/12 15:34:25) Kam Uraki: No, just paranoid and greedy
(01/12 15:34:40) Brian Fioca: as long as we supporeted the DRC under progress, we will have enough support to make a difference
(01/12 15:34:44) Jon: sorry, Brian, didn't mean to interrupt
(01/12 15:34:4 Brian Fioca: np
(01/12 15:34:51) Kam Uraki: Same here
(01/12 15:35:05) Brian Fioca: i'm hoping, Thanakar...
(01/12 15:35:07) Kam Uraki: I still worry about it
(01/12 15:35:09) Brian Fioca: but, who knows
(01/12 15:35:21) Jon: I think we have enough here to make a difference, even if Watson returns things to normal
(01/12 15:35:25) Thanakar: got some good pics today of hte water falling into the GZ
(01/12 15:35:35) Brian Fioca: we have somewhere around 80 supporters?
(01/12 15:35:37) Thanakar: nice looooong decent
(01/12 15:35:43) Brian Fioca: which is good... but we need more
(01/12 15:35:49) Kam Uraki: Lot's more
(01/12 15:35:52) Distant: nothing can "return to normal" as long as memories remain.
(01/12 15:35:54) Jon: how many members do we have?
(01/12 15:36:01) Brian Fioca: not too agressive, but the drops in the bucket should eventually fill it
(01/12 15:36:03) Vandel: About 20... Maybe
(01/12 15:36:13) Maharet: 30 +
(01/12 15:36:13) Brian Fioca: there are 72 members on my board...
(01/12 15:36:14) Thanakar: don't be concerend about who joins the hood, just be concerned about who supports the message
(01/12 15:36:14) Kam Uraki: I've had the members recruiting, and we've made some progress
(01/12 15:36:19) Vandel: In this neighborhood alone
(01/12 15:36:31) Brian Fioca: right, strong supporters are one thing
(01/12 15:36:43) Brian Fioca: people who will support us if we need them probably more than we know
(01/12 15:36:44) Jon: I have recruited two or three myself
(01/12 15:36:46) Mystlander: We need to be certain that they sign up on Brian's Great Tree Forum!
(01/12 15:36:46) Kam Uraki: 20 members after only a day. I think that's pretty good
(01/12 15:36:5 Kam Uraki: And here as well
(01/12 15:37:03) Ralmus: Elo
(01/12 15:37:0 Vandel: I'll be sure to
(01/12 15:37:14) Distant: I will go to this Forum now, what is the URL?
(01/12 15:37:14) Jon: I think we will have to be the core
(01/12 15:37:14) Brian Fioca: well, they don't necessarily have to be members here, but it helps
(01/12 15:37:21) Jon: but there will be many more that will listenb to us
(01/12 15:37:22) Brian Fioca: i'm sure some will want to be part of their own communities
(01/12 15:37:32) Kam Uraki: And that's fine
(01/12 15:37:35) Brian Fioca: but they can still support, and meet here
(01/12 15:37:43) Thanakar: and as things progress foward that will convince even more
(01/12 15:37:47) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 15:37:4 Kam Uraki: I just want their support when times call for it
(01/12 15:37:56) Vandel: How many does the Safety 1st guild have?
(01/12 15:38:02) Brian Fioca: well, i hope it won't come to that Kam
(01/12 15:38:05) Kam Uraki: Too many
(01/12 15:38:10) Brian Fioca: they have around 30
(01/12 15:38:17) Jon: a choice may have to be made, someday
(01/12 15:38:22) Brian Fioca: maybe
(01/12 15:38:35) Jon: lat's not be the ones to force that choice
(01/12 15:38:37) Brian Fioca: but we have to make it together, because all choices have consequences
(01/12 15:38:49) Vandel: They, I believ, would be a big threat, as in terms of helping the DRC
(01/12 15:38:50) Distant: This will only take a moment, I apologise.
(01/12 15:38:5 Vandel: The biggest
(01/12 15:39:10) Jon: we can't think of them, as a threat
(01/12 15:39:14) Jon: just as wrong
(01/12 15:39:20) Brian Fioca: not necessarily wrong either
(01/12 15:39:24) Vandel: Yeswe can, a threat to our cause
(01/12 15:39:27) Kam Uraki: The SF, I only suggest caution
(01/12 15:39:27) Brian Fioca: there's no right or wrong
(01/12 15:39:29) Brian Fioca: only grey
(01/12 15:39:5 Kam Uraki: People can disagree, as long as it remains peaceful
(01/12 15:40:05) Brian Fioca: people will always disagree
(01/12 15:40:10) Brian Fioca: i'm sure we won't always agree
(01/12 15:40:11) Vandel: Yes, there is no right or wrong, we all have opinions on what htye are though
(01/12 15:41:02) Daryl: Mr. Fioca...greetings. I understand you know Mr. Sharper personally?
