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Full Version: Has Anyone Heard Anything About This?
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I was cruising around Gamespot today and found this while checking out a review for Myst. Did this miniseries ever come about? Can't see how I would miss such a thing...
The idea for the mini-series ... which was to be produced by the Sci-fi Channel was shelved over a year ago ... the details are sketchy ... but are around if you search ... if I find the relevant links I will post them ... although I'm sure someone will beat me to it.

[EDIT] Did some searching ... found a few links:

Myst on Scifi, Wasn't there going to be a Myst mini

DRC Forums Out of Cavern Discussions Mini series

Great, thanks for the links.
I have heard absolitely nothing about this until today and I've looked pretty hard... hard enough to know this:

Spielburg and Cameron (That's James) have been recently arguing over the rights for making a movie. The Miller bros. aren't letting it go that easily, though... so far the two directors are arguing with prices in the tens of thousands.

That is what I know. innocent.gif
Oh, by the way (sorry about making you hear more from me) how old are those articles you found?
You're replying to January. Allen 42 hasn't been around for a looooong time. Wolfie's still here though. laugh.gif

I find it hard to believe Spielberg & Cameron are bickering over 10's of thousands of dollars. That's what they use to wipe themselves & light cigars.
Sorry way out of date ?
This post was too old Katena.
Yeah... heh. I see. headbang.gif And I was off by a few zeros.... whoops. It was ten million. I apologize. Here's the article I found, it'a a couple years old, though... probably obsolete.

Sorry for posting old stuff. I try too hard. unsure.gif
The "Spielburg and Cameron" thing is bogus. That story was from some trashy Italian tabloid.

As of now, SciFi is under new managment and no longer persuing the MYST miniseries. Sign the petition, and mabye we can convince them otherwise. Myst would certainly be a unique opportunity for them in terms of demographics and attracting a new audience.

SciFi MYST Miniseries Petition

Original Petition Topic
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