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Full Version: Ferry Dock
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I was just in the city and I noticed the door to the ferry dock was open thumbsup.gif . Not much there except a marker. Anybody think this may be an indication of the ferry opening soon shock.gif confused1.gif . As many know, you can see an operational ferry from the n'hoods often wink3.gif . Can't wait, but I won't get my hopes up too high.
Hmmm... Ferry to where, exactly?

Mabye K'veer. thumbsup.gif
The "Bahro Boats" were scheduled to ferry passengers around the Cavern and eventually (someday in the far-flung future) to K'Veer. I thought it would be interesting to tell you that people in the first few groups of beta testers spoke of being ferried to the Ferry Terminal area as their initial delivery to Ae'Gura. Would like to have seen that! wink3.gif
That's what I heard too. Musta been cool....that is, if your PC was up to specs for the game back then.

I'm curious of just how much other stuff the mega early beta testers saw in January 2003. Were they in 'Eder 3' forests, & in the Guild Hall, & near the Great Tree, etc.?
...hey, the Internet ate my message. Will have to repost it:

bounce.gif Ooooo, I always thought they were carrot shipments. wink3.gif

What is K'Veer? A new Age? Has someone any picture to show us? What about a beach picture from Uru I once saw? Is that K'Veer?
Not sure, I thought the beach Age was Ercana. K'veer is inside the Cavern. It's another large Neighborhood/City.
Check out this link...K'Veer for all the straight poop on K'Veer. innocent.gif
Wow, that's some poop!

A mansion! Coooool. biggrin.gif
Yes, K'Veer has had a rich and storied past. Someday WE will visit it too, either in Expansion Packs or a resurrected UruLive. innocent.gif
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