(01/12 15:41:13) Brian Fioca: i've gotten to know him, yes
(01/12 15:41:23) Brian Fioca: and call me Brian
(01/12 15:41:26) Jon: For weeks I thought you were his assistant in disguise :p
(01/12 15:41:32) Kam Uraki: Intimately, oh wait, that's a secret ; )
(01/12 15:41:33) To Thanakar: Been getting the boot more times than I can count! lol
(01/12 15:41:36) Kam Uraki: lol
(01/12 15:41:37) Brian Fioca: heh, we agree on certain things
(01/12 15:41:42) Daryl: It seems he has returned from the Patriots game...
(01/12 15:41:43) Kam Uraki: I'm kidding
(01/12 15:41:49) Brian Fioca: heh
(01/12 15:41:57) Daarboven: 've been listening
(01/12 15:41:57) Brian Fioca: yes, maybe he'll drop bye
(01/12 15:41:59) Daryl: Has he been at his Relto all day?
(01/12 15:42:00) Brian Fioca: by
(01/12 15:42:05) Thanakar: no
(01/12 15:42:0 Jon: for at least a couple hours
(01/12 15:42:21) Kam Uraki: I miss too much at school
(01/12 15:42:31) Daryl: Good, I would like to speak to him, if I was granted the chance.
(01/12 15:42:47) Brian Fioca: heh, lots of people feel the same way
(01/12 15:42:54) Kam Uraki: My majoring in International Relations is starting to cut in on my game time.
(01/12 15:42:55) Brian Fioca: hopefullly they will get their chance
(01/12 15:43:03) Kam Uraki: lol
((01/12 15:43:30) Kam Uraki: Politics are great, but I want my MYST!!!
(01/12 15:43:35) Mystlander: Kam... you need to bring a laptop down here and study online!
(01/12 15:43:37) Vandel starts to laugh
(01/12 15:43:45) Kam Uraki: lol
(01/12 15:43:50) Kam Uraki: I'd like to
(01/12 15:43:52) Jon: maybe you can help us with relating to the DRC :p
(01/12 15:44:15) Jon: and Brian definitely isn't one of the DRC
(01/12 15:44:1 Brian Fioca: hopefully everyone
(01/12 15:44:32) Brian Fioca: oops, i missed that... someone asked if i was DRC?
(01/12 15:44:49) Daryl: Well speaking to Kam earlier today...I heard this guild is changing its ways.
(01/12 15:44:50) Jon: Ralmus was a bit confused, i think
(01/12 15:44:56) Ralmus: yea...
(01/12 15:45:01) Brian Fioca: k, better
(01/12 15:45:02) Ralmus: errr, wait...
(01/12 15:45:06) Brian Fioca: if i stand in the middle
(01/12 15:45:09) Thanakar: guild?
(01/12 15:45:1 Brian Fioca: not sure I would call this a guild
(01/12 15:45:29) Jon: we're just a group of like-minded people
(01/12 15:45:30) Brian Fioca: just a union of explorers
(01/12 15:45:31) Daryl: What would you call it then?
(01/12 15:45:31) Jon: a Union?
(01/12 15:45:34) Mystlander: Tree of life...
(01/12 15:45:41) Distant: Sense it produces nothing, it is not a guild.
(01/12 15:45:43) Thanakar: guilds require structure, guilds require laws, look what laws did to the D'ni
(01/12 15:46:07) Daryl: So long as you guys do not try to force your way into anymore areas, you have my support.
(01/12 15:46:15) Brian Fioca: there's a place for laws, there's a place for freedome
(01/12 15:46:16) Distant: Guilds are built around economics.
(01/12 15:46:27) Jon: we might need structure if our union gets very large, but we will keep it minimal, i hope
(01/12 15:46:29) Brian Fioca: I can't gaurantee that Daryl... but hopefully it won't come to that again
(01/12 15:46:33) Thanakar: freedom to continue the journey
(01/12 15:46:49) Brian Fioca: our actions have consequences...
(01/12 15:46:52) Brian Fioca: i keep saying that
(01/12 15:46:54) Daryl: Indeed
(01/12 15:46:55) Brian Fioca: but it's important
(01/12 15:47:00) Thanakar: if we are working with the drc then why would there be a need for force?
(01/12 15:47:03) Brian Fioca: we learned the hard way
(01/12 15:47:17) Daryl: Thats what I want to know...
