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I went to the Rainy cleft today, I love it there. One thing that I have noticed are several small patches of green. I apologize if I have missed this in-game or here in the forums, but will grass eventually grow in the desert of the rainy cleft and cover the area?

Also, this has been bothering me somewhat. Again, forgive me if this has been asked already but when you like to the rainy cleft, it isn't the same New Mexico as the one at the beginning of Uru, right? I tend to think that it isn't because Yeesha gave the place rain, implying that she wrote an Age exactly like New Mexico. Why would she do this, exactly? Did she create it as a safe haven for the Bharo (as seen running into the "volcano")? Will we ever get a chance to go down through the volcano and see what is down there?

Thanks for your time and for putting up with these little questions of mine blush.gif
Personally , I think its the same age as the dry Cleft . Zandis trailer wouldnt be there if it wasnt . They do actually get rain once in a while in the desert you know . Also think about your Relto . You dont have 2 different Reltos , 1 with rain and 1 without when you turn the page off .

As for grass , rain in a desert brings new life very quickly even in the real world ( I happen to live in desert ) . As for in the game , I dont know if grass will actually grow there or not . I dont think you will see any more , but if they perchance set it up something like your relto tree , I guess we will have to wait and see .

And lastly , I'm thinking we may see the end result of where the volcano path ends up , but I doubt that we will get to take the path down the volcano for ourselves . But who knows , I could be wrong . rolleyes.gif
Well, here are two pictures of the actual volcano where the Cleft is. In the first it's pretty dry (but not summer dry) and in the second it's after heavy winter rains. (The photos are from different angles.)

Yeah, I've been wondering about that for a while. At first my theory was that the raining cleft was in Tohmana. But I've heard some evidence against that.

Keep in mind that this is Earth. How could Yeesha get access to that book? And imagine the implications. If she can make it rain in New Mexico, she can make it rain in Chicago. And probably a lot more then rain.

The D'ni did have copies of Earth, now that I think about it. According to Wingrove, anyway.
I was wondering, is the volcano an active volcano?
Or is the steam coming off the rainy cleft volcano due to desert heat? blink.gif
Can you guys handle some more Mental Mob speculation?
*ignores sudden thundering clamor . . . earplugs in place*

DaDungeon kind of thinks the The Cleft without rain . . .
and The Cleft with rain . . .
are same planet . . .

different times.
Still two Ages, though . . .

separated by the time parameter . . .
included in the Great Tree of Possibilities' choices . . .
which are scattered through space and time.

And the steaming/fuming chimney?

Vent for City fans, Tink thinks.
Perfect camouflage for colors and smells.

Listened closely . . .
right after the fan noise began in The Cavern . . .
when DRC turned them on during Prologue.

Same sound seemingly audible at The Cleft . . .
and seemed to come from the volcano's direction.

Tink's also found the volcano to be useful for going up . . .
before going down.

Is it active?

Seems like the D'ni always park the various creations they build in the vicinity of active volcanism . . .
thermal energy power source.

If the volcano itself is not just 'mostly dead' right now . . .
and merely treading water till next time . . .

it's likely in the vicinity of one that actually still has a good close access to magma.

Edit: "Vicinity. V . . . i . . . c . . . i . . . n . . .i. . . t . . . y."
Your pics didn't work for me Soos, try them again please? down.gif
didn't work for me either Soosi
Memiki Granny

You're back. Long time no post. I know your husband dragged you away from URU. clapping.gif I'm soooooo happy to see you back. I kept asking everyone if they had heard from you. (us grannies have to stick together you know)
Happy dance clapping.gif Happy dance clapping.gif
Not much longer now before the expacs. I got a game called Schizm the mysterious journey. It's about exploration and I'm really enjoying it waiting for the xpacs.
Anyway, so good to see you in the forum again.
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