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Shorah, everyone,

Just many markers can you pick up without actually going to Ae'gura from the Nexus? I've never been able to get in--a common refrain--but I figure there are a fair amount of markers to be had without touching down in the Ferry Terminal. (So far I've collected 12.) Thanks!
Currently ...
there are 12 available markers in Ae'gura ...
there are 15 available markers in the Cavern. biggrin.gif
headbang.gif That's confusing, at best.

Click here to view a spoiler.

*This is a Hints & Tips thread ... please remember this when posting.
Btw, feel free to correct me.

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Before I could enter the city proper, I was able to get 13.

*This is a Hints & Tips thread ... please remember this when posting.
Corona ... there is nothing confusing about what I said ... if you read the journal in the GZ Antechamber.

What is a common confusion is that
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even though they are in the same location. blink.gif
Myridean, you might want to check this thread.
I've gotten about 15 or 16 withotu gonig to the ae'gura. Not including the ae'gura lniks in the D'ni boo kin relto.
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