(01/12 15:47:25) Brian Fioca: there shouldn't be, Thanakar... as long as theyre willing to work together
(01/12 15:47:30) Brian Fioca: with us
(01/12 15:47:32) Thanakar: true
(01/12 15:47:47) Brian Fioca: but if they are in this for themselves...
(01/12 15:47:55) Thanakar: and should sharper fall away from the true course needed, would you work aginast him to?
(01/12 15:47:55) Brian Fioca: we have the responsibility to act
(01/12 15:47:5 Jon: if they try and barricade us in forever...
(01/12 15:47:59) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 15:48:19) Brian Fioca: we can work to change both of them
(01/12 15:48:20) Distant: I can not engage in phisical combat here, I want to make that clear.
(01/12 15:48:34) Brian Fioca: there won't be anything phisical, i can promise you that
(01/12 15:48:43) Brian Fioca: physical
(01/12 15:49:02) Jon: we can fight them far more effectively without resorting to violence
(01/12 15:49:07) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:49:17) Distant: good
(01/12 15:49:1 Jakk Blakk: mental combat
(01/12 15:49:25) Brian Fioca: persuasion is always better then coercion
(01/12 15:49:29) Mystlander: There is a life force here springing from the roots... we don't need physical force.
(01/12 15:49:29) Daryl: So Brian, how do we go about showing our support? Sporting a jacket like you have? It seems showing your support is also important down here...
(01/12 15:49:39) Jon: social combat
(01/12 15:49:42) Brian Fioca: the jacket is one way
(01/12 15:49:44) Distant: because if it comes to it, you won't find me.
(01/12 15:50:00) Brian Fioca: understood, distant. it won't come ti it
(01/12 15:50:00) Brian Fioca: to
(01/12 15:50:32) Albert Bowen: ho is the percieved enemy?
(01/12 15:50:35) Albert Bowen: who
(01/12 15:50:3 Brian Fioca: hello all, we're over by the classroom <shouting>
(01/12 15:50:41) Mystlander: So, are we to stage a "sit in" to get the Great Tree pub reopened?
(01/12 15:50:41) Thanakar: ther is no enemy
(01/12 15:50:41) Thanakar: '
(01/12 15:50:52) Brian Fioca: maybe not mystlander
(01/12 15:50:57) Jon: I don't think that would be a good idea
(01/12 15:50:5 Brian Fioca: maybe we wont have to
(01/12 15:51:03) Thanakar: to sit in, we need to get in
(01/12 15:51:05) Brian Fioca: they will be looking for someone to assign it to
(01/12 15:51:15) Brian Fioca: maybe we can convince them to give it to someone on our side
(01/12 15:51:26) Mystlander: Can we Petition the DRC for the assignment?
(01/12 15:51:29) Brian Fioca: persuasively
(01/12 15:51:31) Daryl: Perhaps...with Dr. Watson missing...the DRC would be willing to listen to reason...a new set of ears...so to speak.
(01/12 15:51:37) Shinbo: whats going on?
(01/12 15:51:37) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:51:44) Jon: we are planning a peace conference, so to speak
(01/12 15:51:52) Jon: Xptql and I
(01/12 15:51:57) Mystlander: Time, place?
(01/12 15:52:07) Jon: we need to get them to reply, forst
(01/12 15:52:0 Brian Fioca: unless you /shout, everyone might not hear you since there are a lot of people here, so be aware of that
(01/12 15:52:11) Jon: first
(01/12 15:52:37) Jon: they haven't replied, and we are giving them extra time becasue of all the new explorers
(01/12 15:52:56) Brian Fioca: hopefully douglas being back is a sign that progress will continue to be made
(01/12 15:53:01) Qlex éternue
(01/12 15:53:17) Shinbo: what exactly do you all plan on doing?
(01/12 15:53:26) Jon: we are giving them 'till the 18th- then the private message goes public
(01/12 15:53:39) Brian Fioca: nothing specific... but we are asking for a meeting
(01/12 15:53:42) Shinbo: private message?
(01/12 15:53:45) Jon: and we force theior hand
(01/12 15:53:47) Mystlander cheers
(01/12 15:53:50) Albert Bowen: more importantly, what can we do to help
(01/12 15:54:00) Brian Fioca: spread the word of our group
(01/12 15:54:04) Jon: on the DRC forums
(01/12 15:54:10) Daryl: the DRC does not respond well to force...have we not learned from the past?
(01/12 15:54:12) Brian Fioca: but carefully
(01/12 15:54:24) Shinbo: what are we giving them until the 18th for?
