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Full Version: Gah Training Center
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Ok did anyone get into the middle of the Gahreesen training center today!!?? unsure.gif

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Snake - "Gah?"
Sideshow Bob - "I'll miss you, Snake."
Snake - "Buh?"

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OK, for those who want to know, I had a long discussion with a fellow greeter yesterday about how the middle area works. I have spoliered it out in case you would rather not know about possible exciting new content

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If there is anyone who could help clarify the above it could be useful for shifts if anything else biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Erandel @ Jan 22 2004, 06:56 AM)
I think this feature was bugged and allowed one team to use the tube hence the pictures. It seems as though it was disabled again since the last update though.

You are correct. The initial build put out around noon allowed you access to the Gahreesen training center (only one person and no game controls, just wall climbing). But Cyan quickly realized their mistake, and put the first update to their build only 6 hours later shock.gif , this effectively stopped people from entering the training center thumbsdown.gif . Too bad, looks like it will be something we get soon though thumbsup.gif .
Awwwwwwwwwww cry.gif I wanted to try on that cool Zuit Suit ph34r.gif

Yes I hope we can try this out soon...looks very interesting.

Thank you all for clearing this up for me worship.gif
thumbsup.gif Hi Everyone!! It looks like I am one of the guilty people's...DRC shoulda never left it open with me around!!! whistling.gif
I am such a curious person anyway. One of my hoodies asked me to come over to his gah and take a look, so I thing I know it sucked me inside!
I really didn't mean to keep the suit...zipper musta got stuck!!!! innocent.gif
Well, I see it more as an advanced slipped sneak preview, and anything like that is worth getting in my opinion.

It also helps explain the layout of the centre - when you view it as a training centre the room placement makes sense. There are people who are tuned in and would get this straight away, but until I saw the explaination I was not entirely sure why the rooms were laid out in their exact pattern.
I did wonder about that quick second update two hours later. Now I know what I missed. down.gif
Zo, Zonapal, vee muss maake you talk, hah? Tryingk to resist our kvestions, eh? wink3.gif

Vahn moore kvestion, yes?

When ya did this bug interrugnum thing with the zoot suit, how didja activate getting in the tube, justa click or somefin?
Govindra - I went with Zona to Gahreesen to see if we could get in before we knew the access was changed.

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hmmmm I can't edit my last post....Just to make an change....

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Aha! idea.gif

Grazie molto, D'axian! wub.gif
Been to the training room twice today, it's pretty cool. The hardest thing to do is not sing the spiderman theme as you make your way up the wall. wink3.gif
What I would like to know is if anyone has experienced painful bugs. When I finished the wall climb the first time, I saw myself go to the room where the suit is taken off and begin walking forward (without my command) until I finally just disappeared. However, when I click the first person camera, I find myself stuck on the wall, clipping the wall and ceiling.
The second time, I entered the training room and hit the linking panel that takes you to the exit room. When the linking book out comes out of the machine, there is not hotspot.
Also, both times, I could not use my Relto book to link out and had to quit the game.
Anyone experience these incidents? Thanks for your time.
Yep - got stuck in the room too. I could see the linking book (a tiny corner anyway) off to the right but couldn't get enough of it to show to link. I also had to quit to get out. Oh well - it IS fun to goof with! At least we can get back into the game tonight...
I was there. Hope it is more exciting with more. sleep2.gif sleep2.gif
Boy when you get 5 or 6 people with you in the training center, it's fun! A while ago today I was part of a crew that went to the Wall and had a blast (even though I encountered the bug and forced to quit). The thrill of the chase between you and your opponent was great! Now only if we can keep those maintainer suits....
Did anyone wondered this ?

1 Why if Gahreesen is far older than Yeesha and her Relto Age the armored suits from the arena has a kind of side pocked the same place and size our Relto books?

2 And where is located the end-of-game nexus room if only Yeesha is able to write a link inside an Age?

Huh ? Any idea ?
The suit is sort of sprayed on, according to the notebooks, which would be why it covers the Relto book. Or mabye it even considers having a linking book with you cheating.

The place you link into on the way out of the game is a room in a seperate age, the Maintainer Nexus. The book popping in and out is one of the timing devices designed to link into the rotating Gahreesen fortresses, also mentioned in the notebooks.

In short, all the answers are in the notebooks. wink3.gif
I think the suite and the whole wall environment might work in some kind of multi-level-age. The operating rooms are in Gahreesen-age. But you do not put on the suite actually. You are linked in to it. Inside the suite would be the suite-age (my name for it). And to explain the transfare from the top of the wall to the nexus: The suite itself is in the wall-age. so looking from inside the suite you see three ages: the suite-age you are in, the wall-age, the suite is in and the Gahreesen-age, the wall-age is in. After the game you are linked out to nexus-age (age No. 4), from which you can link back to Gahreesen.

I think that at least would make some kind of sense. It could have been ment as some kind of securety system, and it might be easyer to explain it with an unknown bufferingssystem between the ages than to try and find out why Yee' toled us somthing else about what only she was able to doo.
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