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Full Version: Uru Characters #2
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Might be a good idea . . .
to ask them . . .
if that's OK first, guys.
Hi Tink. I love lavender as a colour and as a flower. It smells lovely.

Why souldn't it be alright to post their KIs? I live in Europe and I never get a chance to meet the DRC members when they show up. There is no way for me to get them on my KI unless someone posts their IDs, so that I know when they are online.
Tinkies is up early......

in the floaty zone.....

shuffling appendages......

and guaging coffee.....

preparing for flappitty.....?

I consider the fact they're only character's and not real people makes it okay.


I agree with Tink. I hope no-one would post my KI number without my permission shock.gif

*looks at siggy*


wink3.gif bleh.gif
Good friend, JL . . .

OOC and IC:

Your inclusion of your own KI number in your siggie banner . . .
and my inclusion of mine in the data field provided in the profile below my avatar . . .

is our "permission" for them to be published where WE have posted them . . .

We need to give the DRC . . .

and any other game character "owning" a KI number . . .
the same right.

Just clarifying the point Tink was trying to make.

Hmmm, just to be a little ornery, does this mean that everyone who has managed to snag a DRC member's KI number and put it into their Buddy list -- which I gather is how people know whether or not a DRC member is online -- has explicitly asked that DRC member for permission to do so?


Guilty here. And I'd do it some more if I could only find online the ones I'm missing.
Like I have been doing, and still haven't gotten the whole picture. confused1.gif bleh.gif

Actually, this is pointless. Everything happens while I am sleeping. Just found a transcript of a conversation between Phil, Doug and Victor. There should be a way for the non north-americans meet with the characters other than having to stay up late into the wee hours of the morning. I work and have to get up early every day.

Cyan has to think this one better.

At least do not stop posting the transcripts. It is the only way some of us wil have to know what is going on metaplot wise.
The chatlogs posted here are how the majority of people get info from the meetings. Don't feel like you're 'left out'. I'm not gonna run from Hood to Hood chasing characters.
Yes I agree Corona, I am on a lot but always I guess on at the wrong times. I have gotten a message one time that some one forget who it was was in the neighborhood by the time I got there, not much was going on and the lag was bad so I left.

So keep those transcripts coming cause that is the only way some of us will be able to tell what is happening.

Yor Feix
perhaps it would be possible that the DRC-members post ther KI#'s with their Bios on the DRC side. that sort of would make it more official.

i'm sure that if you ask someone ingame to chare the DRC-numbers you will get them in a short period. but thats more like two people sharing tips. but in the forum the audience is too big to have that personal component.

i have got a lot of the numbers by just simply asking other players IC or by staying up late, wich i normaly do.

Truthfully, here what Tink does . . .

as far as adding KI numbers . . .
to her own private KI lists.

I have no problem with passing on KI #s one on one . . .

BUT . . .
the first time Tink encounters one of the DRC . . .

or others I have either figured out . . .
or graciously been given . . .

I ask them if it's OK to keep them on my Buddy list.

So far everyone I've asked has responded . . .
in one way or another . . .


They had the option to say otherwise . . .
and still do . . .
and Tink would respect their wishes.

P.S. Not being contentious here . . .
just a little tenacious . . .
at trying new flavors of wording to communicate . . .
what it is that causes Tink to think this way . . .
about personal info.

Remember . . .
not everyone is full out pedal to the metal . . .
"into" socializing all of the time.
I just tried to reply to this topic and accidentally sent my post as a report. blush.gif
I was going to ask for the one last KI number I still need(Dr. Richard Watson), but I think I should just get some sleep. sleep2.gif
innocent.gif Another thought. those of us who were originally assigned to Neighbourhood DRC 1 found that most of the DRC (and hence their KI #) were our neighbours! thumbsup.gif I have not passed them on, however. (but they are still in the 'hood) wink3.gif
This is interesting. The KI allows us to get the KI number of anyone in our current age, our 'hood, and any we have seen recently. hmm...must be an analogy somewhere.

idea.gif It is like a phone book. You have access to the phone numbers of just about anyone you want. But, that does not make it polite to call them randomly...or constantly.

We have added a few to our list, written down others. They all have their KI's posted here, or have given it in game. We apologize if we have offended/interupted/annoyed any of you.

The phone book analogy does beg the question...Can we have an unlisted number?
I put anybody I come in contact with in my Buddy list. Collect 'em all! laugh.gif I don't abuse the list. It's just for return contact purposes. Most of them I haven't needed to use. But there are a few that are close friends that I do try to speak to. The others, I try contacting them by broadcasting normally. If they don't respond, I just move on. The DRC, I like to have, just to know if they're in the game or not.
If any of you want the KI numbers of evryone I found them all on the URU live forums...not saying that they should have done that but...
If anyone asks me in the game for the KI numbers to the official game characters, such Phil Henderson, I'll gladly share. I don't add buddies or give out players KI numbers without permission, but game characters seem different to me. They're part of the game's story. Part of what the player pays for. I feel we should all have access to that.

On the other hand, I'm very unlikely ever to send game characters private messages. Chat is sometimes hard to keep up with, just being a player. The game characters must get overwhelmed! I think it's polite to the people playing the non-player characters not to burden them with a lot of private messages.

I wonder if Ti'jara might ask Cyan how they feel about publishing those KI numbers. Then we'd know for sure.

I've only posted once, long ago, to Rand, asking how his Relto Tree was doing. That was it. I thought better of it right after that. I don't contact the IGC like that at all. Lord knows, they must get tons of noobs flooding their KIs.
But there is the option of not receiving from others not on your list in the Ki. They must utilize that a lot.
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