(01/12 15:54:27) Brian Fioca: we can't be preachy
(01/12 15:54:3 Thanakar: reality shnibo
(01/12 15:54:44) Brian Fioca: just look for interest, and guide them
(01/12 15:54:5 FlangBG: what's going on here
(01/12 15:55:04) Larkspur: Anyone care to indicate the nature of this private message?
(01/12 15:55:13) Brian Fioca: it's a request for a meeting
(01/12 15:55:16) Jon: they need time, and I am willing to give it to them
(01/12 15:55:26) Vandel: I'm thinking we are known more so than we think..
(01/12 15:55:36) Jon: we need a clear channel of communication, to get our cards on the table so to speak
(01/12 15:55:42) Brian Fioca: yes, but we have to make sure people don't get the wrong idea of us
(01/12 15:55:51) Vandel: Very true
(01/12 15:55:53) Larkspur: Time for what? Some of us are new here.
(01/12 15:55:55) Mystlander: I agree!
(01/12 15:56:04) Jon: they know ABOUT us, but they don't know us
(01/12 15:56:06) Brian Fioca: to respond
(01/12 15:56:11) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:56:16) Brian Fioca: that's what the forum is for
(01/12 15:56:19) Brian Fioca: and the site will be
(01/12 15:56:24) Distant: perhaps it would be good to start from the beginning for the new arrivals.
(01/12 15:56:25) Vandel: Yep
(01/12 15:56:29) Daryl: We need a clear outline to what we want to discuss in this meeting...
(01/12 15:56:35) Brian Fioca: and people can help by just talking to people
(01/12 15:56:50) Brian Fioca: there are ideas, Daryl
(01/12 15:56:52) Jon: we need to get a time first, but we are also having an ongoing discussion about is on teh boards
(01/12 15:57:01) Shinbo: what happens if the DRC ignores everyone?
(01/12 15:57:05) Jon: brian's boards, that is
(01/12 15:57:13) Brian Fioca: then we make our selves a little more visible
(01/12 15:57:17) Brian Fioca: they can't ignore EVERYONE
(01/12 15:57:21) Jon: one thing at a time
(01/12 15:57:23) Brian Fioca: there are too many of us
(01/12 15:57:2 Brian Fioca: but yes, Jon's right
(01/12 15:57:44) Jon: we can't plan rebellion BEFORE we're oppresssed
(01/12 15:57:45) Vandel: Yes, we need to make an impact on a lot of explorers, but not the kind that will scare them off
(01/12 15:57:52) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:58:04) Jon: what we are planning, very cautiously, for the meeting
(01/12 15:58:04) Larkspur: Well, you won't have EVERYONE if someone doesn't explain to us new people.
(01/12 15:58:10) FlangBG: can't you fix the problem by communicating through different ages?
(01/12 15:58:15) Brian Fioca: in the past, our group has had to be more aggressive... but we have made progress
(01/12 15:58:16) Albert Bowen: what's the best website disseminating our side's info?
(01/12 15:58:20) Brian Fioca: so it isn't necessary anymore
(01/12 15:58:23) Mystlander: You attract more flies with honey, than with vinegar...
(01/12 15:58:27) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:58:2 Kam Uraki: Okay, wow
(01/12 15:58:3 Kam Uraki: Lot's of people
(01/12 15:58:39) Brian Fioca: Albert, check out bbs.fioca.com
(01/12 15:58:44) Albert Bowen: ty
(01/12 15:58:50) Brian Fioca: it's a work in progress... we are adding more information every day
(01/12 15:58:51) Brian Fioca: and members
(01/12 15:58:55) Jon: we hope for an explorer's seat on teh DRC, in an observational capacity
(01/12 15:59:04) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 15:59:07) Brian Fioca: to audit
(01/12 15:59:0 Jon: as an ultimate goal
(01/12 15:59:16) Kam Uraki: Exactly
(01/12 15:59:26) Brian Fioca: since they have all the control, we won't know if they are hiding things from us...
(01/12 15:59:29) Jon: some way to prevent their keeping secrets
(01/12 15:59:3 Brian Fioca: and we can't let them govern us without representation
(01/12 15:59:57) Albert Bowen: just like a government entity... take their time
(01/12 16:00:00) Shinbo: sometimes they keep secrets with good reasons
(01/12 16:00:00) Brian Fioca: I think they're reasonable, and they will come around
(01/12 16:00:04) Jon: no exploration without representation!
(01/12 16:00:06) Mystlander: Speaking of secrets, will Sharper be sharing the linking books he found with us?
