January 26, 2004
Leevosahn 20, 9659
DLF Neighborhood, D'ni City

The D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, an open community of scholars, explorers, and enthusiasts of the languages of the D'ni and their Ages, opened its doors today to the general public. Following months of planning and organizing, the Fellowship announced a comprehensive vision for its role and its future in the restoration of the D'ni City, overseen by the D'ni Restoration Council.

"Today, we open our arms to all who have been enchanted by the intricate and beautiful ahrotahn and D'ni languages. Whether you have just embarked on your studies, or have long nurtured a love for these foreign tongues, the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship is here to provide a place for you to explore, learn, and grow," said Domahreh, one of the DLF's founders.

He continued, "Though we're not affiliated with the DRC, we hope to provide a valuable service through our community to all who are involved in the Restoration. Many explorers are curious about the inscriptions and documents they find on their journeys, and we want to encourage that curiosity."

Fellowship co-founder Jerle explained that, with a number of members currently residing at the DRC's archaeological site, the Fellowship plans to engage in dynamic on-site research as well as further the study of known D'ni and ahrotahn documents. The DLF has developed a network of some of the foremost D'ni language scholars, and maintains a website to keep those who do not have access to the D'ni cavern abreast of significant on-site happenings.

The Fellowship also unveiled plans to offer a variety of services currently in development, including instructional language classes, community contests and events, and translation services in the near future.

"Really, our aim is twofold," said Domahreh. "We want to encourage real learning, and we also want to create a warm, welcoming community. And have some fun while we're at it, too!"

An open community of scholars, explorers, and enthusiasts of the languages of the D'ni and their many Ages