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Full Version: Getting Into The City
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Can you stand and wait in the Nexus, waiting for a chance to get into the City, or do you have to leave and come back to the Nexus each time you want to try? Thanks!
From what I understand, the city population is only updated when you link in. Staying there will not change anyhting. thumbsdown.gif
Not sure on that, Friday morning after a few tries (staying in Nexus) I got in but when in after a bit it said server error.

Have not been able to get in since and going in and out and staying in the Nexus doesn't seem to do anything.

Are they having problems with the Nexus (is there a pural of Nexus).

The same names seem to be up all the time for a couple of days now, got kicked out of game just by trying to get to hood last night.

This morning (Sat.) everything is linking fine except the City.

I know a lot of people are trying to get into the City but this is getting ridiculous if not a technical problem.

I don't think many people have the time to sit and try and get in for hours at a time.
Drawing on my semester and a half of Latin in High School (8 years ago) the plural of Nexus would be Nexi.
As I understand it, the Nexus population (and city openings) information is updated by opening and closing the Nexus display. You know how to open it. Closing is done by taking the mouse cursor near to screen bottom and backing away after the cursor changes its form to a circle+down-arrow, activated by the usual mouse click.

I can't get behind staying in one's Nexus to get in. It sounds like a terrible way to kill time. The best time to try, and get it in one, is late at night, PST. Most of North America has gone sleepers by then and it's possible to find space in the City, and most important, move while you are there!

Good luck and patience!
Thanks, I am in California. Will try late tonight.
Try during the Superbowl tomorrow. Disneyland is usually empty too.
RE: Katran Shard
Since I had nothing better to do with my time, (depending on who you talk to) I have had the nexus up for 4 hours. Every now and then I open the nexus and lo and is full. Not much of a surprize, really. It's just that no matter when I try, night or day, middle of the night, etc, there is no getting into the City. Is like headbang.gif
This has been a lesson in futility. sleep2.gif
Well, I always find Zero linking works eventually - that is linking to Zero Observation then back again until a city spot eventually becomes available.

It seems to work fine in my timeszone (GMT) but it may be busier depending on where you are.
One day, around 3:00PM CST, I found only 14 people in the city. I jumped in and it ran so smoothly, only a couple seconds of LAG when people would link in. It was nice, but I havn't been able to get back.
QUOTE (mclan1 @ Jan 31 2004, 02:08 PM)
Can you stand and wait in the Nexus, waiting for a chance to get into the City, or do you have to leave and come back to the Nexus each time you want to try? Thanks!

Here I sit right between two chairs. I have the answer for mclan1, but it might cause more problems than it helps. On the other hand, it felt unfair to hold back this knowledge and not share it with others innocent.gif

So please, Indy or Wolf, if you think this will be trouble, kick my posting to the deepest levels where noone can find it, ok?

Click here to view a spoiler.

Pfiew! Now lets see what happens whistling.gif
Wow! What a delicious piece of information! Chehv ah'shehm kh'om tayr, Blueice2! (I had to try my hand at D'ni, someone *please* correct my mistakes!) I'll figure out how to create my own hood (it's in the KI manual, right?) and give your method a go. Truly, I was about ready to give up--so frustrated by the inability to get into the City. (Then again, the one time I did get in, the lag was like your worst slo-mo nightmare, so I must be a masochist!) Anyway, once again, I've got hope!

Ariel2 linking.gif
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