(01/12 16:00:06) Thanakar: you're gonna need more than that, a seat on a council won't keep them from keeping secrets from you
(01/12 16:00:19) Brian Fioca: Mystlander, ... interesting question
(01/12 16:00:20) Brian Fioca: probably
(01/12 16:00:27) Jon: it will if we have access to all of the internal memos, and all of the meeting logs
(01/12 16:00:41) Thanakar: has sharper explained the 314 in his office on the painting?
(01/12 16:00:46) Vandel: I can't see that happening, the DRC would surely dissaprove of it
(01/12 16:00:53) Brian Fioca: haven't talked to him since it has been discovered
(01/12 16:01:05) Brian Fioca: and it isn't really his office, it's an old office of D'ni
(01/12 16:01:05) Jon: perhaps- but it is a good place to start compromising from
(01/12 16:01:07) Kam Uraki: And it was the Baron's office first
(01/12 16:01:09) Brian Fioca: he just used it
(01/12 16:01:10) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 16:01:20) Brian Fioca: it's a good start
(01/12 16:01:21) Thanakar: I see
(01/12 16:01:45) Brian Fioca: I understand there are still many questions unanswered
(01/12 16:01:50) Brian Fioca: and people have a lot of good ideas
(01/12 16:01:55) Mystlander: I thought the 314 was a clue to opening the cell gates
(01/12 16:01:5 Kam Uraki: Any of you care to join, by the way? We need your support
(01/12 16:02:00) Brian Fioca: and hopefully it'll all come together
(01/12 16:02:11) Thanakar: KI didn't work in Prime
(01/12 16:02:17) Shinbo: join what?
(01/12 16:02:24) Kam Uraki: KI's hardly work now, lol
(01/12 16:02:24) Jon: The Great Tree
(01/12 16:02:31) Vandel: Wow, it's amazing how many people are here
(01/12 16:02:40) Brian Fioca: yes, indeed
(01/12 16:02:45) Mystlander: Everyone, welcome to The Great Tree... awakening is the first step!
(01/12 16:02:51) Jon: didn't intend to have such a large meeting
(01/12 16:02:51) Thanakar: maks you understand why hthe city is just too big
(01/12 16:02:56) Vandel nods his head
(01/12 16:02:57) Thanakar: hardly any lag here
(01/12 16:03:02) Larkspur: Well, there isn't much to explore yet.
(01/12 16:03:02) FlangBG: i don't understand what the great tree is
(01/12 16:03:10) Kam Uraki: If any of you has any questions, feel free to ask
(01/12 16:03:13) Brian Fioca: the great tree represnents D'ni
(01/12 16:03:27) Brian Fioca: we are the roots of the great tree
(01/12 16:03:33) Brian Fioca: the new D'ni
(01/12 16:03:33) FlangBG: that i unserstand, but where is it?
(01/12 16:03:46) Thanakar: its a metaphor
(01/12 16:03:47) Larkspur: Could someone summerize the goals of the group, please?
(01/12 16:03:51) Brian Fioca: in some ways it is symbolic
(01/12 16:04:02) Jon: we will have a site up soon
(01/12 16:04:02) FlangBG: makes sense
(01/12 16:04:05) Brian Fioca: our goals right now are two fold
(01/12 16:04:07) Jon: with our goals
(01/12 16:04:0 Brian Fioca: in summary:
(01/12 16:04:13) Kam Uraki: Our goal is to have a voice in the restoration
(01/12 16:04:24) Kam Uraki: Sorry, Bri
(01/12 16:04:32) Brian Fioca: we are forming a union of explorers to ensure the restoration goes as it should
(01/12 16:04:50) Brian Fioca: and we are going to attempt to gain representation on the DRC council for the exploerers
(01/12 16:05:04) Vandel: And not as a government, like the DRC is surely tuning into.. If I might add
(01/12 16:05:05) Brian Fioca: or some other way to ensure we are not kept in the dark
(01/12 16:05:09) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 16:05:11) Jon: basically, we want to change the way the cavern is governed
(01/12 16:05:13) Distant: "goes as it should"?
(01/12 16:05:17) Brian Fioca: more of a collaborative effort
(01/12 16:05:21) FlangBG: i agree
(01/12 16:05:22) Kam Uraki: As such, the more explorers who support us, the stronger our voice
(01/12 16:05:30) Larkspur: Got it. And bbs.fioca.com is a place to get more info?
(01/12 16:05:37) Jon: we need your help, every one
(01/12 16:05:42) Brian Fioca: yes, as it should according to yeesha, to make sure the istakes of the past aren't repeated
(01/12 16:05:47) Kam Uraki: Or, come here when it's less busy, lol
(01/12 16:05:57) Brian Fioca: yes, the web site will be growing and adding more information
(01/12 16:06:20) Albert Bowen: count me in
(01/12 16:06:25) Brian Fioca: most of the answers can be found in the symbolism of the great tree however
(01/12 16:06:27) Error: Don't know how to '/nod'
(01/12 16:06:27) Shinbo: IS this hood then supposed to be like a general meeting place
(01/12 16:06:33) Mystlander nods her head
(01/12 16:06:35) Distant: Ya lost me Brian. Who has the right to determin how the restoration "should" go?
(01/12 16:06:43) FlangBG: how do i join the great tree
(01/12 16:06:44) Kam Uraki: Yes, it is
(01/12 16:06:45) Brian Fioca: D'ni
(01/12 16:06:46) Larkspur: Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the information.
(01/12 16:06:52) Brian Fioca: D'ni does... we are d'ni
(01/12 16:06:53) Jon: all of us, together, have that right
(01/12 16:06:56) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 16:07:04) Shinbo: do we?
(01/12 16:07:13) Jon: as much as any of the DRC do
(01/12 16:07:13) Albert Bowen: I think Brian is maybe referring to checks and balances?
(01/12 16:07:17) Kam Uraki: I guess this hood was a good idea after all, huh?
(01/12 16:07:19) Brian Fioca: ballance
(01/12 16:07:19) Mystlander: If you flet the calling, then yes!
(01/12 16:07:27) Distant: So more accurately, you seed to provide "equal representation of the people of D'ni"
(01/12 16:07:29) Thanakar: We are the new D'ni, but so are Sharper and The DRC
(01/12 16:07:34) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 16:07:37) Jon: ralmus, I can hear that :p
(01/12 16:07:4 Brian Fioca: i can't hear ralmus
(01/12 16:07:49) Thanakar: Ralmus, use the truth
(01/12 16:07:55) Distant: you have to understand that there are conflicting views among us as to how the restoration should go.
(01/12 16:08:00) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 16:08:06) Brian Fioca: but that's expected
(01/12 16:08:14) Brian Fioca: we can work out our differences if we are united
(01/12 16:08:24) Mystlander cheers
(01/12 16:08:27) Jon: what matters is that we have a voice
(01/12 16:08:30) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 16:08:30) Albert Bowen does a dance
(01/12 16:08:35) Brian Fioca: everyone has a voice
(01/12 16:08:41) Brian Fioca: everyone is a leader
(01/12 16:09:02) Larkspur: Well, it sounds good to me and I'm in so far. I'll check the web back on the surface.
(01/12 16:09:19) Brian Fioca: and the more we tell, the more support we gain, the more we can accomplish
(01/12 16:09:2 Brian Fioca: the explorers are in control here
(01/12 16:09:32) Brian Fioca: we have proven that
(01/12 16:09:34) From Larkspur: Hi there. Hey, how did you sit down?
(01/12 16:09:39) Brian Fioca: but it is a massive responsiblitiy
(01/12 16:09:4 Brian Fioca: we must remember that
(01/12 16:09:49) Thanakar: Shouldn't the main message be that onl by working together can we hope to restore D'ni
(01/12 16:09:54) Jon: ralmus, please talk privately
(01/12 16:10:11) Brian Fioca: yes, we must work together
(01/12 16:10:17) Brian Fioca: but it won't be easy
(01/12 16:10:20) Jon: no you are not, it's quite rude
(01/12 16:10:2 Brian Fioca: the DRC will make it hard for us i'm sure...
(01/12 16:10:29) Brian Fioca: at times
(01/12 16:10:31) Thanakar: How many people understand where the water flows from?
(01/12 16:10:3 Thanakar: and how that connects us all
(01/12 16:10:49) Albert Bowen: hoa...evil chat spam!
(01/12 16:11:06) Brian Fioca: i think i can only hear some of you
(01/12 16:11:13) Albert Bowen: good thing
(01/12 16:11:19) Thanakar: Group hug..come closer
(01/12 16:11:20) Jon: there are a few speaking on different channels
(01/12 16:11:2 Brian Fioca: i may not be able to hear all of you... so if you want me to hear you can /shout
(01/12 16:12:11) Brian Fioca: it's great to see so many here
(01/12 16:12:31) Brian Fioca: does anyone have a count?
(01/12 16:12:34) Albert Bowen: o, Brian, what we can do now is just spread the word about the channels of info, I.E. the website?
(01/12 16:12:44) Thanakar: how's "ALOT" sound?
(01/12 16:12:45) Brian Fioca: yes albert, but gently
(01/12 16:12:4 Vandel: I will help as well if you'd like Kam
(01/12 16:12:51) Brian Fioca: we don't want to be pushy
(01/12 16:12:5 Brian Fioca: people have to come to the realization on their own
(01/12 16:13:13) slowlywakingup: whats going on in here
(01/12 16:13:1 Brian Fioca: the best way to spread the word sometimes is by letting people ask questions
(01/12 16:13:21) Thanakar: I see someone escpaed DS9
(01/12 16:13:32) Jon: just tell people the truth as wesee it, if they are willing to listen
((01/12 16:13:35)Mystlander: around 30, Brian
(01/12 16:13:3 Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 16:13:45) Brian Fioca: nice
(01/12 16:14:0 Jon: incredible, really
(01/12 16:14:09) slowlywakingup: whats going on in here
(01/12 16:14:09) Brian Fioca: maybe someday well have 300
(01/12 16:14:20) Brian Fioca: we are discussing our role in D'ni
(01/12 16:14:22) Brian Fioca: as exploeres
(01/12 16:14:24) Albert Bowen: I count 29, is that a limit in here?
(01/12 16:14:24) Brian Fioca: as restorers
(01/12 16:14:29) an'nie: Brian I got here late, can we expect to hear Douglas' opinion on these topics soon? Or have you spoken with him about all this?
(01/12 16:14:31) slowlywakingup: oh
(01/12 16:14:44) Brian Fioca: I haven't spoken to Douglas yet, but it seems he has returned
(01/12 16:14:52) Jon: we are still waiting for his opinion, but remember it is just that
(01/12 16:14:53) an'nie: okay
(01/12 16:14:56) Brian Fioca: I'm hoping he'll have time to talk to me, to us even
(01/12 16:15:00) Brian Fioca: but i'm not sure...
(01/12 16:15:02) slowlywakingup: did somethig important happen recently>
(01/12 16:15:09) Thanakar: I do support hte movemtn but I don't see the need fro me to change hoods,
(01/12 16:15:19) Thanakar: I can do more good in my own hood with the newcomers than here
(01/12 16:15:22) Brian Fioca: you don't need to change hoods, but you're welcome to if you want
(01/12 16:15:26) Albert Bowen: he's been in his relto for the past few hours, but not talking
(01/12 16:15:32) Jon: you don't really have to- it's just a convenient way to meet us
(01/12 16:16:07) Albert Bowen: so if we miss a meeting, it will be on the site?
(01/12 16:16:20) Brian Fioca: there will be information on the site...
(01/12 16:16:21) Thanakar: YOu've mentioned alot of short term goals, but what is the main goal?
(01/12 16:16:24) Jon: do we even have official meetings?
(01/12 16:16:26) Distant: the message boards are a good place to talk for anyone of any hood.
(01/12 16:16:34) Brian Fioca: i'm putting together a compliatoin of all the important information
(01/12 16:16:3 Albert Bowen: good
(01/12 16:16:46) Thanakar: that would be good
(01/12 16:16:54) Brian Fioca: sometimes we have meetings... but it'll become harder to have everyone get togeter as we grow
(01/12 16:17:03) Brian Fioca: so we'll just have to continue to spread the word
(01/12 16:17:05) Jon: that's why we need forums
(01/12 16:17:07) Thanakar: alot knowabout this, but have no clue what your agenda is
(01/12 16:17:16) Brian Fioca: right
(01/12 16:17:22) Brian Fioca: that's where we come in
(01/12 16:17:36) Brian Fioca: we have to start getting the message across... slowly
(01/12 16:17:43) Brian Fioca: if we push too hard, people will reject us
(01/12 16:17:50) Thanakar: that message being....unity?
(01/12 16:17:54) Brian Fioca: we have to let them come to their own conclusions
(01/12 16:18:03) Albert Bowen: a human 'internet' of sorts...
(01/12 16:18:11) Jon: to change the way the cavern is governed, for the benefit of all the explorers
(01/12 16:18:23) Brian Fioca: for the benefit of D'ni
(01/12 16:18:45) Brian Fioca: as ... mystical as that sounsd
(01/12 16:18:4 FlangBG: yes but i haven't been able to get beyond the court with the machine
(01/12 16:19:00) Thanakar: governed...
(01/12 16:19:13) Jon: with truth
(01/12 16:19:25) Albert Bowen: it seems the limits of the DRC so far are for our safety concerns, can we hope to influence them if this is not true?
(01/12 16:19:33) Brian Fioca: just remember our responsibility... as we get larger, we'll have to be more careful
(01/12 16:19:36) Brian Fioca: people will want to act out
(01/12 16:19:36) Jon: absolutely
(01/12 16:19:40) Brian Fioca: we have to contain ourselves
(01/12 16:19:41) Thanakar: what about what PHil said, the drc, sharper, explorere all being branches of the tree, and the tree can not prune itself
(01/12 16:19:47) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 16:19:50) Brian Fioca: correct
(01/12 16:19:54) Brian Fioca: but it can grow
(01/12 16:19:59) Brian Fioca: and that's what we plan to do
(01/12 16:20:16) Thanakar: talk about your growing pains
(01/12 16:20:33) Jon: we have to be prepared fpr that, too
(01/12 16:20:44) Brian Fioca: yes
(01/12 16:20:46) Thanakar: though brian we are not only the roots, we are also the blood and heart
(01/12 16:20:53) Albert Bowen nods his head
(01/12 16:21:02) Brian Fioca: yes, the branches
(01/12 16:21:31) Albert Bowen: I don't know of too many violent trees
(01/12 16:21:40) slowlywakingup: this is making absolutly no sense
(01/12 16:21:42) Distant: the tree metaphore can only go so far, we are people.
(01/12 16:21:43) Brian Fioca: anyway, Thanks Kam for setting up this neighborhood
(01/12 16:21:46) Albert Bowen: patience is their virtue
(01/12 16:21:57) slowlywakingup: i outta here
(01/12 16:22:01) an'nie: yes we are becoming the new heart of Dni and Phil said to follow our hearts
(01/12 16:22:49) Brian Fioca: so to those who are confused
(01/12 16:23:00) Brian Fioca: the Great Tree is a strong symbol in D'ni culture
(01/12 16:23:23) Brian Fioca: and we're standing behind that symbol to call for unity
(01/12 16:23:37) Brian Fioca: inspired by some things Phil said a few weeks ago
(01/12 16:23:45) Brian Fioca: and the jacket that Sharper gave me
(01/12 16:24:39) Kam Uraki: Can anyone hear me?
(01/12 16:24:46) Thanakar: I can hear you
(01/12 16:24:57) Maharet: yes
(01/12 16:25:02) To Kam Uraki: I hear you Kam
(01/12 16:25:12) Albert Bowen: can we count on the Bahro for anything, or are they too primitive?
(01/12 16:25:22) Kam Uraki: Blasted KI!
(01/12 16:25:25) Brian Fioca: the Bahro will be important somehow
(01/12 16:25:36) Jon: we don't know anything about them, but don't make the mistake of calling them primitive
(01/12 16:25:41) Distant: Has anyone here actualy met a Bahro?
(01/12 16:25:47) Vandel: They know much, I don't see how else they could be usefull
(01/12 16:25:53) Albert Bowen: I only asked
(01/12 16:26:06) Thanakar: Brian, will you push against Douglas as you would the DRC should he ever show that he no longer has the best interest of the explorers at heart?
(01/12 16:26:19) Brian Fioca: yes, i will, thanakar
(01/12 16:26:21) Thanakar: well..that sucked
(01/12 16:26:25) Thanakar: thanks brian
(01/12 16:26:35) Brian Fioca: nobody has all the answers
(01/12 16:26:37) Brian Fioca: not the DRC
(01/12 16:26:39) Brian Fioca: not Sharper
(01/12 16:26:40) Brian Fioca: not us
(01/12 16:26:47) Brian Fioca: we have to work together
(01/12 16:27:21) Thanakar: for those that are wondering, phil said there is only one person NOT part of this tree, that is Yeesha
(01/12 16:27:23) Vandel: Exactly, we have no answers, we're trying to find them though
(01/12 16:27:42) Thanakar: makes me wonder..
(01/12 16:27:46) Brian Fioca: I'm going to be going now... but thanks for being here, and showing your support, i'll keep everyone posted
(01/12 16:27:56) Thanakar: I take it doug isn't goign to show?
(01/12 16:28:01) Vandel: I doubt anyone knows the perfect way to run the restoration... But thats what we are looking for
(01/12 16:28:04) Albert Bowen: thanks, Brian
(01/12 16:28:05) Jon: he hasn't so far
(01/12 16:28:15) Mystlander: Thank you, Brian, for speaking with us... I have a chat log, and will post it.
(01/12 16:28:20) Vandel: Thank you for coming Brian, hope to see you again
(01/12 16:28:29) Brian Fioca: your welcome, good to see all of you
(01/12 16:28:37) Jon: goodby, brian
(01/12 16:28:41) ...Chat.log stopped.